The mystery of Liu Bei’s “changing his wife is like changing his clothes”: holding his wife at night and playing with a jade man

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When Zhao Yun heard that Mrs. Gan was following a group of people with her head and feet bare, she quickly whipped her horse and ran to the south. Mrs. Gan heard it in the crowd and suddenly turned around. She saw that Zhao Yun had caught up and burst into tears.

A man who flattered Liu Bei in Henan gave him a three foot tall jade man. Liu Bei placed the jade man beside Mrs. Gan and often told her to take off her clothes at night to compare with the jade man next to her. During the day, he talked with his advisers about military affairs. At night, he played with the jade man with Mrs. Gan in his arms. He often said, “jade is more expensive than a gentleman. Besides, the carving is human, so can we not play with it?” Mrs. Gan and the jade man are white, warm and no different. Anyone who sees them can’t tell which one is Mrs. Gan and which one is the jade man.

Liu Bei (161-223 years), with the word Xuande, was born in Zhuojun (now Hebei), a remote branch of the imperial family in the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was the founder of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period and was called zhaolie emperor of Shu Han. Young and poor, he later joined the army to suppress the Yellow turban uprising. In Zhugeliang’s plan, he United Sun Quan to defeat Cao Cao in Chibi and occupy Jingzhou, Yizhou and Hanzhong. In 221, he became emperor and made Chengdu the capital. The following year, he was defeated in the war between Wu and Shu, and soon died of illness.

Liu Bei, a native of Zhuoxian County, Zhuozhou County, claimed to be a descendant of Liu Sheng, the son of emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty. He said this repeatedly and said it when he saw people, so it was also said in the history books. No one knew whether it was true or not. We are very familiar with Liu Bei’s opening remark: “after Liu Bei, the king of Zhongshan, Liu Sheng.” No one asked him whose offspring he was. When you think about it carefully, Liu Bei’s behavior is really ridiculous. At the same time, it can be seen that Liu Bei has been distressed by his humble origins.

Liu Bei, a little orphan, lives with his mother by peddling shoes and weaving mats. There is a mulberry tree five feet high beside the fence in the southeast corner of the cottage where he lives. Looking from a distance, it looks like a car cover. People passing by are surprised at the extraordinary posture of this tree. Some say that this place is a noble person. When Liu Bei was a child playing games with other children under the tree, he said, “I will definitely take such a yubaogai in the future.” Only the emperor can ride the Yubao covered carriage. His uncle liuzijing warned Liu Bei, “are you going to destroy our family by such nonsense Liu Bei doesn’t like reading. He only likes dogs and horses, music and gorgeous clothes. He is seven feet five inches tall. He hangs his hands above his knees. When he looks back, he can see his ears. He doesn’t like to talk. He doesn’t look happy or angry. He likes to make friends with heroes. All the young people in the village depend on him. Zhangshiping and Su Shuang, the big businessmen in Zhongshan, may have been moved by the words of “after Liusheng, the king of Zhongshan”. They thought Liu Bei was unusual, so they gave him a lot of gold and silver treasures. In this way, Liu Bei summoned a group of people and horses and began to realize his plan to seize the world.

The Three Kingdoms period was a glorious time when heroes came forth in large numbers, but Liu Bei’s special feature was that he started from scratch. Unlike Cao Cao and Sun Quan, who relied on the solid foundation laid by their ancestors, what he relied on was a vague “Liu Sheng, King Jing of Zhongshan”. Liu Bei is not a lecherous person, so there are few records about his love life in the history books, but Mencius also said that “food, sex and sex are also important.” It means that appetite and sexual desire are instincts of the human body. Liu Bei is no exception. Only in eroticism can we see the other side of Liu Bei.

Gan, Liu Bei’s wife from Pei, was one of the famous beauties in the Three Kingdoms period. Liu Bei became a concubine of the Gan family in xiaopeina, Yuzhou after he took up the army. Several of Liu Bei’s first wives died one after another. Mrs. Gan took charge of the affair as her first wife. Later, he went to Jingzhou with Liu Bei, attached to Liu Biao, and gave birth to his son a Dou (later the Lord of Shu, liuchan).

Cao Cao’s army chased Liu Bei and his party in Changhan, Dangyang. Liu Bei left his wife and children and ran away alone. Thanks to Zhao Yun’s protection, Ganfu survived. Zhang Fei and Guan Yu both killed their wives to follow Liu Bei when the Taoyuan uprising began. Liu Bei said that “friends are like brothers and wives are like clothes”. It can be seen that in his eyes, his wife is just something like taking off clothes and shoes at any time, so it is in line with Liu Bei’s character to leave Mrs. Gan to run for her life alone.

Mrs. Gan was born in a humble family. When she was young, the village would look at her face and say, “this girl will be very expensive. She will be very Gongye.” When she grows up, she looks different from ordinary women. At the age of 18, she was soft and charming. Liu Bei summoned her to a white gauze tent and watched outside. Gan was like snow under the moon. A man who flattered Liu Bei in Henan gave him a three foot tall jade man. Liu Bei placed the jade man beside Mrs. Gan and often told her to take off her clothes at night to compare with the jade man next to her. During the day, he talked with his advisers about military affairs. At night, he played with the jade man with Mrs. Gan in his arms. He often said, “jade is more expensive than a gentleman. Besides, the carving is human, so can we not play with it?” Mrs. Gan and the jade man are white, warm and no different. Anyone who sees them can’t tell which one is Mrs. Gan and which one is the jade man. The pet is not only jealous of the queen, but also of the jade man. Mrs. Gan often wanted to destroy the jade man. She said to Liu Bei, “in the past, Zihan didn’t take jade as a treasure, and praised him in the spring and Autumn period. Now the Wu and Wei dynasties are not extinct, how can you play with things and lose your will? Don’t bring in anything that is perplexing or suspicious.” Liu Bei obeyed Mrs. Gan’s advice and took down the jade man and stopped playing. Those who took the jade man saw that they had no chance to retreat. At that time, the gentleman thought that Mrs. Gan was a sober lady.

After taking over Xuzhou from Tao Qian, Liu Bei used Mi Zhu and Chen Deng as assistants. Yuan Shu started from neighboring Yangzhou to fight for Xuzhou with Liu Bei. In the first year of Jian’an, Lv Bu raided xiapi, the administrative center of Xuzhou. The general Zhang Fei was drunk and caused trouble. Liu Bei’s family fell into the city. Liu Bei retreated to Guangling to collect the defeated soldiers and scattered soldiers. Mi Zhu and Chen Deng find Liu Bei. Mi Zhu used to be a businessman with rich family wealth. Mi Zhu meets Liu Bei in Guangling. Liu Bei asks about his family. Mi Zhu says that he is still in xiapi city. Liu Bei lost his city and his wife Gan, leaving him empty handed. He had no choice but to sigh.

Mi Zhu has a younger sister who has reached the age of hairpin and is very beautiful. In order to comfort Liu Bei, he gave his sister to Liu Bei and poured out his family property as military funds. When Liu Bei was down and out, it was like a pie fell from the world, which not only revived the dangerous army, but also got a beautiful woman to accompany him. He wrote a letter to Lv Bu asking him to return the family members and release each other’s suspicions. Lu Bu just wanted to get the territory of Xuzhou. He had no personal grudges with Liu Bei, so he had to make a favor. He sent his family back to Liu Bei, and was especially kind to let Liu Bei, who had no place to settle, stay in Xiaopei, Xuzhou.

When Mrs. Gan came back, she found that Liu Bei was frustrated in the battlefield and in love. She married another concubine. However, she did not show an unhappy look. It was common for ancient men to have three wives and four concubines. After meeting Mrs. Gan and Mrs. MI, they exchanged greetings. Then they secretly looked at each other and compared themselves with each other. However, this is a small wave in the hearts of wives and concubines, which outsiders do not know.

Although Lv Bu returned Mrs Gan, Liu Bei and Lv Bu already had a grudge against each other. In the spring of the third year of Jian’an, Lu Bu sent people to buy horses in Hanoi. Liu Bei grabbed all the horses on the way. Lu Bu had no excuse, so he dispatched Gao Shun and Zhang Liao to attack Xiaopei. Liu Bei knew that his strength was weak, so he flew to Cao Cao in Xudu for help. Cao Cao immediately sent Xiahou Dun to help Xiaopei.

XiahouDun had not had time to camp when he came to Xiaopei. He was rushed to pieces by the sharp cavalry of Gao Shun’s men. He was in a hurry. XiahouDun got an arrow in his left eye, and his blood flowed. Thanks to the help of his own soldiers, he escaped from the danger. Liu Bei comes to meet Xiahou Dun with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Liu Bei is meeting Gao Shun. Unexpectedly, he is attacked by Zhang Liao and the whole army falls. He had no choice but to run to Liangdi. There were only a few scholars in Xiaopei, such as sun Gan and Mi Zhu. Gan Mi’s two wives were robbed by Lv Bu. It seems that it’s not easy to be Liu Bei’s wife. She was robbed by others every day.

Liu Bei ran to Liangdi, and when he was in a hurry and in distress, Cao Cao himself came to rescue him. It is false to save Liu Bei, but it is true to seize territory. Cao Jun first captured Pengcheng and killed all the civilians guarding Pengcheng, and then led the army to attack xiapi. Lu Bu was defeated in the battle. He listened to his wife Yan and doubted his advisers and generals. As a result, the generals and generals became eccentric and were sold to Cao Cao by his subordinates Hou Cheng, Song Xian and Wei Xu. In this way, Liu Bei found his wife and concubine Gan MI.

In the fifth year of Jian’an, Cao Cao defeated Liu Bei. Gan MI and Guan Yu were snatched away again. Guan Yu was also captured. Later, Guan Yu heard that Liu Bei had been exiled to Yuan Shao, so he left Cao Cao with his two wives and returned to Liu Bei. However, the young son, ah Dou, fled into Hanzhong in the midst of chaos and was sold by human traffickers. In the 16th year of Jian’an, Liu Kuo, a Fufeng man, came to Hanzhong to avoid chaos and bought a dou. At this time, ah Dou had been sold several times. It was estimated that he was too stupid. No one was willing to feed him. Liu Kuo married him a wife and gave birth to a son. At first, when ah Dou lost contact with Liu Bei, he remembered that his father’s name was Xuande. Neighbor Jian Yong later attached himself to Liu Bei and told him the whereabouts of ah Dou. So Liu Bei sent Jian Yong to Hanzhong to look for ah Dou. Zhang Lu took a bath for ah Dou and gave it back to Liu Bei.

It is recorded in Yu Huan’s Wei Lue, but I don’t know whether it is credible. Although peisongzhi refuted Wei Lue, Yu Huan may have mistaken only people’s names, which can’t deny the existence of the matter. That is to say, Liu Bei has a son that is not recorded in historical books. Because ah Dou’s biological mother, Mrs. Gan, was not the first wife, Liu Bei had died before her. But this is the last word.

Ganmi and his wife were lucky. It is said that Liu Bei didn’t eat a grain of rice for several days when he was in trouble. One day he came to Liu’s home and fainted as soon as he met Liu Sheng, the king of Zhongshan. When he woke up, Liu brought a plate of meat. Liu Bei ate it whole. Seeing that Liu’s family was also very poor, he asked where the meat came from. Liu said that he had just killed his wife and served wine to King Jing of Zhongshan. It turned out that Liu Bei thought Liu Bei was king Jing of Zhongshan. He didn’t know that King Jing of Zhongshan was a dead man hundreds of years ago. He was thinking about killing his wife to eat meat for King Jing of Zhongshan. King Jing of Zhongshan would be very grateful and would certainly repay him. Would there be fewer beautiful wives and concubines at that time? Liu Bei did not dare to say that he was not the king of Yasukuni Nakayama. He took a cold bath and ran away.

After Cao Cao took Jingzhou in the south, Liu Bei ran from Xiangcheng to Jiangling. Seeing that Liu Bei was kind and afraid of Cao Cao’s killing, scholars in Jingxiang and Xiangyang all took their sons and daughters with Liu Bei. At Dangyang, there were more than 100000 scholars and people, and thousands of equipment. The speed of walking is very slow. I can only walk more than ten miles every day. Every time Liu Bei was defeated, his wife and family abandoned him. At this time, protecting 100000 people was just fishing for fame. It is obvious that he killed the people and made his opponent get a bad name. It can be seen that his inner tolerance is actually the first cunning of the Three Kingdoms. Cao Cao personally led the army commander to chase after Zhang Fei. After Liu Bei let Zhang Fei die, Zhao Yun protected his family.

Cao Jun chased Liu Bei day and night with five thousand light cavalry. He traveled more than three hundred miles day and night and caught up with Zhang Fei’s rear troops in changban, Dangyang. Zhangfeibing can’t resist it. The second lady Gan MI is scattered by the random soldiers and disappears. Zhao Yun lost his two wives and hurriedly fought his way through the chaos army with a gun. It was easy to find Mrs. Gan and take her to changban (changban is a place name, not a hill name. The romance of the Three Kingdoms says that Changbanpo is incorrect). When Zhang Fei saw Zhao Yun, he asked about the baby a dou. Only then did he know that a Dou was being held by Mrs. MI, but he didn’t know where Mrs. MI was. Zhaoyun had to rush into Cao’s army again to save Mrs. MI. At this time, madam MI was seriously injured. She was dying and hugged ah Dou. After seeing Zhao Yun, she jumped into the well and died in order to let ah Dou get away from Zhao Yun. When Zhao Yun was sad, he pulled down the earth wall to cover up the well so as not to humiliate Mrs. Mi’s body.

Liu Bei was overjoyed to see Zhao Yun save Gan’s mother and son. Hearing that Mrs. MI was dead, he couldn’t help feeling sad. For a while, he had mixed feelings and shed many tears. Mrs. Gan became ill because of shock. A year later, she died at the age of 22. Poor Mrs. Gan Mi followed Liu Bei all her life. She was robbed and robbed. She hardly enjoyed any happiness.

It should be noted that Zhao Yun’s single shot seven times in and seven times out in Cao’s army is simply a perfunctory fiction in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, Zhao Yun is not a handsome young man with pink lips, white satin armor and many embroidered pennants on his back. He is older than Liu Bei and has a very low status in Shu. He was granted posthumous titles more than a year after his death. He can’t be compared with Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Huang Zhong. All the heroic deeds of Zhao Yun come from the biography of Zhao Yun, but the content of the biography is too suspicious.

Jingzhou, located between Xichuan and Dongwu, has always been a place for strategists. At the beginning, Liu Bei had no foothold. He borrowed Jingzhou from Soochow for a temporary shelter and agreed to return it later. After the battle of Chibi, Sun Quan wanted to recover Jingzhou. Liu Bei repeatedly pushed and delayed for various reasons. When Lu Su mentioned the return of Jingzhou, Liu Bei burst into tears. Zhou Yu persuades Sun Quan to marry his sister to Liu Bei and fetters him with his marriage. Sun Quan really had no choice but to take advantage of Liu Bei’s loss of his wife and use his sister sunshangxiang as a bait for Liu Bei’s stepwife. On the pretext that Mrs. Wu loved her youngest daughter very much and did not want to marry far away, he asked Liu Bei to go to Soochow to finish the wedding. It was named that Wu and Liu Bei were even close. In fact, Liu Bei was detained when he crossed the river, so as to force Zhugeliang to exchange Jingzhou for Liu Bei. Liu Bei intended to join Wu, so he complied with the marriage proposal of the eastern Wu. In the winter of the 14th year of Jian’an, he was accompanied by Zhaoyun and sunqian into Wu.

He didn’t want Sun Quan to make a fool of himself. In the Ganlu temple, Wu Guotai was his mother-in-law to see his son-in-law. The more she saw it, the more she liked it. She really recruited him as his son-in-law. Liu Bei was over half a hundred years old when he got married, and sun Shangxiang was only in his twenties. On the wedding day, more than a hundred maids and maidservants gathered around a beautiful woman with green beads and visited heaven and earth with Liu Bei. When Liu Bei entered the bridal chamber, he was shocked. The swords, guns, swords and halberds in the bridal chamber were murderous. The maidservants and servants stood aside with swords on, as if they were going to send troops to fight. “What is this for?” asked Liu Bei The maid said, “our princess likes to practice martial arts since childhood. She always carries weapons with her.” Liu Bei said, “tonight is a good day for bridal chamber. It’s better to take these away for the time being.” Mrs. Sun said, “you’ve been fighting and killing for most of your life. Are you still afraid of weapons?”

Dissatisfaction is due to dissatisfaction. Mrs. sun still took off her military uniform and dropped her weapons. At this time, Liu Bei looked carefully. Mrs. sun was in a good mood and looked very well, so her nervousness and fear disappeared. Mrs. sun is really frightening when she looks up, but her gentleness is also earth shaking ecstasy. So they entered the curtain hand in hand.

Liu Bei stayed for more than a month. Only then did he wake up from the gentle village and think of his subordinates in Jingzhou. He told Sun Quan that Cao Cao coveted Jingzhou and that Sun Quan had no choice but to go back. Besides, Liu Bei had already coaxed Wu Guotai around. In addition, he also wanted Liu Bei to serve as a buffer between Cao Wei and Wu in Jingzhou. After Liu Bei and Mrs. sun returned to Jingzhou, Zhou Yu came to Sun Quan from Jiangling and asked why Sun Quan had let Liu Bei go back. Sun Quan said it was to guard against Cao Cao. Zhou Yu had no choice but to sigh. He analyzed the situation for Sun Quan. Sun Quan also regretted that he had lost his wife and lost his army.

Liu Bei did not want to return Yizhou to Jingzhou at all. Sun Quan took advantage of Liu Bei’s westward expedition to Sichuan, wrote a letter to his sister secretly, falsely claiming that Wu was too ill, and tried to deceive Mrs. sun and a Dou into eastern Wu, and then traded a dou for Jingzhou. It seems that it’s just a trick to go back and forth. Mrs. sun did not distinguish between the true and the false. She hurried back to the state of Wu with ah Dou. Zhugeliang sent Zhaoyun to cut off the river to keep ah Dou, leaving Mrs. sun alone to return to Eastern Wu. When Mrs. sun arrived in Dongwu, she realized that Wu Guotai was not ill at all. From then on, Mrs. sun stayed in Soochow. It was unknown whether she was forced or voluntary. She just never met Liu Bei again. Their married life lasted about three years.

At the beginning, although Mrs. sun had a gentle side, she did not pay attention to Liu Bei by relying on her brother’s influence. She always said that there was no difference. Not only were the top generals afraid of her, but Liu Bei did not dare to disobey her. Moreover, Mrs. sun brought a group of officials and soldiers from the eastern Wu Dynasty. No one can restrain them. They seem to be enemies in the boudoir. They must always guard against the swords in Mrs. sun’s hands. When Mrs. sun returned to Soochow, Liu Bei remembered only those fearful feelings, so he did not send envoys to Soochow to meet Mrs. sun.

Liu Bei’s last wife, Wu, was Chen Liuren. She lost her parents when she was a teenager. Her father had always had old friends with Liuyan, a shepherd in Yizhou. Therefore, the whole family followed Liu Yan into Shu. Liu Yanxin had a different ambition. He heard that Wu would be very expensive in the future, so he wanted to take Wu as his concubine. However, he had to let his son Liu Mao marry Wu because he was a close friend of Wu’s father and did not have the same seniority as Wu. After Liu Mao’s death, Wu was widowed. In the summer of 214 A.D., Liu Bei acquired Yizhou City, and the ministers persuaded him to marry Wu. Liu Bei suspected that he and Liu Mao were of the same race in etiquette and law. FA Zheng said, “in terms of intimacy and estrangement, can you compare the relationship between you and Liu Mao with that between Duke Wen of Jin and Zi Xun?” So Liu Bei decided to accept Wu as his wife. Although the Wu family was widowed and remarried, they were as gorgeous as before. Liu Bei relished the long empty and tender taste.

In the 24th year of Jian’an, Liu Bei was called the king of Hanzhong and made madam Wu the queen of Hanzhong. In the summer and may of the first year of Zhangwu, Liu Bei proclaimed himself Emperor and made Wu empress.

Sun Quan is hard to recover Jingzhou, and wants to marry Guan Yu. However, Guan Yu not only refuses Sun Quan, but also despises Sun Quan with the words “how can a tiger daughter match a dog”. Sun Quan was so angry that he sent Lvmeng to attack Jingzhou. Guan Yu lost Jingzhou carelessly and lost Maicheng, so that he was in a different place.

Liu Bei was determined to avenge his second younger brother. Despite the dissuasion of Zhugeliang and other ministers, he poured 200000 troops from all over Sichuan to attack the eastern Wu. Sun Quan proposed the terms of “returning Jingzhou to his wife”. Mrs. sun also attached a secret letter describing the feelings of husband and wife and the pain of lovesickness, which was rejected by Liu Bei, who was eager for revenge. Lu Xun, the great general of the eastern Wu Dynasty, set fire to Liu Bei’s company camp. Liu Bei and the remaining less than 10000 soldiers were defeated and fled back to Baidi city. After Liu Bei was burned down by the eastern Wu in the battle of Yi mausoleum, sunshangxiang heard rumors that Liu Bei was dead. She threw herself into the Yangtze River to die after paying tribute to Liu Bei. Today, there is also a watchman’s platform on the South Bank of the Yangtze River in the northern suburb of Xiulin town. It is said that Mrs. sun once watched her husband’s return here. The footprints on the watchman’s platform are still faintly recognizable.

When Liu Bei heard the sad news, he could not help thinking of Mrs. sun’s benefits. In addition, this battle severely damaged the vitality of the hard-working Shu Kingdom, so he became sick. Liu Bei, 63, could not help but entrust ah Dou to five ministers including Zhugeliang and died. Liu Chan ascended the throne, and his posthumous title was Liu Bei, Emperor zhaolie of the Han Dynasty. He was buried in Huiling in autumn and August.

Empress Wu died in the eighth year of Yanxi’s reign. At first, Mrs. Gan died and was buried in Nanjun. In the second year of Zhang Wu’s reign, he took the posthumous title of Madam Huang Si and moved to Shu. Before the coffin arrived, Liu Bei died in Baidi city. The prime minister Zhugeliang said that the empress Liu Chan pursued his posthumous title as empress Gan of zhaolie and was buried with Liu Bei.

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