The only prostitute in history who can make Cao Cao cry

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I’m afraid not many people mention Cao Cao; If you don’t know about Lai Ying’er, it’s not surprising. However, Lai Ying’er is the only woman who makes Cao Cao cry. Do you know?

Whether in dramas or novels, whether in official history or unofficial history, Cao Cao is mostly portrayed as a white faced and treacherous minister, with sinister and suspicious means and trickery. He is a villain in history.

In fact, in history, Cao Cao was indeed a generation of statesmen, militarists and writers who had both literature and martial arts, both wisdom and courage, and outstanding talent. This is reflected in the romance of the Three Kingdoms. When Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty was wandering around with no one to rely on, he had a unique insight and dared to risk the world’s condemnation to welcome Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty to Xuchang. It was the so-called “holding the son of heaven to order the princes” that gained an absolute political advantage; At the time of natural and man-made disasters in the late Han Dynasty, when the world was in chaos, the people were unable to make a living, and the lives of the people were ruined, it was he who recruited the refugees, provided tools, and carried out the reclamation system, so that the production in the yellow River Basin was restored; When all the horses were silent and the politics were dark, it was he who broke away from the concept of family status, acted only by talent, and did not stick to one pattern, which made xuchu, Dianwei, caohong, who were born in poverty, stand out and make great military achievements; He is also the one who wrote “tortoise may live a long life” and “watching the sea”, which have the good sentences of “an old hero lies in a Carpinus, with a long-term ambition”. I am afraid that even today’s middle school students have not read these two articles. The poem shows a positive and loving attitude towards life. “Viewing the sea” reflects an ambition and mind that includes the universe. The so-called “the journey of the sun and the moon, if it comes out of it; the stars are brilliant, if it comes out of it; fortunately, it’s good to sing!” A few years later, Mao Zedong came here and had the same mood. He echoed with Cao Cao: “Wei Wu waved his whip, and there were relics near Jieshi in the East”; In the battle of Guandu, he defeated Yuan Shao and laid the foundation for unifying the North

Unfortunately, he was defeated in the battle of Chibi, resulting in the confrontation of Wei, Shu and Wu.

Of course, as a hero of a generation, Cao Cao can not help fighting for power. He must strive for power and power in order to achieve his political goals. For this reason, he killed his relatives, eliminated dissidents, hid his guns and prevented hidden arrows. But until his death, he did not claim the throne, which seemed to be his wise move. As he said, if he hadn’t come out, I don’t know how many people would be called emperor, and how many would be called emperor. It would be more war-torn.

There are different opinions about Cao Cao in history. Mao Zedong said that Cao Cao should not be “punished without words”.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of Cao Cao through Ying’er.

Lai Ying’er was a famous Kabuki in Luoyang. She lived in Luoyang, the imperial capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and lived a life of “the five mausoleums were young, and the number of red gauzes was unknown”.

Cao Cao not only loved the country and the talented people, but also the beautiful women. He had heard the name of Lai Ying’er for a long time and wanted to meet her. Cao Cao disguised himself and went to Luoyang to find Ying’er. Lai Yinger’s gentle singing voice and graceful dancing posture conquered Cao Cao’s heart.

Lai Ying’er had long admired Cao Cao. Cao Cao was not only a hero in troubled times, but also a poet. Especially his magnificent and desolate poems had deeply touched her heart. At this moment, Lai Ying’er took a closer look at Cao Cao. He was really different from ordinary people. He was a charming mature man. When Cao Cao said that he was Cao Cao, he redeemed her and wanted to come to Ying’er to go with him, Ying’er was moved.

Cao Cao fought north and south, and Lai Ying’er followed him. Of course, she doesn’t like this kind of life, but the world is full of wars. Where can she settle down? It’s just fate, that’s all! Lai Ying’er brought joy to Cao Cao and swept away the loneliness in his heart with her beautiful singing voice and beautiful dancing posture during the war.

To Yinger and Cao Cao, there is no emotion, let alone love. At this moment, a handsome figure broke into Lai Ying’er’s eyes and went deep into her heart. This man is a bodyguard in Cao Cao’s mansion. She soon fell in love with him, desperate. Cao Cao is busy with the grand plan of the military, fighting in the north and south, and also dealing with many beautiful women. He doesn’t know about Ying’er.

The bodyguard Lai Ying’er liked was called Wang Tu. He was tall, alert and talented. He was appreciated by Cao Cao in the prime minister’s residence and was often praised and praised by Cao Cao. Once, Cao Cao sent him to lead a group of troops to go deep into the enemy territory and perform meritorious deeds. Wang Tu’s specific task was to go deep into the enemy’s territory, spy on the enemy’s reality and the place where he stored grain. This is a very dangerous and arduous task. We are not sure whether we can successfully complete the task and retreat. Wang Tu tells Lai Ying’er about the situation. In the face of her separated lover and the thought of the unpredictable future, Lai Ying’er holds Wang Tu in tears. She doesn’t realize that the crow is crowing at dawn and has missed her midnight departure time.

However, military orders are overwhelming. Wang TU was bound by ropes and put into prison, ready to behead for public display.

Lai Ying’er knew that Wang Tu had been arrested. To save Wang Tu, she knelt down in front of Cao Cao and said repeatedly, “I would like to die for Wang tu.” Cao Cao asked, why do you want to die on behalf of the king? Finally, as a last resort, Lai Ying’er tells her about her affair with Wang Tu.

In fact, it is easy for a person to die, but it takes great courage for a living person to dare to disclose his most shameful things to the public, especially to tell the story of “being in the Cao camp and being in the Han Dynasty”. This means that Lai Ying’er has made up her mind to go to the yellow spring with her lover Wang Tu.

Besides, Cao Cao has found his way in officialdom like a duck to water; Strategizing on the battlefield and winning thousands of miles; In literature, he is famous for both poetry and prose. However, there is a great loneliness behind his great talent. He once said that “drinking is a song, how is life? For example, the morning dew is going to be much harder!” Feeling. Naturally, he has an extraordinary ability to identify the supreme feelings and nature of the world. To Lai Ying’er’s true feelings, he was not only not jealous or angry, but also very moved.

In order to further test laiying’er’s true love, Cao Cao asks laiying’er to train a small singing and dancing class within a month. As long as she can do it, he agrees that laiying’er can die on behalf of her lover.

Lai Ying’er accepted the task happily and frankly. Her idea at that time was that, in addition to saving her lover’s life, she also hoped that after her death, someone would come to take over her work and share her worries and difficulties for Cao Cao, so as to repay Cao Cao’s adoption. What a loving woman!

In Cao Cao’s prime minister’s residence, a small singing and dancing training class began to train intensively. In order to save Wang Tu’s life, Lai Ying’er trained day and night and taught without reservation. Soon, these singing and dancing maids made obvious progress. In particular, there was a maid named panqiaoer who was outstanding and could almost keep pace with Lai Ying’er. It took only one month, which was also the rule given to her by Cao Cao. Cao Cao thought that she could not finish it, but unexpectedly she did.

Lai Ying’er comes to Cao Cao and asks for the death of Dai Wang Tu. Cao Cao looked at Lai Ying’er, who had lost weight these days, and felt a little pity

When compassion struck him, he could not help blurting out: “in fact, you can not die!”

This glimmer of life, Lai Ying’er did not dare to expect, but said quietly: “there is no such truth in the world. If you commit a serious crime, you can get away with it. Not only is it difficult for you to deal with yourself, but also how can the prime minister control the group. Besides, I have done something sorry for you. In the face of your kindness, I have no face to live in the world.” Cao Cao was very excited at this time. The woman in front of him was in great danger. She thought of others and Cao Cao. What a strange woman!

Cao Cao remained silent for a long time and asked, “do you want to see Wang Tu again?”

It never occurred to me that Lai Ying’er had her own set of love logic. She said: “when I decided to die for my lover, my relationship with him was not over, but just started. I took the first step, waited for him in heaven, and we would be together forever. Therefore, I don’t see him now!”

Cao Cao was immediately surprised and moved. He thought that he was in a high position, but he didn’t have a confidant who was willing to die for himself. It seems that having power does not mean having everything. He sighed and said, “when I release Wang Tu, I will deal with you.”

Cao Cao quickly spread word to Wang Tu, but Wang Tu frankly told Cao Cao that he was only making fun of the coming Yinger and had no real love. When Cao Cao heard this, he was furious. He kicked Wang Tu down and said, Lai Ying’er has a true love for you, but you treat her like this. I promised to come to Ying’er not to kill you. Get out of here before I change my mind. Cao Cao expelled Wang Tu from the prime minister’s residence.

Cao Cao didn’t tell Lai Ying the truth. If Cao Cao told Lai Ying’er the truth of the matter, even if she could stop her determination to die and live reluctantly, she would certainly suffer more than to die. After Cao Cao made up his mind, he only said to Lai Ying’er, “Wang Tu has been released. He is driven back to his hometown. He wants to show his true feelings to you. He has also trained Kabuki to be meritorious. He can not die. Go!”

Lai Ying’er thanked Cao Cao for helping her love with Wang Tu, but refused to accept Cao Cao’s favor of sparing her from death. She said that only death could clear her sins. She made a solemn bow to Cao Cao and turned away. She went so resolutely, so calmly, and so without hesitation… Looking at her back, I don’t know how many storms and waves, how many joys and sorrows, how many lives and deaths, how many kindness and love of Cao Cao, at this moment, this strong man also felt a burst of sadness and shed two lines of tears. This was his first and last tears for a woman.


The wind catkins float and the remnant has melted into the duckweed. The lotus mud is just beautiful and the lotus root silk lingers. Cherish the fragrance and remember your previous life;

When the love is strong, the love becomes thin. Now I really regret my love. When I look back, tears steal zero!

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