The phantom of East Asia: Japanese politics and unionism!

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Author: ye Lihua source: qiushichu (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)


Around 1985, a South Korean with 12 wives took advantage of Gorbachev’s reform to give up his ideological position and went to the Soviet Union to publish a book.

This Korean man, Wen Mingming, published a book called peacemaker. In the book, he wantonly elaborated on religious ideas, and it was astonishingly written:

God is Taiji, Taiji is Yin and Yang, yin and yang are positive and negative, and the duality is one.

The Orthodox tradition in Russia has always been strong, that is, it still exists in the Soviet Union. During the patriotic war, the patriotic feelings aroused by the orthodox played a great role in mobilizing. In the understanding of the Orthodox Church, God is an absolute transcendence. In terms of personality, God is unique beyond everything.

To put it simply, it is “one yuan exists alone”. In Wen Mingming’s book, it is about “two yuan in one”. This book did not cause any disturbance. The Soviet people read it and regarded it as a joke.

Wen Mingming’s purpose of writing this stupid book is to make people feel that it is hopeless waste. Publishing is a waste of paper.

Because the original purpose of this book was not a religious act of preaching, but a political act. The original purpose of his visit to the former Soviet Union was not to preach, but to explore.

In the political field, this kind of behavior is called “throwing stones to ask for directions”.

Whether an act can be done or not, and whether the attitude given by the opposite party is true or not, one party gives the attitude, and the other party should make a good confirmation. Otherwise, it would be very easy to fall into the trap of dragging a knife by sending a big general out at the beginning.

Such a method of struggle is called “peeling the skin to see the bone”. Political attacks are never comprehensive attacks. Political attacks must be carried out after careful consideration and in accordance with the predetermined steps.

Huang Renyu invented a word called “peeling to see bones”. It is specially used to describe the means of these struggles. He concluded: attackers often start with small things, and use these small things to attract the public’s attention. Over time, small things can accumulate into big things, and small local problems can become a global legitimacy problem.

In terms of procedure, the pace of development must be linked up. Before the first step is effective, we must not rashly take the second step. Moreover, the characters who come out to fight are always nobody at first, and only when the time is ripe can there be a general.

I once mentioned in an old article that the struggle in the ideological field is to start from the very beginning, send a clear-cut article, publish a Book of bullshit, and see the reaction of the Soviet authorities.

If it is not banned, it means that Gorbachev has indeed given up the position of public opinion. If it is banned, it means that Gorbachev is engaged in luring the enemy deeper.

The successful publication of the book with distinctive Korean culture did not stir up any waves. The Reagan Administration of the United States and the Thatcher Administration of the United Kingdom were surprised. Gorbachev and his predecessors were somewhat different. What the hell is he doing?

Is the announcement of reform really meant to transform the former Soviet Union?

Thatcher was the first to see the clue, that is, Thatcher who was told by Comrade Xiaoping that she was old and cold. She also didn’t eat the new high calcium tablets, so she fell out of the Great Hall of the people.

The gap between politicians and politicians is larger than the gap between people and dogs. The gap between Thatcher and Comrade Xiaoping may be 108000 Gorbachev. Therefore, Gorbachev was caught at a glance.

Thatcher commented on Gorbachev, saying that this man’s reform was called reform, but in fact he was trying to seize power. He did not know what he was doing. He was a vain man and very easy to guide.

So Thatcher came to Reagan to make a plan. Reagan is the president of the United States. As long as Reagan praises Gorbachev and flatters him, Gorbachev will certainly fall into the trap. Then Reagan and Thatcher offer advice and suggestions. You should make a small opening in the public opinion position, so that our people can enter the Soviet Union, help you build momentum, and you can better grasp power.

However, Gorbachev agreed very well on this matter. Who knows whether his political wisdom is really lacking or whether he is as wise as a fool?

The cautious Reagan asked his subordinates to find someone to test. Practice has proved that Reagan still made Gorbachev’s thinking complicated.

Thus, there was a book with clear text.


Wen Mingming was able to get on with Reagan thanks to park Puxi. The fate of a cult leader, of course, depends on personal struggle, but we must also consider the historical process.

Park Puxi, born in 1930, had a difficult life in his early years. He joined the Han army. He was bored because he could not be promoted. He found a religious organization called unionism in helplessness. The doctrine was simple and concise. This eased his anxiety, so Park Puxi joined the unified church.

Park Puxi’s discovery of unionism was due to chance. In 1954, South Korea launched anti pornography campaign and captured Wen Mingming, who gathered people to commit lewd acts. At that time, the person in charge of anti pornography was Park Puxi. Park Puxi has no background and can only work for social security. He has made a lot of efforts to eradicate pornography in South Korea.

If you are caught once, it may be an accident. But if you are caught every time, it can only show that people have problems. Every time you are caught, you have a clear-cut character and you like to organize multi-party sports. Park Puxi, who was bored in his office, became interested in Wen Mingming.

“Why are you always there to sweep pornography? What are you doing?”

As soon as he was put on trial, he asked something different. Wen Mingming talked with confidence. Starting from the suffering of the world, he immediately aroused the sympathy of Park Puxi. After Wen Mingming talked about the suffering of the world and all living beings, he has become a bosom friend of Park Puxi.

So, how should people be saved when they suffer?

Wen Xianming said that he was constantly inspired by God, and people suffered because Eve was punished by God in the garden of Eden that year, not because she ate material good and evil fruits, but because she was robbed of her physical chastity by snakes. God doesn’t like snakes, so people should be punished.

To be saved, human beings must be sanctified. If they want to be sanctified, they must have sexual intercourse with a savior without snake blood, or with a person saved by the Savior. Only in this way can they be saved.

In other words, Wen Mingming is not gathering people to commit immorality, but is helping all living beings. It looks like gathering a crowd to commit promiscuity, because the believers are all women, and he doesn’t want to. He has no choice.

Park Puxi was skeptical, so he found six women who were locked together. It was these six women who got together with Wen Mingming. Park Puxi saw that there were six old ladies.

Park Puxi had nothing to say. He began to think that this person might not want to get rid of the crime, but really believed something. After all, normal people would not go to the old lady.

When a thing is a little out of line, it is called out of line. If a thing is too out of line, people will think in the opposite direction. For example, Russian roulette, gambling on a bullet, people want to see him die.

If a person comes out to gamble on five bullets, no matter how ruthless the spectators are, they expect him to live.

Park Puxi felt that the person in front of him might indeed have something. He might indeed be possessed by something. It is time for this person to cooperate and display their ambitions.


Park Puxi began his investigation of Wen Mingming. He didn’t have a handle on it, and he didn’t dare to start this cooperation. Thus, Wen Mingming’s files were turned upside down.

Wen Mingming, formerly known as Wen Longming, was born in 1920 in Dingzhou, Pingan North Road, Pyongyang, North Korea. He was born in a rich peasant family. At the age of 7, he entered a private school. At the age of 15, his brother was insane, and the family was afraid of being possessed by demons. So he joined the Presbyterian Church Preaching on the Korean Peninsula.

In 1936, Wen Mingming was herding sheep when something went wrong. He said that Jesus showed him the Dharma and ordered him to complete the unfinished work of Jesus, that is, to save the world. Later, he became garrulous, saying all day that he had gone to hell and fought with Satan, met with legendary figures such as Moses, and received the edict that he was the Savior.

Sometimes it’s normal, sometimes it’s strange. In 1946, he joined a cult called Guanghai church, which has an extreme doctrine called “blood division”.

It says that male believers can only be redeemed if they have sex with female believers. In 1948, Wen Mingming tried to force a blood separation ceremony with a female believer. The defendant was arrested and sentenced.

In 1950, when the Korean War broke out, the U.S. army bombed the prison. Taking advantage of the chaos of the war, Wen Mingming ran out and fled to South Korea. Because the socialist North Korea at that time could not tolerate such people who engaged in extreme feudal superstition and gathered people for immorality, he developed a strong hostility to communism.

When he came to South Korea, he never changed his mind. He also engaged in gathering people to commit promiscuity. This time, there was no Guanghai church. He set up a unified church on his own. As a result, he was arrested again and fell into the hands of Park Puxi.

After analyzing Wen Mingming’s files, park Puxi understood that Wen Mingming has inherited psychosis, which will happen intermittently. His brother is insane, and he is also insane. However, his brother’s nonsense is not good. What he said is just close to religion.

This man also has no lofty ambitions. He can’t attract others by making an old lady. Park Puxi has a plan. This time it’s his turn to teach Wen Mingming.

Park Puxi and Wen Mingming said that you can’t be so complacent when you have something. If you want to be bigger and stronger, I will help you. And I helped him to make a development plan. You are responsible for brainwashing, and I am responsible for dark box operation. To make our organization bigger, we should first have money, secondly have reputation, and finally have someone to cover it.

The greatest political correctness of South Korea is that it is hostile to the north, and you say that you are anti Communist.

Where has Wen Mingming heard such a truth? He immediately felt that the person in front of him was a noble person and nodded in agreement.


Holding the handle of Wen Mingming, park Puxi began to cooperate with Wen Mingming. Wen Mingming was released three months after he was jailed for gathering people to commit adultery because of insufficient evidence. Among them, park Puxi, as the person in charge of public security, has not spared no effort. Park Puxi was originally a small officer with little money. In order to support Wen Mingming’s career and realize his ambition, he resolutely sold his house.

With the start-up funds and the theoretical system, Wen Mingming’s missionary speed has been visible to the naked eye. However, he still does not change his nature. He likes to be rude to female believers, and park Puxi does not care about him. Gradually, too many female believers do not come here, so he makes a theoretical innovation. It is not necessary to be rude to the leader. This thing can be passed on from person to person.

In other words, female believers who have been “purified” by the leader can “purify” other male believers, and male believers who have been “purified” can continue to “purify” new female believers.

The prevention and treatment of infectious diseases is for him to understand.

Soon they encountered financial problems again. The missionary effect was good, but all the propaganda activities cost money. Where did the money come from?

Park Puxi came out and said that if you let believers donate their income to you, you can continue to preach. Then designed a set of methods to collect money.

To become a new believer, first of all, we must split and pull new believers. Each person must bring more than three believers to join the unified church before he can become a certified believer.

After the certification, you must donate money and materials, work for free, and complete the hard apportionment sales task. You must sell flowers, honey and other commodities at a price several times or even ten times their value.

In addition to the above-mentioned extractions, believers also have to hand over all their income from the first three years to the church, and pay tithes after three years. If you earn 100, you have to give 10 yuan to the church, and even tell the believers that you can atone for your sins as long as you pay money or help the church raise money.

Through various pretexts, the United Church has accumulated a huge amount of wealth. After receiving the money, park Puxi resigned from public office, invested the money in the industrial, commercial and financial fields, and began to make money with money.


In the 1960s, various religions in South Korea washed all the Koreans. You, Wen Mingming, were preaching, others were preaching, and everyone preached together. Soon there were no new people in South Korea. Wen Mingming discussed with Park Puxi that it would be better to go to sea to engage in cults and preach in Japan.

While they were discussing going to Japan, Park Chung Hee came to power through a military coup. Park Chung Hee is the chief anti Communist leader. However, he is a martial artist and has no culture. He is not good at ideological work at all and needs theoretical support urgently.

Therefore, Park Chung Hee adopted the law on the Central Intelligence Department and established a Korean Central Intelligence Department to find people to cooperate with throughout the country and strengthen anti communist education. In this way, unification was taught in the eyes of Park Chung Hee.

At the same time, there was also Choi Tae Min who entered the eyes of Park Chung Hee. He is also a heavyweight cult leader and has a school relationship with Wen Mingming. This person will have a chance to speak again later.

The No. 1 figure of the uniformed sect is anti Communist every day when he goes out to speak. The No. 2 figure of the uniformed sect was an officer under the Han army a few years ago. Park Chung Hee hurriedly looked like he was late to meet him. He said that you were not under my command at that time. They had no eyes, and you were delayed by park Pu hee.

Park Puxi dared not dream of such recognition. He wanted to cry during the day and at night, and dreamed of meeting the Ming Lord. Suddenly, there was a Park Chung Hee from the sky, and he appreciated Park Puxi. Park Puxi was extremely loyal. Improved some teachings:

They flaunted the banner of “anti Communist cross expedition”, saying that South Korea is the country of Adam, Japan is the country of Eve, and the United States is the country of angels. The three countries must form a united front to fight China, the Soviet Union, and North Korea, which represent Satan, and finally establish a god empire.

Park Chung Hee’s ambition is not small. At first glance, this set of theories coincides with his own diplomatic direction. He immediately decided to support the expansion of the Unification Church to Japan.


Park Chung Hee wants to control Japan and the United States through ideological output and realize his great ambition.

Wen Mingming studied in Japan for three years, studied in Japan, and knows Japanese. Japan is considered to be his second hometown. He felt that returning to his second hometown was like returning home, and he had a natural advantage in choosing Japan.

A bigger advantage is Wen Mingming’s school. Although Wen Mingming attended a junior college in Japan, the school is very good and is an alumnus of Waseda University.

Through the South Korean intelligence department, Wen Mingming quickly got on the line with a famous Japanese war criminal. Ryichi Sasakawa is a war criminal and engaged in ideological work. The Intelligence Department of the Republic of Korea believes that people engaged in ideological work and those engaged in ideological work may be able to talk.

In 1926, Sasakawa organized a nationalist group called “national defense society” to issue the national defense magazine as a propaganda tool. The following year, Sasakawa set up a far right group called the “patriotic society” in his hometown Osaka, attracting more than 1000 members to promote the fascist movement.

On December 2, 1945, ryichi Sasakawa was arrested. In 1946, he was listed as a class a war criminal and was detained in Tokyo Chaoya prison. In 1948, ryichi Sasakawa, who had been eating shark’s fin for three years, was released and began to live as a homeless man. Later, under the arrangement of the CIA, he joined the Japanese Shipowners Association to do ideological work and implement the cold war anti Communist strategy set by the Americans.

Sasakawa saw Wen Mingming, and fell in love at first sight. They talked happily. They opened their eyes every day to say that they were anti Communist, and said that they closed their eyes like a repeater. Therefore, Sasakawa Otsuki, as a colleague, introduced Wen Mingming to the Japanese power faction, Kishi.

Kishinsuke has always been a man of no respect. Who would be a good person to make friends with Sasakawa? It must be the extreme right wing.

Kishinsuke, like Park Chung Hee of South Korea, is a person of great ambition in a small country. He believed that Japan could not always be under the control of the United States. As soon as Wen Ming Ming’s theory of the angel kingdom of Adam and Eve was heard, he also sent a telegram like Park Chung Hee.

Kishinsuke decided to fully support the development and preaching of unionism in Japan, on the condition that he must give the majority of the profits to himself and use his power to protect unionism. Engage in power money trade.

Kishi’s idea is also very simple. He was taught to be a white glove, scraped the money of Japanese civilians, and helped the congressmen he supported to run for the election. Finally, he realized that the people of his faction accounted for the majority.

Wen Mingming readily agreed and copied the Korean model in Japan. When preaching in Korea, a hundred flowers bloom and roll in everywhere. No one covers the head.

When we arrived in Japan, we were sheltered by kishiuke, supported by Park Chung Hee, and advised by park Pu hee. Wen Ming Ming’s cult work was flourishing. On the one hand, he subsidized parliamentarians, and on the other hand, he asked believers to vote for the people appointed by kishiuke. We soon reached strong and extensive cooperation with kishiuke’s factions.

Kisuke is Abe’s grandfather and Abe’s father-in-law.


In Japan, park Puxi’s theory was further anti humanized. He created a pure blood model, requiring all believers to cut off all ties with their original families and only recognize the leader. The leader of the church has the right to appoint a male believer and a female believer to marry at any time.

In this way, not only the income of the believers belongs to the unified church, but also their personal lives belong to the unified church. They are called believers, but they are actually religious slaves. The unified church cult has formally taken shape.

There are more than 100 Japanese parliamentarians supported by the United Church, most of whom are members of the Ching ho society controlled by the kishinuke Abe family. In general, the leaders of cults indulge in their voices and colors and rarely link them with politics. At the beginning, the United Church was no exception. Wen Ming Ming spent all day driving cars and BMW, which was not a pleasure.

The appearance of Park Puxi changed all this, and made the United Church become a cult inseparable from politics.

The Qing peace association wanted to amend the constitution, and both the unionists had ideas. While they were cooperating closely, Park Chung Hee was assassinated, and the unionists lost their protection. Soon they could not survive in the Korean mainland and moved to Japan as a whole. In the 1990s, 80% of the income of the unified education came from Japan.

The unification cult has changed from an evil cult with South Korea as its base to an evil cult with Japan as its base. It has changed from an ideological work glove of Park Chung Hee to an election black glove of the Qing peace conference.

Believing that this cult should play a greater role, kishinuke and Abe sent Wen Mingming, a black glove, to the United States to infiltrate the United States.

In order to gain a firm foothold in the United States, Wen Mingming launched a meat stuffing operation, which, to put it bluntly, is actually to lure US Congressmen into the water. Unionism has great control over people’s spirit, and believers listen to orders unconditionally.

Therefore, Wen Mingming carefully selected some young and beautiful female believers to seduce members of Parliament. Wen Mingming then took the opportunity to publicize the zealous public welfare side of unionism to the members who were dragged into the water. As a result, he quickly gained the recognition of American politics and began to infiltrate American society.

Having found the shelter of the US Congressmen, and taking the United States as a stronghold, the United Church began to extend its hands to the political, economic, cultural, educational, media and other fields in the international arena, and established various organizations. However, there is a price to be paid for asylum. If you take shelter from others, you have to do things for them.

Just like the beginning of the article, when you cast a stone to ask for directions, you must have gloves to do the most risky thing.


In 2012, Wen Mingming passed away, but the United Church was not weakened.

This is because the unionism is no longer a simple cult organization, but a huge force integrating religion, commercial consortia and political groups. It has many kinds of enterprise black products such as media publishing, medicine and health food, football clubs, construction companies, hospitals, airlines, travel agencies and seafood sales, which have penetrated into all fields of Japan. It can influence the election in Japan.

In 2019, park Puxi died. As soon as the ideological figures of the unified church left, the unified church immediately lost all its subjectivity and was fully incorporated by the Qing peace society. It has completely become a tool for amending the constitution.

How can it be so easy for Japan to amend the Constitution and get out of the American chain? Americans can allow the infiltration of unionism, but if they really want to amend the constitution, want independence, and do not serve as a pawn for the United States, they will be embarrassed.

The means used by the unification cult is still the means of the cult, and many people hate it. In Japan, it is not easy to find a person who supports the amendment of the constitution. It is very easy to find a gunman to kill the actual controller of the unified church.

So Shinzo Abe died. Thus, Kishida Wenxiong stood up. Once Abe died, Abe’s forces were leaderless. He happened to completely liquidate Abe’s forces and secure his position as prime minister.

History is just, and it will not spare every sinner.

Kishinsuke’s Qinghe society started as a cult. It was born unjust and died in disgrace.

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