The myth of NATO is broken!

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The following article is from the Han and Tang Guanghui, written by Xu Jijun

On June 29, Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de KrO said, “we made it clear that this conflict can only be won on the battlefield, and we should continue to support Zelensky and the Ukrainian people as much as possible in order to win the war on the battlefield.”

The message delivered by the Belgian prime minister is very clear, which is what the United States advocates: wipe out the last Ukrainian!

I don’t know how the Ukrainian people feel about the war controlled by the United States. I dream of defeating Russia. Unfortunately, this is doomed to be a dream!


1? Seven Dwarfs

From June 26 to 28, the leaders’ summit of the group of seven (G7) composed of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada was held in Elmore castle, Bavaria, Germany.

According to the Convention, the seven dwarfs once again drew big cakes to the world, announced the launch of the “global infrastructure and investment partnership”, and announced that they would raise $600billion in the next five years to provide funds for infrastructure development for developing countries.

Why is it a convention? At the seven dwarfs summit in 2021, US President Biden proposed the initiative of “rebuilding a better world”, promising to provide $40 trillion by 2035 to “meet the huge demand for infrastructure in low – and middle-income countries”.

Compared with the empty promises made last year, it has shrunk significantly this year. It’s pathetic that bragging can’t do what you want. In order to maintain their status of exploiting the global underdeveloped countries, the seven dwarfs deliberately covered up the reality of relying on the global supply system and tried to show their superiority. But this set has long been unable to deceive the people of the world, and gradually it can’t be performed.

An article in the bimonthly issue of the US foreign affairs pointed out that about a year since Biden announced the “rebuilding a better world” initiative in 2021, the US government has invested only about US $6million in global infrastructure, far below its initial commitment.

The promise is very full, the reality is very skinny, and the huge gap only comes from: there is no money in your pocket. The so-called “no money in the pocket” is not accurate. After all, the money printed by the Seven Dwarfs’ families can be squandered. The real difficulty is that there is money but no materials. It’s impossible to rely on money alone these days. There must be sufficient material supply!

Since the COVID-19, the global economy has continued to be depressed. The so-called seven industrial countries, the real economy and manufacturing industry can not support the domestic high welfare and high consumption lifestyle, and highly rely on the vast number of developing countries to provide resources, energy and cheap goods to maintain the status quo.

In the joint communique issued by the seven dwarfs, they not only believed that China and Russia were the main common threat they faced, but also the word “China” appeared 14 times in the communique. The dwarves group, helpless for the strength and stability of China, can only gather together to save bad water and set off cold arrows. The more helpless you are in the face of reality, the more you complain. China has appeared 14 times, which shows that China’s world influence is increasing day by day and cannot be ignored, but this is not much. Maybe China will appear 40 times at the next dwarf summit!

It is an established procedure for the seven dwarfs to determine their basic political stance on the global pattern through small-scale exchanges, and then implement it at the NATO summit.

The so-called 30 NATO countries are nothing more than seven dwarfs who have the final say, and the rest are followers.

Facing the Big Mac country Russia, the 30 NATO countries were helpless and had to practice their internal skills and hold their breath hard.

With the accession of Sweden and Finland, together with potential member countries Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, NATO remains the world’s first military organization, the proper “villain alliance”. Who refuses to obey, the army is at the foot of the city!

Originally, NATO was unable to cope with Russia. As a result, the world’s largest “villain alliance” led by seven dwarfs still unreasonably aimed its guns at another big country far away in the East.

The villain alliance will surely expand its troops to the door of China, which is an established trend. Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand will actively participate in it.

After all, what a group of hyenas are best at is group robbery. Only in this way can the small country in the villain alliance have the opportunity to tear a piece of meat off the behemoth and eat it.

2? China and Russia have clear strategies

For the war ambition of the villain alliance, China and Russia are facing the same threat, which is nothing more than different priorities and different degrees of urgency of the crisis.

For the crazy expansion of NATO, China and Russia are very sober at the strategic level!

On June 30, Alexander vinetyktov, deputy secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said, “the Americans and their allies cannot live without enemies, so they have NATO – an anti Russian alliance, and now an anti China Alliance…”

On June 25, Putin pointed out that the United States deployed a total of 200 tactical nuclear warheads in several NATO member countries in Europe, and was equipped with 257 warplanes to carry these nuclear warheads. Putin expressed concern about this.

On June 27, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced plans to expand the current 40000 strong NATO high readiness force to more than 300000.

The United States has deployed tactical nuclear weapons in many NATO member countries in Europe. At present, the strategic strike capability of NATO against Russia in Europe is not only strategic bombers, but also most other combat aircraft can use nuclear weapons.

Russia will face the most serious nuclear threat situation since the cold war.

In the military confrontation between Russia and NATO, nuclear capability confrontation will also become the conventional model in the future.

Just as the war between Russia and Ukraine was raging, Lithuania announced that it would block Russia’s access to the enclave of Kaliningrad, citing EU sanctions against Russia.

This move is undoubtedly a direct provocation to Russia. So Russia plans to respond firmly, including the option of force.

On June 27, Medvedev, vice president of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said that the retaliatory measures taken by Moscow would be very tough and could “cut off the oxygen to the Baltic States”.

In order to avoid conflict with Russia, the European Union, leaving Lithuania alone, publicly clarified that it had no plan to block Kaliningrad, which was entirely Lithuania’s own initiative.

Russia understands the EU’s statement and points out the truth: Lithuania is at the behest of the United States, deliberately provoking Russia and dragging the EU into the quagmire of war.

At present, the only EU countries that can maintain strategic autonomy are France and Bulgaria, a traditional Pro Russian country.

On June 22, the Bulgarian National Assembly passed a no confidence motion against the current government. On June 27, Bulgarian Prime Minister Petrov announced his resignation. Bulgarian president rumen rAdV, regarded as Putin’s “ally”, will temporarily take over the Bulgarian government. The pro Russian Baath Party of Bulgaria may win the next election.

If Bulgaria changes from a pro Western to a pro Russian government, it will be of great significance for Russia to break through in Europe.

At present, Russia has basically controlled the southeast of Ukraine, and has achieved the minimum goal of launching a war between Russia and Ukraine; The strategic objectives of the next stage should be Odessa and Nikolayev along the Black Sea coast of Ukraine, as well as Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk in northeastern Ukraine. After defeating the resistance forces in eastern Ukraine, Ukraine will defeat faster than before, and the Russian army will advance faster.

The next stage of strategic action will at least advance to the banks of the Dnieper River, not excluding the capture of Kiev.

If Russia occupies half of Ukraine, will Ukraine resist tenaciously or declare surrender?

Looking at Zelensky’s bitter gourd face now, we know that Ukraine cannot win the war by itself. On June 27, in a video speech to the leaders of the G7 summit, Zelensky admitted that under the Russian offensive, the Ukrainian army was in a poor state and it was difficult to fight back. He called on the G7 to “make every effort” to end the Ukrainian Russian conflict before the winter of 2022 and the deterioration of the fighting environment.

The problem is that if Ukraine does not surrender, how will the war end?

Zelensky still made a dream: only when Ukraine “is in a strong position again” will it negotiate with Russia.

Zelensky’s idea is unimaginable. Does Ukraine want to be in a strong position? I’m afraid there’s no chance after the subjugation.

Throughout, the good idea of the United States, the European Union and NATO was to use the Russian Ukrainian war to bring down the Russian economy. After several months of fighting, Russia made more and more money, earning tens of billions of dollars more, and the European Union lost 400billion euros!

The United States, the European Union, NATO, and other 50 national alliances that support Ukraine are helpless for Russia to let go and fight to the end.

This fully proves one thing: after the cold war, the strategy of financial and economic dominance of global affairs established by the United States in the world has completely failed. In the future world, the competition is hard core strength!

This conclusion is fully reflected in NATO’s strategic plan.


3? NATO dried up and fished

In the next few years, Germany’s average annual military expenditure will increase to 70 to 80 billion euros. Patrick Saunders, the chief of staff of the British army, said that Britain was facing a “1937 moment” and must be prepared to “fight and win” to resist the threat from Russia.

Germany wants to expand its army, and Britain should be prepared for war to deal with the threat of Russia.

This scene is inconspicuous in any way. In 1937, Britain regarded the Soviet Union as the number one enemy, and was defeated by Germany.

It is difficult to say whether Germany, rearmed under the banner of resisting the threat from Russia, will continue to be at the mercy of the United States in the future. After all, there is also a France that still harbors the dream of a great power to support the European continent!

In addition to the German army expansion plan, Britain will also restore the number of tanks, helicopter gunships and missiles. NATO’s rapid response force in Europe will be expanded from 40000 to 300000. Since the outbreak of the Russia Ukraine war, 100000 US troops have been deployed in Europe. U.S. President Biden claimed to add another 100000 U.S. troops.

Is such a scale of military deployment ready to invade the Russian mainland? It doesn’t seem to be enough.

Speaking of NATO’s expansion, it’s a long way to go, really far.

NATO’s navy and air force have already taken advantage of it, and there is no need to expand. Even if the expansion is successful, it is only meaningful for the army.

The United States is the country with the strongest military force in NATO, with a total of 1.4 million troops in active service, more than 800000 reservists and only 500000 troops in the army. Turkey has about 400000 active troops and 380000 reserves, ranking second in NATO in terms of total size. France has about 270000 active troops and 170000 reserve troops, ranking first in Western Europe. The total strength of British troops in active service is about 230000, with another 190000 reservists. Germany: Germany has 184000 active troops and 15000 reserve troops. Italy: Italy has 175000 active troops and 20000 reserves.

The problem facing NATO countries is that economic difficulties and a high welfare society are unsustainable. If military spending is increased, domestic contradictions are bound to become more tense.

At present, the US military has encountered the most serious troop problem in 50 years. As of June, the US Department of defense has only completed 40% of the contract recruitment plan in fiscal year 2022 (to September 30). The shortage of US troops stems from two factors: one is the low willingness of citizens suitable for service to join the army. Only 9% of American citizens who are suitable for military service are willing to join the army, a new low since 2007. Second, worry about the impact of military service on physical and mental health. 57% of the respondents were worried about emotional and psychological problems after military service, and 50% were worried about physical injury.

The militaristic United States has finally reached the dilemma of high inflation, economic crisis and national war weariness.

In the future, Poland will be the only country that bravely stands in the front line of confrontation with Russia after Ukraine is conquered.

Lithuania, a small country that has repeatedly provoked China and Russia, will be hit hard at any time!

NATO Secretary General Steven Spielberg announced that if the three Baltic countries were occupied by Russia, NATO would go all out to win back.

However, the so-called tough declaration of NATO is not worth refuting in the face of reality.

What if Russia doesn’t send ground troops to occupy and only carry out long-range strikes? The three Baltic countries, with an area of 40000 to 60000 square kilometers and a depth of 200 kilometers, can be fully covered by long-range rockets. Are they willing to treat their territory as a battlefield for NATO and Russia? The so-called anti missile system basically has no defense capability in the face of the coverage of long-range rockets.

Since the Baltic countries are willing to be the lackeys of the United States, it is normal for them to turn into ruins at that time.

The key to the outcome is whether NATO can scare Russia!

At a time when Russia and NATO are at loggerheads, NATO can’t wait to extend its evil tentacles to the Asia Pacific region.

At this summit, NATO’s “strategic concept” document stated that China challenges NATO’s interests, security and values, and that NATO will jointly address China’s “systemic challenges”. Previously, the communique issued by the seven dwarfs accused China unreasonably on issues related to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Obviously, the United States and Europe are determined to prepare for the next World War. However, history has long proved that the United States, as a group of authoritarians, basically remember to eat or not to fight. The Korean Peninsula and the Vietnam war all suffered from China’s depression. During the war in Afghanistan, the United States and China dug holes for the Soviet Union, and indeed the Soviet Union.

Since 1949, all imperialist powers, whether the United States or Britain, have never bargained for anything in the face of new China!

Today, China has risen, its military is unprecedentedly strong, and its economy is unprecedentedly prosperous. How dare the United States, Europe, and NATO fight?


4? US strategic stupidity

In just a few years, the Anglo Saxon axis and NATO have encountered major failures in five major strategic areas:

On August 15, 2021, the US Army was defeated in Afghanistan, and the Anglo Saxon countries and NATO were in the most serious political and military dilemma.

At the end of 2019, Iran and China and Russia signed a military alliance, which won the military protection of China and Russia. Since then, facing Iran, the United States and Europe can only talk, not fight. Iran should not only join the SCO, but also join the BRICs organization! What can the United States and Europe do? No, no, no!

In 2001, the United States began to plan for the greater Middle East, trying to control Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Iran and other major countries in the Middle East. Now, the United States has defeated Syria, dare not touch Iran, and has been repeatedly run by the Iraqi government to withdraw its troops. I haven’t seen the US Army in such a mess since the Vietnam War!

The United States has been trying to block cooperation between China and other countries. However, since the COVID-19, the United States’ dependence on Chinese goods has increased by 20% compared with that before the Sino US trade war in 2018, and so have other countries. He shouted for a long time to boycott Chinese goods, and finally quietly paid for them. Facts have proved that the United States, Europe and the West simply cannot get rid of Chinese products.

The United States held the summit of the Americas a few days ago, but eight Latin American countries did not attend, accounting for one third of Latin American countries. This means that the summit of the Americas held by the United States is unrepresentative and of no practical value.

Nicaragua invited Russia to garrison, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and many other countries to turn left, away from the United States and close to China. No, no, no!

The failure of the United States has led to the failure of the United States. The United States, which terrorizes the world, cannot terrorize the world!

China is not afraid or concerned at all!


5? China’s strategic counterattack

In the face of the wanton provocation of the United States, the European Union and NATO, China was not impatient and deployed a counterattack.

At the 25th St. Petersburg Economic Forum held on June 15, Aung Nai OO, Minister of investment and foreign economic relations of Myanmar, said that the Eurasian Economic Union and ASEAN need to consider developing a new alternative system in the future to overcome the problems faced by Eurasian countries when cooperating in the fields of finance, payment and settlement, and can use alternative currencies such as RMB and ruble for settlement.

On June 25, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile will each pay at least 15billion yuan (US $2.2 billion), or the equivalent US dollars, to the “RMB liquidity arrangement”. “When there is a liquidity demand, participants can borrow short-term funds from the reserve pool with qualified collateral in addition to withdrawing their capital contribution.”

This means that the internationalization of RMB continues to be promoted in an orderly manner.

On June 26, China’s RMB cross border settlement system (CIPS) launched the payment lens service, which took a powerful step towards expanding market share.

The people’s Bank of China recently issued the notice on supporting cross-border RMB settlement of new foreign trade formats (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”), proposing to improve the relevant policies of cross-border RMB business of new foreign trade formats such as cross-border e-commerce, and support banks and Payment institutions to better serve the development of new foreign trade formats. In short, any cross-border transaction that can be settled in foreign exchange according to law can be settled in RMB.

The expansion of BRICs countries is imminent, and Argentina and Iran may be the first to join. Putin announced that he would establish the reserve currency of BRICs countries, and the main beneficiary is likely to be China.

Generally speaking, China is mainly fighting back in the economic and financial field, and Russia plays the role of bridgehead of military confrontation.

6? Future war

At present, the strategic situation we are facing is very serious!

NATO has made substantial steps towards the eastward expansion of the Asia Pacific region. Since NATO regards China as an enemy to deal with, China and Russia back-to-back has become the best solution!

Anglo Saxon and Jewish capital alliance, knowing that angering China on the Taiwan issue, will only make China more determined to be a qualified opponent! Knowing that China and Russia join hands is a nightmare for the United States, but pushing China and Russia to join hands to resist the United States step by step can only show that they overestimate their comprehensive strength!

In the eyes of Anglo Saxon and Jewish capital alliance, it may be thought that China and Russia will not make a strategic counterattack, but in fact, the pace of our counterattack has begun to move forward!

The old, weak and disabled bald eagle led the five eyed jackals, foxes and badgers to drive out the hyenas of new and old Europe and the Asian Akita dogs to hunt China and Russia, which will surely kill itself!

The decisive battle is around the corner, work hard!

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