The originator of modern public opinion – Chairman Mao!

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Author: Wang Tao source: pure science (ID: chunkexue)

This article commemorates the 46th anniversary of Chairman Mao’s death. Because Chairman Mao died at 0:10 a.m. on September 9, 1976, this article was published on September 9.

1? Read Mao Xuan

When Chairman Mao was alive, the people of China and the world called him many Titles: great mentor, wise leader, great proletarian revolutionary, philosopher, poet, politician, militarist… But he himself said that all these titles would be removed in the future, leaving only one “teacher”. Therefore, many people today also call him “teacher Mao”.

A netizen once left a message after reading my article: you must have read Mao Xuan. Today, I want to talk about how I learned Chinese in primary school. When I was in primary school, I was studying Mao Zedong’s selections. Almost all social heroes and models appeared in the image of learning from Mao Zedong.

Lei Feng reads “serve the people”.

In the movie “entrepreneurship”, the oil workers read “theory of practice”.

Oil workers have Chairman Mao’s theory of practice in their pockets

In the film “tunnel warfare”, guerrillas read Chairman Mao’s “on protracted war” under an oil lamp.

If it was just these, although it had a great impact on me, it might be limited. After all, I was still in the first grade of primary school at that time. But at that time, I was deeply stimulated by a ten year old girl named Huang Shuai who was learning from Mao Zedong to select pacesetters. At that time, my mother was also a teacher in my primary school. After the teachers had a meeting to discuss this new model of learning from Mao Zedong, my mother casually said to me when I got home: look, I became a model of learning from Mao Zedong when I was a 10-year-old girl. At that time, I was suddenly under great pressure. A girl from other people became a model of learning from Mao Zedong at the age of 10. Then I must become a model of learning from Mao Zedong at the age of 9 – there are still two years left! We must hurry up. At that time, I was just beginning to recognize Chinese characters. Fortunately, I had learned to use Chinese pinyin to look up dictionaries, so I started the process of learning Mao Zedong’s selections. In less than two years, I finished reading the four volumes of Mao Zedong’s selections. At that time, I felt that “on Contradiction” was particularly difficult, and I basically didn’t understand it. Other articles can only be said to have different degrees of understanding. The first sentence of the first article in the first volume of selected works of Mao Zedong, “analysis of all classes in Chinese society”: “who is our enemy? Who is our friend? This issue is the primary issue of the revolution” has been deeply imprinted in my mind ever since. My Chinese lessons, including understanding Chinese characters, are basically completed by learning Mao Zedong’s selections. Therefore, my grades in Chinese classes from primary school to high school were OK, but they were not very good, because I really can’t understand how Chinese textbooks can be so simple and how to create so many questions about what the central idea is. I don’t know if the 10-year-old girl really finished reading Mao Zedong’s selections at that time, but I did before I was 9 years old.

However, after I finished studying Mao Zedong’s election, China’s society began to undergo earth shaking changes. “Learning from Mao Zedong’s election” was no longer emphasized as in the past, so I didn’t see the news that “nine year old primary school students became pacesetters in learning from Mao Zedong’s election”. After reform and opening up, people’s understanding of Chairman Mao has gone through a very tortuous process. However, I have never wavered in my basic view of Chairman Mao’s thought, because I have not only really read it, but also been lucky to read it systematically since I first started school. No matter how I look at the publicity at that time, at least I think that the influence of that era on me was positive, and I learned real knowledge. Chairman Mao’s thought is an extremely valuable spiritual wealth that can be deeply explored in China today.

2? Special perspective

When I went to Heihe on business in August 2022, I visited a museum of educated youth. People who experienced that era had a great differentiation, and some people were refined into steel, which became a special talent group for the later development of Chinese society. Qian Wenzhong, a professor at Fudan University, once held that the backbone of society after reform and opening up is the generation of educated youth.

There are also a group of people immersed in scar literature, reflecting and lamenting why the road of life is getting narrower and narrower.

However, it is very difficult for us to comment on people from that era. I respect and sympathize with all those of that generation. Because our generation is very different. After the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977, the three years of 77, 78 and 79 were to a certain extent to make up for the arrears, and the age difference of students was very large. This is the first year that all of us are fresh graduates. I went to university in 1980. My school is Nanyou. There was only one worker, peasant and soldier in our class, who was the monitor of our class. We are the generation closest to that era, and our personal experience has not been greatly influenced by any of those years. This gives us the best conditions to look at everything in China in the past without personal subjective feelings and with direct personal experience. We are the generation most qualified to make an objective study of that period of history and society. I think this is also the special responsibility and mission of our generation. In the future, people will be more objective and calm than us, but the distance will be farther and farther, and there will be less and less personal experiences of the parents’ generation who have personally experienced or even heard from their families.

3? How to truly understand Chairman Mao

How can people truly understand Chairman Mao’s thoughts? Many people use the method of storytelling, that is, telling stories in “the language loved by the Chinese people”. However, the problem we have to face today is how to make people all over the world understand. Moreover, only by making people all over the world understand, can all Chinese people truly understand in turn. Foreign people may or may not understand the language that the Chinese people like, or pretend not to understand it when they understand it, or they do not listen at all. Therefore, we must understand Chairman Mao’s ideas in the scientific language understood by the people of the world, especially the most elite intellectual groups in the world: the language of mathematics and measurement, and use mathematical formulas to strictly prove them. This is one of the motivations for me to write the book “beyond war theory” (also known as “the mathematical principles of Mao Zedong’s military thought”). Everyone must listen to such a language unless you can prove what problems exist in the axiomatic mathematical proof process, or in the premise hypothesis, or in the measurement method or data. If you can’t find out the problem according to the scientific criteria, you must accept it, because this is the most basic rule of science.

Therefore, my understanding of Chairman Mao is slightly different from that of others. In my past articles and lectures, I gave him two unprecedented Titles: great social surveyor and military surveyor.

Now, I want to give him another title: the originator of modern public opinion warfare. Perhaps the most we know about Chairman Mao today is his revolutionary career, but what was his original career? Or, according to what we say today, what did you do in the first place? He was the founder, editor in chief and main contributor of Xiangjiang review on July 14, 1919. His fame and political activities also began from this work. There were five issues of this journal, and Chairman Mao published 41 articles on it. Today, read his declaration on the first issue of this publication, and you can still get a lot of insights. We also attached this inaugural issue declaration.

After the founding of the Communist Party of China, the mainstream revolutionary force in China at that time was the Kuomintang led by Sun Yat Sen. the first stage of development of the Communist Party of China was realized through the first cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. After the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China in January 1924, Chairman Mao was elected as an alternate central executive member at the first and second national congresses of the Kuomintang. If Chairman Mao’s first highlight was the establishment of Xiangjiang review, the second highlight was that he served as the acting director of the Propaganda Department of the Kuomintang Central Committee in Guangzhou, a provincial and ministerial level official, with a monthly salary of 600 ocean. He is the editor in chief of the KMT’s core publication politico weekly (equivalent to the people’s Daily today).

So, should we know what Chairman Mao’s professional background is today? In today’s words, he came from a propaganda background – he is far more than an outstanding military strategist. His pen is as superb as his gun. However, it is strange that people know more about his professional experience as a librarian of Peking University than this. This shows how much our understanding of Chairman Mao deviates.

4? Top expert in public opinion

People may simply think that propaganda is to beautify themselves and let others know more about themselves than they really do. This view is completely wrong. Chairman Mao, as the top master of modern public opinion warfare, and even the originator of modern public opinion warfare, is by no means the way of “fallacies repeat a thousand times and become truth”. Please especially remember the title I called him before: Great sociologist. He is the most accurate person who measures the reality of China and the world and has the most sober understanding. However:

No matter how dark the world is, he can let people really recognize the darkness and let people see light in the darkness.

No matter how cruel the reality is, he can let people really face the cruelty and let people see hope at the same time.

No matter how weak our strength is, he can let people see how weak our strength is, and at the same time let people know how to win with the weak.

No matter how remote the future is, he can let people see the way to realize their ideals.

Even if we are poor and white, he can let people know that we are capable of writing the most beautiful words and drawing the most beautiful pictures on it, and let many elite intellectuals in the world see an ideal society representing the future of mankind.


Therefore, the real top experts in public opinion warfare can not only speak, but also scientifically recognize and successfully do it. This is the fundamental difference between him and many media who think they are objective. For example, some media think that there are still many problems in China, and that China’s manufacturing industry can only be regarded as the third echelon in the world. It doesn’t matter which tier we rank. Even if you think that China can only rank in the sixth tier, it’s OK. What matters is what we can successfully do and how we can solve problems in the face of pressure and US sanctions.

Problems without solutions are meaningless.

A country with the world’s strongest military force, richest economy and most developed science and technology is nothing to be respected by the world. It is a miracle that one of the poorest countries in the world can be respected by the world. In 1977, at the seventh annual conference of world particle physics held in Hawaii, Sheldon grasseau, a famous American scientist and professor at Harvard University (winner of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics), spoke highly of Chairman Mao’s prediction that “elementary particles are infinitely separable”. He also suggested that all these hypothetical components of matter, such as quarks and leptons, should be named “Mao particles” in memory of the late Chairman Mao Zedong. Of course, this suggestion is not because of Chairman Mao’s personal philosophical views on physics, but because he has obtained great soft power to influence the world against the background that China is still poor and blank.

5? Why is America’s public opinion war so “excessive”—— Make up for what you lack

At this point, we may have a huge question: because of Chairman Mao, public opinion war was once our traditional strength. Why do we feel that the public opinion war ability of the United States is very strong today, far superior to ours, and it can be said that some of it is “excessive” or even “abnormal”?

Is this a pity? Not at all. Each generation has its own mission. After the reform and opening up, we particularly emphasized “no argument” and “empty talk will harm the country, and practical work will prosper the country”. We can also say from another angle: what is missing, what is made up.

Whether it is a person or a country, the development of their ability generally comes from positive incentives. However, if the development of a kind of ability reaches a very extreme or even far beyond the normal level, it is often due to the negative incentives of fear and psychological shadow. The major bifurcation in the development of Sino US capabilities came from the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, which has not been fully explored to this day for its great impact on history. Because this war has brought a lot of “phobias” to both sides, it is these phobias that have put the two countries on a very different path of capacity development.

The lack of firepower phobia of the Chinese army can make us fully understand the level of firepower of China’s weapons today:

Rockets have basically become “medium and short-range missile arrays”.

Because of the fear of American aircraft carriers, Dongfeng 21d, Dongfeng 26, dongfeng-17, Yingji 21, Yingji 18, 2208 stealth missile anti-ship speedboats have been developed.


People who came back from the Korean battlefield said that fighting a war is fighting steel. In 1950, the steel output of the United States was 93.836 million tons, while that of China was 610000 tons, and that of the United States was 160 times that of China. What is the situation of China, which once suffered from “steel shortage phobia”? In 2019, China’s steel output was 1.2 billion tons, accounting for 53% of the world. The United States has 92.6 million tons, which is basically the same as that in the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, and China has become 13 times that of the United States.

China used to be poor and afraid, and lost too much time and opportunities, so today’s persistence and efficiency in economic development drive the world crazy. The repair of an overpass that others asked us to complete in more than ten years is calculated in hours.


The night war phobia of the US military has stimulated the development of a large number of night vision technologies. At present, the standard individual configuration of the US Army is that everyone wears a night vision helmet. Has the U.S. army reached one unit per person? No, it’s 1.4 people! I can only explain it with fear! This is not a “night vision helmet”, but a “night battle fear therapeutic instrument”.

Night battle fear therapeutic instrument

Night battle fear therapeutic instrument

Night battle fear therapeutic instrument

The fear of lack of intelligence has stimulated such an excessive and abnormal global intelligence monitoring system as prism gate. Even French Prime Minister macron’s sexuality is well known to good Americans.

Many people have discussed the above situation online. However, in the past, few people paid attention to the “brainwashing phobia” of the US military toward the volunteers. Preferential treatment of prisoners is an extremely powerful capability established by Chairman Mao for the Chinese army, which created a very high “enemy resource conversion rate” during the civil war. In the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, the Allied forces captured by the volunteer army would praise the volunteer army as long as they stayed in the volunteer army’s capture camp a little longer. This has brought unprecedented fear to the US military: the two sides are fighting, and their armies are sworn enemies. How can we fight this war when our soldiers were captured by our opponents for a few days and came back full of praise for the “enemy”? The US military believes that the “brainwashing” of the Communist Party of China can completely change people’s ideas, which is too deadly! Therefore, since then, the US military has concentrated some psychologists and others to study psychological warfare. Gradually, it has become larger and more systematic. It has been widely known abroad and is billed as a “lighthouse country”.

“Serving the people wholeheartedly” is an ideal plan designed by Chairman Mao for the future society of mankind. However, the United States has placed this image on “American democracy”. Of course, their internal mechanisms are completely different. One focuses on the purpose and the final result, and the other only focuses on the form.

6? How to solve the problem of being scolded?

To solve the problem of being beaten is to learn how to beat people and win even under the extremely unfavorable conditions of poverty, weakness and backwardness.

To solve hunger, we should learn to greatly increase grain production and make money.

To solve the problem of being scolded is to learn to scold. In fact, this is not only to learn, but also to find back the dominant tradition of public opinion warfare that Chairman Mao once had. Even if we can’t scold the enemy too hard, at least we must be able to scold the other party too hard. Instead of being like this, no matter how well we do, it seems that we are often scolded by others. What is known? It’s not that what they say is right or wrong, but that they want to make the Chinese people unable to lift their heads. No matter how well China does, it must not lift its head before they think it is normal.

To achieve this, we must fundamentally and strictly adopt the methods of social measurement, establish new social cognitive standards, and use the scientific language unanimously recognized by the people of the world to conduct public opinion warfare. There is no universal value, only universal truth. Don’t think the whole west has the same values. What is value? Value is interest. Are the interests of different countries in the world unified? liar. The interests can only take the initiative to seek mutual compatibility and win-win cooperation, and can not naturally be the same. To say that the values are absolutely the same is to say that you should not have any opinions on any infringement of your interests. The so-called universal value is that the American leader infringes on the interests of the people in the world. Everyone should not have any opinions. There can be no unified values in the world, only unified mathematical logic, unified calculus, unified metrology… In short, unified scientific methods.

This is the logical basis for us to defeat all opponents in public opinion wars.

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