The operation of yanyalun and its own brand to solve the mystery was roast by netizens

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When it comes to Taiwan independence artists in the entertainment circle, I believe many people will think of Yan Yalun. Yan Yalun has also been boycotted by mainland netizens and has been blocked by the mainland entertainment circle. It is impossible for him to come back to the mainland for development in the future. Yanyalun’s contract with his own brand was terminated. This kind of operation was also roast by many netizens. It can only be said that yanyalun’s eating appearance is too ugly. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Yanyalun and its own brand

After Yan Yalun’s identity of Taiwan independence was confirmed, many of his fans in the mainland also announced that they would take off their fans. Oneidentity, the brand endorsed by yanyalun, also posted an article on the official website, saying that all cooperation with yanyalun will be terminated from now on, because the oneidentity brand has always defended the one China principle and upheld the reunification of the motherland. The remarks made by onidentify have naturally won the hearts of netizens in the mainland. Many netizens even said that they would buy an onidentify dress to support this brand.

As a result, the brand of onidentity was overturned soon, because this brand was created by yanyalun itself, and yanyalun even participated in the design. This confusing operation of Yan Yalun has also been roast by many netizens. It’s really funny. Since Yan Yalun has already shown his independence in Taiwan, he should not play this kind of Yin. He even wants to let his brand continue to make money for him in the mainland.

The operation of Yan Yalun enigma was criticized by netizens

The fans of yanyalun also took off the powder and stepped back, saying that yanyalun also cheated in 2020, and the 640000 materials promised to Wuhan were not donated at all. At that time, yanyalun wanted to donate 640000 comic books, and the largest manufacturer of these comic books was a Japanese company. Yanyalun’s operation was disgusting. Fans who used to like yanyalun also said that they liked him so much at that time, and now they really think yanyalun is rotten.

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