The new online American drama “the Lord of the rings: the ring of power” has seen a bloody public praise

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The first season of the Lord of the rings: the ring of strength, a drama version of the Lord of the rings created by Amazon at a huge cost, officially opened on September 2. The first two episodes have been released, and audience ratings have also opened.

At present, the average score of IMDB in the first two episodes of the drama is 7.2 and 6.9 respectively, and the freshness of rotten tomatoes is 84%, but the popcorn index is only 34%, and the average score of MTC users is only 2.1. The audience’s reputation is extremely poor.

Many viewers said that Amazon destroyed Tolkien’s big IP, completely sorry for the title of the most expensive drama in history, poor performance, poor script, poor casting, and extremely disrespectful to the original. There are also many people who hope that Amazon will immediately cut off the show and give up the idea of producing the next season.



When netizens saw this news, they had different opinions. Ah Chen, a happy netizen, said: “After watching the two episodes, it seems that the play has opened a modifier. The director may prefer black pigment. Can you believe that the black pigment of a village appears in the Lord of the rings? It’s so scary and frightening. If the black pigment fairy appears in the future fairy tale world, won’t children have a shadow? I have no racial discrimination. The picture and special effects are good, but the role is poor, the script is poor, and the music has no memory. Disgusting.”

Happy ah Chen also bombarded: “Xinxian and Peter Jackson opened the door of the Lord of the rings, but Amazon closed it!”

Netizen Lao Feiniu said: “when you fail to watch a peer drama, except for special effects, the plot selection is very bad. If the acting skills of the script are qualified, you can find all LGBTQ and no one will scold you.”

The netizen casually Shuaixia said: “I hope I can wake Amazon up. So many old and black middle earth worlds are simply subversive.”

Netizen bluefish said: “IMDb: 6.2, 33.3% 10 points, 25.7% 1 points, polarization, hahahaha!”


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