The nature of the beating incident in Tangshan is extremely bad. It is very important to severely punish it!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

From the afternoon of June 10 to the early morning, the hottest event in the whole network was the “Tangshan beating incident”, and Sina Weibo searched one after another. Until the time of writing the article, four of the top five microblog searches were about the Tangshan beating incident. How bad is this?

In the video, a man who drank alcohol forced to touch the back of a girl wearing a white T-shirt for no reason and sexually harassed the girl. After being rejected by the girl, he forced him to harass again. The girl pushed his arm away. The man became angry and slapped the girl in the face. Then he beat the girl violently. When other female companions of the same trade hit back at the man, several of the men who ate at the outdoor stall rushed into the restaurant and began to severely beat the three women.


The three women were rivals of several young and middle-aged men. Soon one girl was injured, and then the girl in white was dragged out of the restaurant by a man in black, and several men severely besieged the girl. Then, the man who harassed the girl in white stamped his foot on the girl’s face, and then several men beat the girl in white violently and kept kicking her on the ground.

It is no exaggeration to say that the way these men hit people is very easy to kill people, especially those punches and kicks in the face, stomach and chest, as well as some impacts on the head, which can easily lead to serious injury and even death risk.

In fact, according to the photos of the injured girl’s treatment disclosed by netizens later, it can be seen that she has been beaten all over with blood and her head has been bandaged one layer after another. The injury is very serious.

In Zhanhao’s opinion, the nature of this incident is extremely bad, and it is very important to severely punish it!

First of all, the behavior of these people obviously has the characteristics of some rogue gangs and underworld. I wonder if you have noticed that the behavior pattern of this group is not like the harassment of ordinary people, but a rogue underworld gang with obvious behavior logic. They have a very strong tacit understanding and respond very quickly.

Let’s first look at the man who took the lead in sexually harassing the woman in white. He entered the restaurant from the gear and did not look drunk. He walked very steadily without saying anything. He came in and communicated very clearly with the suspected clerk, which showed that he was very clear-minded. Moreover, from the pace of his later beating, there was no state of staggering and unsteadiness, which showed that he was drunk at most and was far from drunk.


Let’s look at his way of harassing girls in white. It’s not like normal people to chat up with others, but to directly start sexual harassment. This is in public. If it is in a dark corner, he will rape every ten days.

Moreover, when the girl pushed his arm away, instead of leaving, he slapped him hard when he came up. This is not a normal person’s behavior, which shows that he has done this kind of thing more than once or twice, but a recidivist. The logic of a normal person’s behavior must be to argue first, and then escalate gradually. He is ruthless when he comes up. It is likely that he has had the experience of using force to deal with girls and force girls to swallow their anger. But what he didn’t expect this time is that he was strongly resisted by girls.

We looked at his accomplices outside the door. When we found that there was a fierce conflict inside, they didn’t come in to see what was going on and then pull a fight. Instead, they came up and started the division of labor, beating up the three girls. Everyone noticed the state of the partners outside the door when they entered the restaurant. The female partner picked up a chair when she entered the restaurant.

These behavioral logics are not normal behaviors of ordinary people. They can only show that they have a very clear division of labor and cooperation. They are already familiar with this kind of thing and already have the characteristics of some rogue gangs and underworld. Therefore, Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) suggests that this group of people must be investigated in depth, and maybe they can pull out carrots and bring out mud.

Secondly, if you are so rampant in broad daylight, you must set an example to others. One of the most abominable aspects of this incident is that the gang did not do this series of things in secret, but in broad daylight.

Compared with doing these illegal things in disguise, this kind of behavior is even worse in broad daylight, because they despise the law and society, and trample on the personal safety of others arbitrarily. This behavior must make an example of others, otherwise it will have a follow-up effect.

On the contrary, if we set an example and severely crack down on these gangs, they will restrain a lot, especially some people who might have been impulsive will be in awe because of this severe punishment. This incident has aroused public anger, and it is difficult to calm it without severe punishment.

Third, at a time of great social tension, extreme behavior should be stressed. At present, the whole world situation is full of pressure, so there is great social tension, which is reflected in the pressure of life, including economic growth and employment. Some people become more angry because of the pressure, and at the same time, some criminals become more rampant. Under such circumstances, the whole country and society must say no to such extreme acts and adopt severe punishment. To let the whole society see, we must severely crack down on these flagrant criminal acts.

Tangshan was very prompt in handling this matter. On the one hand, the police immediately issued a notice to tell public opinion that the police had taken action. Then, the Secretary of Tangshan political and Legal Affairs Commission responded to the concerns of public opinion, saying that the suspect had been locked and was being arrested. In the evening, Tangshan police arrested two of them and believed that other criminals would be arrested soon.

The work report of the Supreme People’s court has clearly pointed out that for crimes such as maiming women and children, those who should be sentenced to death shall be sentenced to death. It is believed that the court will give an objective and fair result on how to punish this matter. But we should also realize that there is still such a small group of people in our society who need us to take up the law and severely repair them!


So now, Zhanhao believes that it is very important to severely punish this incident. If handled properly, it will become a positive case of society and have great significance for social education; Conversely, if not handled well, it may bring more negative effects. I believe Tangshan can handle it very well!

Finally, Zhanhao wants to say that anyone who wants to disrupt social order will be severely punished by the society!

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