The “Old Seoul BBQ Restaurant” where the Tangshan beating incident occurred is closed

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After the “Tangshan BBQ restaurant beating incident”, it triggered a strong response from the society. From ordinary people to celebrities, everyone supported the victim woman and strongly demanded that the murderer be severely punished.

In addition, the daughter of the mastermind of this incident, Chen Jizhi, and the owner of the barbecue restaurant have all been subjected to varying degrees of cyber violence. Classmates and teachers have alienated and isolated Chen Jizhi’s daughter, which has led to the fact that the child can no longer go to school normally. The owner of the barbecue restaurant even cried directly on the Internet: I asked everyone not to be violent on the Internet, and I did my best at that time.

After the incident, netizens accused the owner of the barbecue restaurant for failing to effectively ensure the safety of consumers and for failing to stop and call the police in a timely manner during the fight. In this regard, the owner of the barbecue restaurant made a special voice on the Internet, saying that she tried to persuade the fight on the spot, but it was unsuccessful. She was a tens-year-old person who had done her best. Not only did she not receive food money that night, but she was also threatened. In this incident , in fact, she is also a victim.

The original text of the owner of the barbecue restaurant is as follows:

“I’m the owner of Tangshan Old Seoul BBQ restaurant. The reason why I posted this video today is that I was hit by the Internet. Many netizens attacked me, sent WeChat calls, and the phone number has been exploded, which affects my inability to operate and I have lived, and now there are quite a few netizens sending flowers to my door. Some netizens say that I don’t have a frame, but the woman in black in the video is me. I am an old lady in my 50s or 60s, and I don’t either. It’s easy, I try my best, and I go to fight. Netizens attack me, and I can’t live anymore. He said that I didn’t call the police. At that time, I was protecting a person in the house. At that time, I didn’t have a mobile phone. I let him (she) ) I called the police. After I called the police and went out, the person who hit me even threatened me: I’ll hit me when I go out. I’ve left before the account is settled, I don’t dare to care if he asks for money. Where do I go to speak justice, I’m also a victim If you say this, I’ll go and tell that. Now the store can’t be opened. Netizens scolded me and said everything, and the video is all there. I’m about to collapse now, I’m going crazy, I can’t live anymore , where should I go now to reason?”

In this regard, netizens do not seem to buy it, and they are constantly scolding and attacking online. Now some people urinate at the door of the barbecue shop, some people burn paper at the door of the barbecue shop, and some people send flowers to the door of the barbecue shop, many of them are yellow and white flowers, As for what it means, everyone should be able to figure it out.

I don’t know if it was because of the pressure of public opinion or some other reason. The owner of the “Old Seoul BBQ Restaurant” finally decided to close the shop and leave. From the customer source in the restaurant that night, it can be found that the business of this barbecue restaurant is actually very good. Yes, it can be seen that before making the decision to close the store, the boss should still make a great determination.

It can be found from the moving out site that before leaving, the owner of the barbecue restaurant led the staff to clean the inside and outside of the barbecue restaurant. There are still people wiping something on the ground, I wonder if it is to clean up the bloodstains left by the beating that night? In front of the barbecue shop, there are also bouquets sent by strangers.

As the tricycle pulled away all the tools such as tables, chairs, benches, pots and pans, and the shutters were slowly pulled down, the “Old Seoul BBQ” came to a close. I don’t know if the owner of the barbecue restaurant chose another location, or if he will no longer be in the barbecue business.

However, I hope that everyone can have a new and good start from now on. I hope that Tangshan will wash away the dirt of the society as soon as possible, just like the barbecue shop carefully washes every tile before leaving, and return the common people to a clean and harmonious social environment. At the same time, I also pray for a speedy recovery of the injured woman, bravely walk out of the shadows and return to normal life.

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