The number of immortals intercepting teachings is far greater than that of elucidating teachings. Why would they fail in the end?

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Friends who have read the famous ancient novel “the romance of gods” know that one of the story lines of “the romance of gods” is the “war of gods” of elucidation and interception. According to the description of the novel, the number of immortals who stop teaching is far greater than that of those who expound, so that they can set up ten evil formations, kill immortals formations and ten thousand immortals formations.


First of all, although the number of immortals intercepted is far greater than that of the elucidation, the average quality is much lower than that of the elucidation. The performance of the low average quality of interception is that the higher the level of interception immortal is, the more likely they are to be attacked by the group, and most of them are beaten by the group when their own side has a number advantage. It is proved that there are not many real powerful immortals who can be especially targeted by the elucidation.

Secondly, the organizational discipline of interception is far inferior to that of elucidation. For example, the leader of Tongtian cult publicly asked that the disciples who had stopped teaching should not go down the mountain to participate in the dispute between the Shang and Zhou dynasties. As a result, few of the immortals who had stopped teaching listened to the leader. In the face of these disobedient disciples, the leader of Tongtian cult didn’t even give the least warning, let alone punishment. Finally, the intercepting immortal united to drag the Tongtian cult leader into the water.


Compared with intercepting education, the organization and discipline of elucidation are much stronger. After Huang Tianhua went down the mountain, he couldn’t resist breaking the rules and wearing the general’s worldly clothes. As a result, he was severely criticized by his master and martial uncle and lost his life. After the ten thousand immortals array, the emperor Yuanshi ordered the twelve golden immortals not to go down the mountain again. He was very sad that Tu xingsun was killed, and he was afraid that liusun would not go down the mountain to avenge himself. This is unthinkable in the interception of religion.

Finally, in addition to the “war of apotheosis” of elucidation and interception, another main line of the romance of apotheosis is the King Wu’s attack on Zhou. Expositions supported the Zhou Dynasty, but jiejiao chose to support the Shang Dynasty. The result was that the apostasy went against the heaven. Almost all the immortals including the three emperors supported the apostasy, and the western religion joined hands with the apostasy to deal with the apostasy. The several failures of the apostasy were all caused by immortals outside of the hermeneutics.


Generally speaking, the average quality is low, the organizational discipline is insufficient, and standing on the opposite side of the destiny, a large number of interceptions are actually mobs. Naturally, they are not opponents of the interpretation of the destiny with capable personnel, strong organizational discipline, and compliance with the destiny. The “God worship war” naturally ends with the complete victory of the interpretation. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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