The popularity ranking of members of the times youth league who does times Fengjun want to hold most

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The times youth league is a men’s League launched by times Fengjun. The group made its debut in 2019. Its members are majiaqi, dingchengxin, songyaxuan, liuyaowen, zhangzhenyuan, yanhaoxiang and he Junlin. Since the debut of the times youth league, people have been particularly curious about the popularity ranking of the members of the times youth league and who is the member of the times Fengjun. Xiao Bian will analyze it for you today.

Popularity ranking of members of times Youth League

In fact, the top popularity of the Youth League has been changing back and forth, and no one has been firmly at the top of the list. From this point of view, Shidai Fengjun didn’t say that he would recommend a member, but instead gave each member as a resource in turn. Shidai Fengjun did a fair job in this regard. However, in the eyes of many gourd eaters, the popularity of the Youth League is still layered.

Songyaxuan, dingchengxin, liuyaowen and Ma Jiaqi, who have participated in many popular variety shows, are relatively popular and well-known in the group. The remaining zhangzhenyuan, yanhaoxiang and hejunlin are less well-known. But since ancient times, the entertainment industry has been changing in turn. Maybe these three people can catch up from behind. For fans, the times youth league is a whole. Compared with the only fans, the times youth league has more CP fans.

Who does Shidai Fengjun want to hold

Recently, the times Youth League also photographed materials for LV, which is suspected to be a new spokesman for LV. After the news came out, it triggered a heated discussion among netizens. In the hearts of many netizens, the fans of the times Youth League seem to be primary school students, and these fans are not Lv’s consumer groups. The fact that the times youth league can receive such extravagant endorsements is enough to show that the league has been recognized in the circle, and their fans are not only primary school students. Xiaobian also wishes the Youth League of the times to develop more and more

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