The place names of buried hills in Anhui and the stories of the Three Kingdoms

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Anhui Buried Hill, as the “ancient capital of Anhui”, is located in Wutou and Chuwei, and has always been a place for strategists. Especially during the Three Kingdoms period, there was not only a roar of gold and iron horses of the Wu and Wei dynasties, but also a romantic romance of “Xiao Qiao’s first marriage”. Therefore, many of the names of the buried hill bear interesting stories of the Three Kingdoms.

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Qiao Xuan and two Qiao lived in the vicinity of Guangjiao temple in Wancheng, which is now the wangwan area of Meicheng in the buried hill. There are winding streams at the foot of the mountain and lush pines and bamboos. It is said that at this time, Erqiao house would put the residual grease and powder into a well after washing every day. Over time, the water in the well was rouge, so it was named Rouge well. In fact, it may be that people admire the national beauty of Erqiao. According to the old annals, “the well stone railing has the year of Jiankang”, which shows that the well has been built for a long time.

Madaotou is the seat of the township government. It is said that this is the place where Cao Cao’s 830000 people came to the south of the Yangtze River. At that time, the war horses neighed, the sound of horses’ hoofs, and thousands of troops galloped past. The name of Madaotou has been handed down to this day. The mountain where soldiers and horses camped nearby is called yingpanling.

On the Tianfan in the west of Lingtou, Yujing Town, Qianshan County, lies a small and exquisite stone arch bridge, known as “Luoma bridge”. The name of the bridge comes from the ancient folk legend. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao personally led 830000 people to the south of the Yangtze River to denounce Sun Quan. Without stopping, he came from Huaining through the “Chucao ditch”. Unexpectedly, Cao Zhi, the baby born to Mrs. Bian who was traveling with the army in the “child care village”, vomited milk and looked like Earth because of the bumps along the way, the wind and the cold. When Cao Cao learned that he was burning with anxiety, he was eager for revenge and still drove his horse forward. When he came to the river where the flood was surging, Cao Cao galloped and jumped on his horse. He threw him several feet away from his horse and fell on the beach by the river. Cao Cao quickly got up and found that his hair had not been damaged. He thought to himself, “this is the will of heaven.” They hurried to give orders and camped on the spot. In the evening, regardless of the fatigue of his horse, Cao Cao visited the house to seek medical advice. I met an old man on the other side of the river where the army was stationed. Cao Cao explained why. The old man said that there was no doctor here because there was a shortage of medicine. However, in the countryside, there is a prescription to cure baby’s vomiting with pan fried water. You might as well try it. Cao Cao was overjoyed. He immediately ordered people to fetch a pot of heart earth fried water from the old man’s kitchen stove. After taking it, Xiao Cao Zhi stopped spitting milk and smiled. To thank the old man for his kindness, Cao Cao ordered his soldiers to buy wood and build a convenient bridge over the river. In a few days, people will rebuild the wooden bridge into a single hole stone arch bridge, named “Luoma bridge”, and the river under the bridge is the Luoma river.

Today, the bridge is still graceful despite thousands of years of wind and rain. The local old people often take a rest in the shade of the trees on the bridge and talk about the past and the present.

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