The mouth is small, the battlefield is big!

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Author: Longya Source: A mountain in Longya (ID: Longyadeyizuoshan)


Last night, I dreamt of returning to the Sino-Indian border.

I haven’t had such a dream for a long time, and I have such clear logic and rich details. I don’t know why. Dreams are very long, very real, and almost certainly happen in reality.

The first is the normal life at the border post.

Then we have a land and resources delegation to the border to investigate wildlife resources. There are white-haired old professors, young girls jumping for the beautiful scenery of the border, and doctoral students who are scratching their heads to write papers. I know very well that Indian people will become monsters at such times, so I have a special mind.

Sure enough, the Indian called and acted insidiously. On the premise of our clear advance notification and diplomatic communication, we suddenly launched an attack on our civil personnel. Fortunately, we stood up and the members of the investigation team withdrew.

I won’t talk about the battle, just how I woke up:

At the base of the post wall, the Indians had captured the post and pushed us to the position. The wall is a high wall similar to a prison, on which there is a steel trestle path for patrolling and watching. Indians have climbed up the wall.


There was an Indian soldier lying on the steel frame and shooting at us. I ran along the wall root and he didn’t notice me. I touched him and raised my hand to hit him. I was afraid that the bullet bounced back on the steel frame and would startle him, so I simply stabbed him through the steel frame with a bayonet. Unexpectedly, the bayonet was not firmly stabbed, and it was not directly stabbed to the heart. It just pierced a hole in the chest. The boy grabbed me and twisted the bayonet outward, In spite of the sharp pain of the bayonet twisting in the chest, the tenon of my bayonet was just stuck on the steel frame, which made me stronger.


This is the position.

At the time of the fight, another Indian soldier came over, and it was too late to let go. He pointed his gun at me.

I woke up with sweat.


The meaning of this dream is not to think that only you have those beautiful qualities, such as bravery, wit, tenacity and sacrifice. Your enemies will also have these beautiful qualities. In the final analysis, war is the competition of these beautiful qualities, who wins.

I have really worked on the front line and I know this very clearly. Your enemy is as brave as you are, as smart as you are. You also know how to sacrifice your ego to achieve your greatness, and don’t give up. Don’t think your enemy is stupid and egged on, otherwise you must suffer. In World War II, there were also many brave figures like Huang Jiguang blocking the eyes and Dong Cunrui bombing the blockhouse. The biggest difference between professional soldiers and ordinary people was whether they understood and respected the enemy.

At present, China and the United States have not reached the point of “bayonet popularity”, but it is not far away. The Americans are ready to act, and we can never continue to concede. War is a realistic option, and it is not enough just to play lip service. Some people asked whether various “cyber armies” have become active again recently, and many people deliberately exaggerate the enemy’s foolishness and persuasion at this time, which is not proper. We should let more people join them to exaggerate our foolishness and persuasion, paralyze the enemy, let the enemy take it lightly, and let the enemy think that our good quality is not as good as theirs.

After all, what you eat on your mouth is a small loss; The losses suffered on the battlefield are great losses.

In this regard, I am very grateful to ABC, Frog and Frog Net Army, Runren and Shenshen. The more you distort China’s image and make Americans believe it, especially American elites believe it, the more sincerely I thank you and remember your great contributions.

The “wandering balloon” incident has erupted for many days, and the whole American Internet has been in full swing. It can be said that a heavy blow has come from the soul. The seemingly impregnable North American air defense line has been stabbed a big hole by a basically uncontrollable balloon. Now the Americans have pulled up the “bayonet”, and China will not let go. It is more powerful. The difference is that the bayonet is stabbed in the chest of the Americans.

I like this situation. After all, the bayonet is not in our chest, and it’s not us who hurt. Americans used to stab us with bayonets, but now it’s our turn to stab him in the chest, which is a huge progress.


The United States is a worthy opponent. They also have all kinds of excellent qualities, are brave and tenacious, and are not afraid of sacrifice. Even if the bayonet is stuck in the meat, they will not die. They will fight to the end. This is a matter of certainty. Otherwise, they cannot sit in the position of the world’s first power. The struggle with them must also be arduous. In the process of removing the humiliation and injustice imposed on us by the United States, it will also be very difficult. We must be sober about this.

In short, the “wandering balloon” incident is a very good breakthrough. Although it may be unintentional, the bayonet is stabbed in the flesh of others, at least proving that the bayonet can be stabbed in the chest of the enemy, and it can be intentional next time.

The rivalry between the two sides around the balloon is still ongoing, and there can be no guarantee that a third party will not jump out to fight against the black gun. China may not win a big victory in the end, but after all, it is the United States that breaks the defense, and it is also the United States that hurts. There are many broken balloons with retail price of tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands in China. I can guess how many parts it is made of. It’s not a problem if you want to produce thousands of balloons for you in one day. So far, it has consumed at least one F22 flight and three AIM-9 missiles, which are worth the price of the ticket. In terms of political influence, it is worth it to let so many American netizens break the big defense.

The Americans will certainly fight back. He can’t swallow it. Recently, he has to work hard with his companions in the eastern and southern war zones. He will definitely come back to find a place.

The various “gods” and “cyber armies” will also make a lot of noise, spread rumors and make trouble, turn black and white upside down, and use their tongues to “engage in public opinion”. First, it’s no use just talking about it on the Chinese Internet. It’s the Americans who break the defense; Second, the worse you say about China, the better I think it is. It is better to make Americans believe what you say.

We should thank these “fifth column” who broke into the enemy’s interior.

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