The one-night stand with a young woman is unforgettable, the wife and young woman have a long aftertaste

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I met a 30-year-old married woman online, and we talked about R-rated topics, which made our relationship more and more ambiguous. Once she took the initiative to ask me out for dinner, the first time I met a netizen, I found that she was as beautiful as the photos. We all knew how things were going, and we ended up having a one-night stand at the hotel. I will never forget this experience.

The young and vigorous self always thinks how beautiful the outside world is, but only when I really experience it, I realize how much loneliness and emptiness it contains. Some time ago, on my birthday, I bought a new notebook for myself and met her on the Internet. She is 83 years old, married, and looks really beautiful from the photos, not like 30 years old. After that, we chatted through Q. I think the Internet is like a mirror, through which we can show our naked self step by step. At the beginning, we may have some scruples. After a long time, we talk about everything, even sex. Such sensitive topics are not deliberately avoided. She got married relatively early, and her lover has been dating since she was in college, so according to her, the husband and wife are already like relatives, and there is no spark of love and no passion.??

After chatting for a few days, we started talking on the phone. Sometimes it was said that it was very late at night, and talking with a mature woman in the middle of the night, inevitably we would have some ideas, so gradually we also talked about some restricted-level topics. At the beginning She didn’t respond very positively, but I knew that she must be a little lonely in her heart, but she started to cooperate with my topic later, and I sometimes implied that I liked her and wanted to be with her Meaning, she didn’t show any disgust, and our relationship developed more and more ambiguous.??

The first time I met her, it wasn’t very deliberate. That evening when I was about to go to dinner, she called. We chatted on the phone for a while. Later, I asked her if she had eaten. She said no, and I said yes. I invited you to dinner without a word, and she agreed without saying a word. After that, we agreed to meet at Yum, and then we met that day. When we met her, it really gave people a bright feeling, just like in the photo. , very young, and the skin is very good, very white, when eating is also very casual, talking high and low.??

At about 7:00 after eating, we walked around the neighborhood. At that time, I felt that the more we looked at her, the more beautiful she was, especially when she smiled, she was very charming. At that time, the sperm was on the brain, and I happened to walk under a tree. The street lights are also relatively I took her hand in secret, she didn’t reject me at the time, but her palm was a little wet, so she just held her hand for a while, I said something that I liked her, it was numb, she also thought I was very mature and treated me like that. I liked it very much. Later, I told her not to go back at night. She glanced at me at that time and said if she had thought about it a long time ago. I will not deny it. Yes, to put it bluntly, it is the Lord of emptiness and loneliness, but I didn’t tell her, I just said that I saw her and was fascinated by her, she laughed happily, and after walking for a while, I hugged her and went to open house.??

I was very nervous at the time. It was the first time I slept with a married person, but when I got to the hotel room and closed the door, I started kissing her and taking off her clothes. She was very shy at first, so I should say I was a little embarrassed and couldn’t let go. But then I slowly started to take the initiative to cater to me. My little brother was too hard. I reached down to touch her, only to find that she was also very wet, so I went in. We were really that night. I was unscrupulous and forgot to do it a few times. I only knew how to get in and out of each other. I used my hands and mouths. I didn’t have the strength until the back, and both of them were very satisfied. I feel that married women are really better than unmarried women. The females are stronger, both technically and in terms of demand, which are unforgettable to me.??

After that, we also did it a few times, but then it became weaker and weaker, so I didn’t stay together anymore, I was tired myself, and I knew it myself that I didn’t like her, it was just pure ambiguous and physical giving. After all, she has her own family and her own scruples, and most of them are just for fun, especially for women like her, there are more and more in this world, and after playing, they each play their roles in their own lives. , but, although things have passed for a long time, they still have a different taste in retrospect. Some people have said that there will be many people passing by in a person’s life, but there are not many things that can be remembered, and not many can be used as memories. wrong.

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