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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

On the 16th of this month, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy jointly visited Ukraine. We talked about the “three giants” in Europe in the form of a story. Although the story does not say what the three countries have done in Ukraine, it does analyze the subtle mentality of the three European giants. To sum up, Europe is now very tangled. Germany, France and Italy do not want to fight the war, but this sentence is not spoken, nor dare it be spoken. In any case, in the eyes of European and American countries, Ukraine is resisting Russia’s “invasion”. Now, in dealing with the issue of Russia and Ukraine, Europe and the United States have formed a unified political correctness. No country dares to persuade Ukraine to give up resistance and negotiate. Even the French macron who wants to be the leader of the European Union and the German Scholz who is the leader of the European Union dare not say, not only dare not say, but also must say words of support and give ZELINSKY what he wants, otherwise he may be scolded by ZELINSKY.

However, Germany, France and Italy really do not want to fight this war. After lingering in Ukraine for a while, they only promised to support Ukraine as a candidate for the European Union [this is a long-term and non guaranteed check], and Germany also gave Ukraine seven howitzers. This is a great gift. Just before the seven German howitzers arrived in Ukraine, Russia had just destroyed another 15 NATO assisted howitzers in Ukraine with UAVs, and released photos of the destruction. I wonder if the seven German howitzers can be publicized again by Russia before firing shells.

Although the leaders of Germany, France and Italy did not say anything in Ukraine to persuade them to surrender, Britain and the United States were still worried. As soon as the leaders of the three countries left Ukraine on the 16th, British Prime Minister Johnson suddenly visited Kiev on the 17th. Johnson’s trip was not planned. Because on the 17th, his schedule should be to make a report with British Conservative MPs. But Johnson suddenly went crazy, stood up for his party members and flew to Kiev. You know, Johnson just escaped the vote of no confidence by relying on the support of his own party members. He left without saying good-bye and stood up for these councillors. Obviously, he was suspected of breaking the bridge. I am not morally condemning Johnson. In fact, a person without morality has nothing to condemn morally. I mean, I’m afraid it was not his willful behavior that he suddenly ran to Ukraine in such disregard for domestic affairs, but because someone wanted him to go. Who is this man? Or Biden, or the forces behind Biden. Of course, it is also the force behind Johnson and the one that initiated and insisted on the protracted war between Russia and Ukraine.

In short, Johnson’s visit to Kiev on the 17th was definitely not a whim, but a task to carry out. The content of the task was to offset the negative ideas brought to Ukraine by the leaders of Germany, France and Italy, that is, not to talk about peace, but to fight to the end. Even if the Donetsk government had sentenced two British mercenaries to death, Johnson insisted that Ukraine should not compromise.

There are obviously differences in the attitudes of the United States, Britain, Germany and France towards the war between Russia and Ukraine. Relatively speaking, the United States and Britain suffered less damage from the war, especially the United States. To a certain extent, it still made money. But the EU can’t stand it. Today, the EU summit was held in Brussels, where 70000 Belgian people gathered to protest against the current soaring prices and energy shortages in Europe. The most effective way to end the current plight of the EU is to end the war between Russia and Ukraine. Next, more and more European countries and European people will join in the protest, because if this continues, European powers, including Germany and France, will not be able to stand it. Europe has already started to burn coal and even firewood.

This is the result that Britain and the United States are worried about. This is also the main reason why Johnson left behind the leaders of Germany, France and Italy. Britain and the United States must pull the EU together to attack Russia this time, even if the EU will fall apart.

This is where the crisis lies in the EU, not in Russia. In fact, the EU has been unable to help itself to reconcile the great changes in Russia and Ukraine. In order to promote the EU’s determination to follow the lead of the United States and Britain, this force even began to attack any force that wanted to negotiate in Europe, including former German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The German Constitutional Court ruled that Merkel had violated her position on the election results of the governor of Thuringia. Although this will not have a significant impact on Merkel, it reveals a signal, that is, it warns Merkel of her previous position on the Russian Ukrainian war.

After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, although Merkel also condemned Russia, she believed that her previous actions were correct and should not provoke Russia, a giant war beast, and the German government should not follow the instructions of the United States on the Beixi No. 2 issue. This series of statements have proved that Merkel’s real attitude towards the Russian Ukrainian war is against the current practice of the EU. With Merkel’s influence in Europe, her attitude will undoubtedly make the EU have more concerns about sanctions against Russia. That is why it is necessary to hint at Merkel’s liquidation warning. In fact, there is an undercurrent of imposing the war crimes against Russia and Ukraine on Merkel in Germany. This undercurrent points out that it is Merkel’s previous appeasement policy that makes Russia bolder and bolder. It seems that the anti war wave in Europe has already started, and the US and British forces who feel the power of this wave must put it out on the beach. Both Merkel’s warning and Johnson’s sudden visit to Kiev were for this purpose.

Today’s Europe is hard to turn back. People are the only force in Europe to protect themselves. In the next few days, the EU summit, the G7 summit and the NATO summit were held in Europe. Of these three meetings, the G-7 summit and the NATO summit will determine what the world will be like in the future. War or peace? Development or retrogression? Will show various clues in the three meetings in the next few days.

As long as you are not a fool, you will understand that the United States and Britain will certainly urge the war, and several peripheral women participating in NATO and the G-7 summit: South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries will also watch the excitement and fear big things. The forced EU countries will have to be forced by Britain and the United States, while South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries will be cajoled to embark on the road of no return. The only force that can prevent this event is the EU people and the force that can organize the EU people to stand up, Many economic and energy issues that can sober up the EU people. Although EU politicians have long seen these problems clearly, they do not have the will and courage to resist.

Do not think that Lithuania’s cutting off the land passage between Russia and Kaliningrad is the brainless operation of the Lithuanian government. In fact, the British and American governments have further tightened the noose around the neck of the European Union. As a NATO country, Lithuania may not be able to treat Russia as its own country, but it is more than enough to bully Kaliningrad, an enclave, not to mention a Polish accomplice. At present, the situation is only to cut off land traffic. Next, if Poland or Lithuania make some frictions against Kaliningrad, what should Russia do? Of course you have to fight back. This kind of counterattack also involves the relationship between Russia and NATO.

After blocking land transportation, Lithuanian President nausaida once told the media that “Russia will not attack Lithuania because Lithuania is a member of NATO.” You see, such blatant deception is based on the identity of NATO member states. Naosaida’s brain is broken? Really think Russia won’t touch him? Based on our understanding of Putin and his consistent style of conduct, he may tolerate it in a short time, but if things really involve the security of Kaliningrad, he dares to teach Lithuania a lesson. And I must be able to think of using a justifiable reason.

As for this, not only I believe, but all EU leaders should also believe. After all, Putin’s courage and skills over the years are obvious to all. Therefore, we understand that the United States and Britain are also clear about Putin’s dare to move Lithuania, the younger brother of NATO. But it’s obviously not there yet. It just adds another step to the risk of conflict between NATO and Russia. At this time, who is the most afraid and the most unable to bear the result? The EU, of course.

Therefore, the Lithuanian incident, to put it bluntly, is still a threat from the United States and Britain to the EU. If the EU dares to engage in peace talks with Russia privately, then the United States and Britain may lead the war to the whole of Eastern Europe. As for why Lithuanian politicians are not afraid of being destroyed by Russia, the truth is also very simple. What does the destruction of Lithuania have to do with these politicians? Will it delay them from hugging beautiful women and drinking coffee on the Caribbean beach?

Time is running out for Europe. Can we get rid of this kind of coercion from the United States and Britain, unless the Bastille prison blows the horn again. This is my hope and the only hope for the future of Europe. The European reformist and autonomous camp dominated by Angela Merkel has failed. The next hope is to overthrow….

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