The most precious gift

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There was no glass mirror in China. Instead, we used copper mirrors. In the Ming Dynasty, glass mirrors were not very rare in foreign countries, but they were still very fresh in China. On this day, a British merchant ship docked at Quanzhou port, and the crew all went to the city to spend their time. One crew member spent all his money, and then leaned against the wall in the street to bask in the sun. He casually took out a small mirror the size of his palm, and reflected the light into the eyes of pedestrians in front of the sun. At this time, a salt merchant was walking in the street. The sunlight reflected by the glass mirror made his eyes very weak. He was very angry. When he looked closer, he found that he was a foreigner, and his anger disappeared. When he saw the sailor playing with a baby in his hand, his anger completely disappeared. He asked the sailor for a baby, held it in his hand, and looked in the mirror. He was shocked: there was a demon who looked like himself in the baby, looking at him with wide open eyes, He threw the baby away subconsciously. The baby just fell on a stone, “ PA ” With a crash, it fell into five pieces. The sailor was so poor that he only had this small glass mirror. Now that the mirror was broken, he was anxious and angry. He squatted down and painfully picked up the pieces of the small mirror piece by piece, and then stuck them to the salt merchant and asked the salt merchant to compensate. When asked, the salt merchant realized that it was a mirror. It was the same as the copper mirror in China, but it was a hundred times clearer than the copper mirror. So he took the pieces of the mirror from the crew, bit them with his teeth, licked them with his tongue, and smelled them with his nose. Like children today, he reflected the sun’s light. He found that each piece could reflect the scenery and people of himself and the outside world, So the salt merchant happily led the sailor home. The salt merchant asked the housekeeper to call out his four wives and gave each wife a piece of glass mirror. Those wives have never seen this thing. They are so happy that they don’t know what to do. They wink at the pieces of the mirror one by one. Don’t mention how rare they are. Salt merchants have plenty of money. Seeing that their four wives are happy, they get carried away. He used the remaining piece of mirror to look at his happy and excited face. With a wave of his hand, the housekeeper understood the master’s meaning, so he boldly compensated the crew for many gold and silver treasures and asked the crew to use a large package “ Pocket ” be gone. The sailor accidentally got a lot of gold and silver treasures. He almost died of beauty. He returned to the ship carrying a large package and humming a tune. He shook open the package and showed it to other sailors. The captain asked what was going on, so he thought: this guy can exchange so many gold and silver treasures with a broken glass mirror. If I use some fancy mechanical gadgets, I can certainly exchange more good things. He made up his mind and went to sleep peacefully. The next morning, the captain gathered several things, wrapped them in a piece of cloth, carried them on his back, and came to the salt merchant. He opened the package and showed it to the salt merchant: a telescope, a pocket watch and a globe. After the display, the captain taught the salt merchant to use binoculars and watches, then told the salt merchant what the globe was, and finally said that these things were given to the salt merchant. When the salt merchant saw that the captain had given him so many good things, he was so happy that he danced and told the housekeeper to take his most precious things as gifts and give them back to the captain. The housekeeper promised and went to prepare gifts. After a while, the steward came out with a small red box in his hands and handed it to the captain solemnly. When the captain saw the small box, he guessed that it must be very, very valuable. His hands trembled with joy. He took the small box with trembling hands, bowed to the salt merchant, and left contentedly. The captain returned to the ship. With great excitement, he opened the red box. There was a small orange box in the red box; Open the small orange box, there is a small yellow box inside; Open the small yellow box, there is a green cloth bag inside; Open the green cloth bag, and there is a green cloth bag inside; Open the blue cloth bag, and there is a blue cloth bag &hellip& hellip; At last, the captain opened the purple cloth bag &mdash& mdash; Inside was a fragment of a glass mirror.

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