The most terrifying thing in history: Empress Dowager Qin wants to pull her boyfriend to be buried and staged a zombie love affair

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A hospice counseling course that took place more than 2000 years ago

Original text: Empress Dowager Xuan of Qin loved Choufu of Wei. The Empress Dowager was dying of illness. She issued an order saying, “if you are buried for me, you must sacrifice Wei Zi.” Weizi suffered from it. Yong Rui said to the Empress Dowager for Weizi, “do you know the dead?” The Empress Dowager said, “ignorance.” Said: “if the Empress Dowager’s spirit knows that the dead are ignorant, how can it be empty to bury the dead who are ignorant? If the dead know, the former king will be angry for a long time. If the Empress Dowager can’t save him, why is it a private Wei Chou Fu?” The Empress Dowager said, “good.” Naizhi.

Crazy for love: love me and go to the grave with me

It is a kind of extravagant hope to hold the loved one in hand forever; It is an anti human and anti humanitarian extravagant hope to catch the loved one in the grave to sleep with him.

Boyfriend’s life hangs by a thread

Empress Dowager Xuan of the Qin State cherished such extravagant hopes against humanity and humanity. Her surname is mi. Her mother’s family is in the state of Chu. She married King Huiwen of Qin, but she is not a queen. She is only a concubine of a foreign vassal at most. Some members have no weight. However, he was able to stand in the center from the edge of politics. His son became king of Zhaoxiang and he “hung the curtain to listen to politics” for 36 years. In ancient times when the law of the jungle prevailed, when playing politics, we had to do something anti human and anti humanitarian. There was no way.

However, the MI family girl plays this political rule to love. Empress Dowager Xuan was old and no longer able. At this time, the power of the state of Qin had been forced to be transferred to her son king Zhaoxiang. Power was a slippery living creature, and she would get rid of it if she was not careful. Let’s get rid of it. As a person with a strong desire for power, he must grasp something before going to the earth. Yes, seize love. How do people fall in love when they die? Then let the beloved go to the grave with you and sleep beside you. Who is the lover? It was Wei Choufu, a member of the state of Wei.

Empress Dowager Xuan decided to catch Wei Chou Fu. When she was too ill, she probably asked tenderly, “Chou Fu, do you love me?” The ugly man probably replied tremblingly, “love.”. Do you dare not love? The Empress Dowager asked, “love me, would you like to go to the grave with me?” If this is put on “if you are the one”, it is estimated that all the male guests have run away.

I don’t know if the ugly man agreed. Anyway, the order was issued: “Wei Zi must be killed.” We must bury Mr. Wei. Marriage is the grave of love. Is it just for example? This time, love is still in the real grave. How can we speculate on the degree of Wei Chou Fu’s fear? Just listen to the folk song “yellow bird” of the state of Qin. In 621 BC, Duke mu of Qin was buried, and three good generals of the state of Qin were taken underground as bodyguards. They were: Yan Xi, Zhong Xing, and needle tiger. These three are all loyal ministers and good generals. The common people praise them as “the special qualities of a hundred men”. One can stop a hundred people. But even such warriors, looking at the tomb that is open to them, fight with their two legs: “when facing their cave, they are apprehensive.”

Warriors are so afraid of death, not to mention weichoufu, who is a soft eater. And his girlfriend can do what she says. When the handsome king of Yiqu visited the state of Qin, Empress Dowager Xuan, who was widowed, took a fancy to him, so he stayed in the face of Qin and lived in Ganquan palace. Love has crystallized – the two children can not escape the woman’s hands, and the king of Yiqu was killed in Ganquan palace. This woman can do anything. She has to find a way quickly. There is a brother named Yong Rui. He is eloquent and has many ideas. Go to him. What can Yongrui do?

Provide the Empress Dowager with hospice psychological counseling

Yong Rui finds the Empress Dowager who is still breathing and persuades her. After all, the counselor is a counselor. He did not blindly ask the Empress Dowager to be merciful and spare your boyfriend’s life. Everyone should understand that it is useless to beg for mercy for a strong person, but to persuade him or her. Yong Rui designed a persuasion scheme according to the psychology of the dying.



The terracotta warriors are a kind of sacrificial objects. Information picture

Materialist persuasion: Zombie love is impossible

First of all, to test the philosophy of dying people, Yong Rui asked, “do people know after death?” This is a problem that leads the persuaded object into its own demonstration procedure. The Empress Dowager answered simply, “ignorance”.

First test result: Empress Dowager Xuan is a materialist. Of course, they can only be simple materialists, and their level needs to be improved. Well, since she is a materialist, educate her with materialistic philosophy: with the Empress Dowager’s high intelligence and high quality (if the Empress Dowager’s God), she clearly knows that people are ignorant after death, so why bother to take the love of her life in vain to accompany the bones of ignorance? If the extension goes on, it is: even if your beloved slept beside you, but you are already a skeleton, how can the skeleton perceive the companion of your lover? Love is based on sentient life. Two lifeless bones cannot fall in love with each other. Zombie love is impossible.

First hand, it has succeeded in blocking the way for the Empress Dowager to bury her boyfriend from the perspective of materialism.

Idealist persuasion: be careful of your husband’s underground accounting

Yong Rui jumped from materialistic philosophy to idealistic philosophy and entered the second psychological counseling program: if people know after death, it will be a big trouble. Not only do you know, your boyfriend weichoufu knows, but also your dead husband, King Huiwen of Qin, does the Empress Dowager still have few green hats for the dead king? The former king has accumulated anger under the nine springs for a long time. “The former king has accumulated anger for a long time”. People are angry and waiting for you in the netherworld. Don’t you take Wei Chou Fu with you to go down with you, just take a piece of evidence? At that time, it will be too late for you to make your own self-criticism. “The Empress Dowager can’t save her life.” how can you spare time to fall in love with your ugly husband?

The second set of plans has blocked the path of idealism. Empress Dowager Xuan finally understood and said, “OK, listen to you.”. So he took back his life, and Wei Chou Fu picked up his life. Yong Rui, who is good at talking, created a miracle of life.

Conclusion: in fact, the whole persuasion process is not only a psychological counseling course at the level of philosophy, but also a hospice care course. This course sublimates the philosophy of the dying. The idea of Yongrui transmission is: at the end of life, we should let go. In terms of materialism, it is futile not to let go; In terms of idealism, not letting go is a burden.

Although the bones of Empress Dowager Xuan of Qin have been buried for more than 2000 years, her conscience has not been buried. At the moment when she decided to give up martyrdom, she was sublimated and lived in the blood of Chinese morality. In this regard, we should pay humanitarian respect to the old lady.

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