The president of Ukraine is very satisfied with China. At least three different signals have been sent!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

I think there is no need to avoid this. After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the attitude of western countries was one-sided. China’s position was obviously different from that of the west, and the West did not exert less pressure on it.

What do the countries concerned think?

Russia needless to say, the key is Ukraine.

Interestingly, Ukrainian President Zelensky talked about China in his two recent talks, and some of his remarks are worth learning in detail.

On a recent video link with the financial times, he made a clear point: China is very important to Ukraine.

At that time, the host asked on behalf of the audience: how can China, India, Brazil, South Africa and other countries more vigorously support Ukraine? Have you had or are interested in communicating directly with Chinese leaders to urge them to use their influence to end the war?

ZELINSKY replied:

I am very interested in the fact that (China) this great country can influence Russia and end this war, (Ukraine should also) ensure that China does not support Russia, which is very important… Therefore, I think the leaders of major countries must give priority to resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and I very much hope to ensure that China supports Ukraine.

This is not the first time that ZELINSKY directly talked about China. On May 25, when attending the Davos breakfast, he also made a video statement that he was very satisfied with China.

What kind of satisfaction method?


In dealing with the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China has chosen a policy of staying away. At present, Ukraine is satisfied with this policy. In any case, it is better than helping Russia. To be honest, we are very satisfied with the status quo.

He also said that before the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China was Ukraine’s largest trading partner. Up to now, Ukraine has not observed that China has taken any action against Ukraine. But he added that China has not taken any measures to support Ukraine.

In the last two talks about China, one said that “China is very important” and the other said that “he is very satisfied with China”. It should be said that ZELINSKY was definitely not on a whim, but also after careful consideration.


A completely personal point of view, at least three different signals.

Signal 1: Ukraine does not want to alienate China.

Frankly speaking, in the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China Russia relations are sensitive, China Ukraine relations are sensitive, and the relationship between China and the United States is also sensitive. Zelinski understands this.

If you criticize China in words and in writing, you will only alienate China and even push China to the other side. What good will it do to Ukraine?

Of course, the most important thing is, what can Ukraine criticize China?

Criticizing China for not assisting Ukraine?

China did not provide weapons, but it provided humanitarian assistance!

Criticizing China for not condemning Russia?

In fact, the attitude of many countries in the world, including India, Brazil, South Africa, and a large number of developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, is similar to that of China.

Therefore, ZELINSKY must also acknowledge the reality that China is China, China is not the west, China does not get involved and China does not help Russia, which is a good thing for Ukraine.

Of course, being able to stabilize China is also regarded as a major diplomatic achievement by Ukraine.

Signal 2: Ukraine still has expectations for China.

ZELINSKY’s statement sounded friendly. Of course, there are also expectations. I think there are at least three points.

1. Do not get involved. You may not help Ukraine, but do not help Russia;

2. China can influence Russia and help end the conflict;

3. China is Ukraine’s largest trading partner, and China cannot be absent from post-war reconstruction.

Among them, the first point can be regarded as the bottom line of Ukraine. As mentioned above, Ukraine is very satisfied with this status quo.

The second point is that Zelensky’s expectation has taken a step further. China, it is better for you to help Ukraine, stand on its side and help the war end as soon as possible.

Thirdly, for future consideration, ZELINSKY said that the country must be rebuilt after it is broken. Ukraine needs China, its market and China’s investment.

After all, China is Ukraine’s largest trading partner. China and Ukraine have always been friendly. This year’s trade will certainly be greatly affected, but the days are still long. China is likely to be Ukraine’s largest trading partner.

The first and second points are China’s strength. Development is the absolute principle. Only when China develops, the country is peaceful and the people are safe, and all the people are united, can such a China be expected by the world.


Signal 3, this is also the most important. China’s position has won the respect of Russia and Ukraine.

What is China’s position?

During the video meeting with German Chancellor Scholz last month, Chinese leaders made it clear that China has always stood on the side of peace, made independent judgments based on the merits of the matter, and has been promoting peace talks and cooling the situation in its own way

China’s position is to stand on the side of peace. Of course, specifically speaking, including the five point position, the six point proposal, the four should’s, and so on, I will not start.

Moreover, China has made its own judgments, the West has put pressure on you to discredit, you have provoked the generals, and nothing.

Also, who said that China did not promote peace?

We have been “persuading peace and promoting talks in our own way”. We should do more and talk less, which is also in line with China’s relatively low-key style.

This is actually the way of China’s diplomacy.

Think about it. What would happen if China, like the west, completely sided with Ukraine in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, also provided weapons to Ukraine and severely condemned Russia?

When Sino Russian relations fall, the West will clap and laugh. From the perspective of the United States’ obsession with China as its number one opponent, after the collapse of Russia, the next thing to think about is not to think about it, but to deal with China with all our strength. Isn’t China stupid?

Of course, China is indifferent to Ukraine. China will support Russia as much as it wants. Obviously, this is not China’s diplomatic style. It also gives the West more excuses to discredit, and it is not in line with China’s morality and interests.

It is better to stand on the side of peace and cheer for peace. Specifically, as good friends of Russia and Ukraine, we have tried to promote peace and talks.

I always feel that this is the charm of China’s diplomacy. Not only in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but also in the Palestinian Israeli issue.

As you can see, the United States has always been scolded and Russia has often been criticized for such sensitive matters as Palestine and Israel. But what about China? We have good relations with almost all Arab countries, with Palestine and, crucially, with Israel.

China’s diplomacy still has its own set.

It has not only won the respect of Russia and Ukraine, but also been recognized by Europe.

In a telephone conversation with Chinese leaders last month, according to Xinhua news agency, French President macron said with emotion: France has a lot of consensus with China. France is willing to carry out closer coordination and cooperation with China at bilateral and multilateral levels. France and the EU adhere to an independent strategy and do not approve of or participate in group confrontation.

Europe is the main wrongdoer in this conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Recently, France has been scolded for being bloody. Macron is also full of bitterness.

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