The Peking University graduate who sells pork is 51 years old and has finally completed his counter attack

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The Peking University graduate who sells pork is 51 years old and has finally completed his counter attack

This single wooden bridge is endowed with too many heavy expectations. It seems that reaching a famous school is the peak of life, and failing to pass the exam will lead to falling into the abyss. Today, we want to tell you a true and different story. The hero of the story was admitted to Peking University in the 1980s when the admission rate of the college entrance examination was far lower than that of today. He once experienced the lowest point of his life, but he went to his own peak.

He was once the No. 1 scholar in Liberal Arts in the college entrance examination, a talent of Peking University, and a favorite of heaven in the 1980s. At the age of 34, he was forced to use a pig killing knife and started the business of killing pigs and chopping meat.

Chai Jing once had an exclusive interview with him and asked him what he hoped he could do in the future. He said, I dare not say now. My destiny is basically not in my hands.

At the age of 50, lubuxuan, who had reached the year of knowing his destiny, finally completed his counter attack. What happened to him over the years?



A top liberal arts scholar in the college entrance examination, a talent of Peking University, and a favorite of heaven in the 1980s.

An elegant professor? An official in power? Or a smart businessman? These images are what lubuxuan’s parents expected of him and what lubuxuan once designed for his future.

Neither, however.

Lubuxuan was just a butcher and a pork seller.

It is estimated that the occupation of selling pork is far from Lu Buxuan’s imagination of his own image. In april2013, when lubuxuan was invited back to Peking University to give a entrepreneurship lecture, he choked several times and called himself “ I have disgraced and blackened my alma mater. I am a negative textbook& rdquo;

Fortunately, in Peking University, when lubuxuan said this, the students applauded. Xuzhihong, President of Peking University, said with a smile:

??“ There is nothing wrong with Peking University Graduates selling pork. Engaging in minor work does not affect a person’s lofty ideals& rdquo;?& ldquo; Peking University can produce politicians, scientists and pork sellers, all of which are the same ”.

For xuzhihong’s words, lubuxuan just smiled sadly at that time!

Lubuxuan, who sells pork, is in the darkest period of his life and sees no hope. No matter who told him that there was no distinction between high and low, he would not believe it. To him, those beautiful inspirational words seemed meaningless.


Lubuxuan should have been desperate.

Fate did not give him a smooth life. After holding him high, he smashed him down!

In 1989, after graduating from the Chinese Department of Peking University, luwenxuan was assigned to the diesel airport in Chang’an County. Due to the small area and complex interpersonal relationships, lubuxuan’s career development was not smooth.

He has done a variety of jobs, opened chemical plants, and also done many small businesses.

Luwenxuan was confused and depressed, but he did not degenerate. At the age of 34, forced by the economic situation, he started to kill pigs and chop meat, and began to transform from a genuine talent of Peking University to a peddler in the farmers’ market.

In 2003, he began to use “ Glasses butcher ” The identity of the boss selling pork has been widely concerned by the media and pushed to the forefront of public opinion.

Chai Jing once had an exclusive interview with him and asked him what he hoped he could do in the future.

Lu Buxuan said that he did not dare to say now that the fate was basically not in my hands.

Lubuxuan also never thought that he would be engaged in the butcher industry. In his heart, he has always been eager to engage in academic work. Even if the society praised him, he still felt inferior.

Because being a butcher doesn’t require much technical content. A person who has not received higher education can do the same. When a person kills pigs and sells meat after spending many years of professional training in his youth, it is a waste of knowledge and intelligence.

He even wrote in his book that if he thought that it was completely normal for Peking University students to sell meat, why not set up a butcher department in Peking University, with slaughtering majors, depilation majors and peeling and chopping bones majors. Wouldn’t it be more professional to sell meat in that way?

However, in this darkest period, lubuxuan managed to sell pork “ Peking University level ”. He never sells watered meat. He can sell twelve pigs in one stall.

Even though lubuxuan felt inferior and despairing, in such days, he still took his life seriously. Besides the pork business, he also kept on writing and wrote a book “butcher sees the world”.

Life, the most can not give up, is continuous self – growth. The author has always praised the following words: the most precious thing in life is not a luxury car or house, but a rich life experience. In the marathon of life, as long as you always keep your original mind and keep running, you will never lose hope.

Even if you are a butcher selling pork, as long as you never lose the heart of running, as long as the sword on your waist is sharpened, you will have the hope of becoming an ox man.


There is a bosom friend in the sea, and the horizon is like a neighbor.

While Lu Buxuan was selling pork, a man very similar to him was watching him from afar and extending his hand to him.

He is Chensheng!

Chen Sheng, a senior brother of lubuxuan, graduated from Peking University in 1984 and was assigned to the general office of Guangzhou municipal Party committee.

However, in less than a few years, disturbed by the current situation, he resolutely resigned and went to sea in the face of public opposition. He set up a stall, planted vegetables, did real estate, sold wine and drinks, and became a businessman.

It was after the media exposed Lu Buxuan that Chen Sheng was really connected with pork.

Chen Sheng decided to work with lubuxuan to sell meat and make brand pork that meets the demand of high-end pork.

Chen Sheng and lubuxuan raise and sell their own pigs. In addition to the good variety of pigs they sell, the pig farm also refuses to use the commonly used modern positioning bar. Instead, it uses a large semi open space to allow pigs to move freely. The pig farm also has a sound system to specially listen to music for pigs, because he said that pigs, like people, can grow fat and strong only when they are happy.

Relying on his years of experience as a butcher, lubuxuan and Chen Sheng jointly set up a butcher school for training professional butchers. He wrote a handout pork marketing and taught it himself, filling the gap in butcher professional schools and professional teaching materials.

The school is getting bigger and bigger. Every year, “ No. 1 native pig ” The metropolis recruits fresh college students through “ Butcher school ” 40 day training, learning pork segmentation, sales skills, service etiquette, cooking, etc., and then working at the stall.

In addition, he also wrote many teaching materials for butcher schools based on his experience as a butcher.

In 2015, the sales volume of No. 1 native pig jointly created by the two people exceeded 1billion, becoming the first brand of native pork in China.

Instead of crushing him, the sufferings that fate gave him have become an important asset in his life and the foundation of his life.

Lubuxuan no longer has a sense of inferiority complex. He said: sell pork to the extreme, “ It should not be considered a disgrace to the alma mater ”.


In 2016, the butcher of Peking University made another move!

Lubuxuan takes off again! Catching up with the tide of the Internet, No. 1 native pig will become the first “ Listing ” Internet + pork brand for mass consumers.

This time, lubuxuan wants to sell pork online and do what the butcher of Peking University should do!

This year, when lubuxuan was 50 years old, he finally completed his counter attack. It was the year when he knew his destiny. Lubuxuan was confident and calm. He thought more about seizing the opportunities in the Internet era.

At the age of 50, lubuxuan has gone from “ Blackened ” Shame becomes “ No shame ” Passion; From the past “ The proud son of heaven ” Today’s “ Butcher king ”, Such a life is full of positive energy for growth. There are 12 stores in Beijing “ Big show ”, It also attracted people to stop and cheer.

Yes, life is a marathon. Sometimes you will see one person after another surpassing yourself. You will see yourself alone, full of loneliness and despair. Even you will fall in the race &hellip& hellip;

However, as long as you are still running, everything you experience, happiness or pain, will become a part of your life and a source of your strength.


A person’s life is very long. Standing in a special position in life, we often doubt ourselves. Is it necessary to live a mediocre life like this?

Some people give up trying to make ends meet. However, Lu Buxuan is not fighting alone. In this era, more people choose to challenge themselves and counter attack perfectly.

While Lu Buxuan and Chen Sheng were selling meat, one of their junior sister in Peking University, Liu Qing, was like a caged bird, struggling in the tall investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Finally, she chose to run away from the prosperity and start a new business.

Liuqing, Liu Chuanzhi’s daughter, is essentially the same as lubuxuan and Chensheng!

When asked about the difference between her past life and her present life, Liu Qing, from a tall investment bank Goldman Sachs to the CEO of didi taxi, said, “ I used to live in the four seasons hotel, but now I live in Hanting; Originally first class, now economy class; We didn’t ask for people, but now we ask for people& rdquo;

Some people commented that it was easy for Liu Qing to overcome the psychological gap between living in Hanting and taking economy class. After all, in the early days of entrepreneurship, I was the boss during the day and sleep on the floor at night.

However, it takes time and humility to overcome the pride in your heart to ask for people instead of asking for them; This is not easy, because it touches the most sensitive and fragile nerve in human nature, such as dignity, status and recognition.

Life needs to carry the past, carry the past, in order to win. Even if you fail, you are still brave, because you are your own hero!

Liang Dong mentioned that he once met a taxi driver when taking a taxi. When talking, he found that the driver was actually familiar with Huang Guangyu, once the richest man.

When Huang Guangyu was a teenager, he came to Beijing to open a shop selling second-hand electrical appliances and rented to live at the home of a taxi driver.

It was very cold at night in winter. Huang Guangyu closed the doors and windows to keep out the cold. As a result, he was poisoned by gas. It was the young taxi driver who carried Huang Guangyu to the hospital and rescued him.

At that time, he didn’t know that he was carrying a future richest man in China!


Hemingway said in the old man and the sea that a man is not born to be defeated.

Whether it’s Lu Buxuan or Chen Sheng, whether it’s Liu Qing or Huang Guangyu, the story behind those people who are so awesome in our eyes is very bitter. Their unique experience is precisely to make success from “ Stress ” To “ Active ” A wonderful “ Counter attack;.

In the final analysis, a person can only mature and become strong after experiencing the bottomless despair, the sneer of others, and the inner struggle and regret. But please believe that as long as you have enough strength, desire and endurance, God will open a door to you in a place full of walls.

All hardships will eventually become wealth, as long as you have the character of a bird as mentioned in the old movie “Shawshank Redemption”:

??“ Some birds aren’ t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright.& rdquo;

Through despair, the brightest star in the night sky must be you!

Youth is just right, jump on your horse!

The Peking University graduate who sells pork is 50 years old. What is he doing now? To narrow the cognitive gap, you can counter attack life. The winners are students from second and third tier universities. Is there really no chance to counter attack?

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