The price of political leakers!

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In 2006, Wikileaks went online. Assange, the founder from Australia, described his website as follows:

Provide a global exposure platform to monitor the honesty of governments and challenge the evil that hides secrets.

There are a vast number of websites in the Internet world that claim to wage war against evil. Although Assange has become a little famous in the hacker community, few people paid attention to this website when it went online.

Assange was born with theout his father. His mother married a director at age of the 1, divorced and remarried at age of the 8, and then separated. Assange did not receive a complete school education and was displaced from childhood.

His mother told him not to blindly believe in authority, but to explore by himself.

On an unrestricted Road, Assange realized his talent.


Immersed in the world of programs, I use 0 and 1 to deconstruct the world, crack the appearance, discover the essence, and find an unprecedented happiness.

Assange was addicted to it and got out of control.

In 2006, Ecuador, which is also in the southern hemisphere, announced that she would run for president.

Although he once served as finance minister in the government for more than a year, in the previous 12 years, Correa served as a professor of Economics on an isolated university campus. No one is optimistic about his political prospects.

Correa lost her father at the age of 9 and was raised by her mother alone. Ecuador is a Catholic country. Her mother believes in religious doctrines, and her piety also greatly affects Correa’s view of right and wrong.

He wanted to find a way for the poor to help his neighbors live a good life.

Correa, who graduated from high school with excellent results, decided to apply for the Catholic University of Ecuador and chose economics as his major.

He read extensively and accumulated academic achievements, but he never forgot his original intention.

In 2012, when Assange released one political material after another through Wikileaks, the United States, which boasted of being a lighthouse, was besieged by angry American hawks and dogs in London.


March crowd supporting Assange in 2012

Finally, disguised as a courier, he walked into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

At that time, Correa had created a political miracle, won the general election and became president.

Before that, years of academic research enabled him to find the root of the gap between the rich and the poor in Ecuador. It was the greed of American capital that trapped the rich Ecuador in a resource trap and blocked the upward path.

Only the public power of the government can make a desperate fight with US capital.

He stood with Venezuelan President Chavez at that time, held high the anti American flag, and adhered to the two words – fairness.

When the Ecuadorian Embassy in Britain sent back Assange’s asylum application, coreadam, who had never met before, agreed and never wavered.

With the support of Correa, Assange helped Snowden take refuge in Iceland in 2013. In 2015, he exposed the scandal of the United States monitoring the leaders of other countries. In 2016, he set up an e-mail door to expose Hillary Clinton, who was ostensibly dignified and sinister behind her, so that she could not be elected president of the United States.

According to the constitution, Correa cannot have a third term as president. In 2017, he helped his former assistant Moreno become president, and then went to Europe to continue his quiet academic career.

But not everyone can do it for the big and small. Faced with the threat and inducement of the United States, Moreno gave in and betrayed his comrades in arms.


Moreno also sold Assange.

Assange lost his Ecuadorian citizenship in 2017 and was unable to stay in the Ecuadorian embassy. Finally, he was sent to prison by the British police.

Assange has become a card of the British government and has no chance to dominate his destiny.

We all know the next story. The British government found the best time to play cards and finally extradited Assange to the United States.

Hillary Clinton, who lost her presidency because of the mail door, will not let Assange come to a good end with her consistent temperament. Assange’s Secret death is almost certain.

The right-wing government of Ecuador also issued an extradition order to Correa in Belgium, just to please the ruling Democratic Party.


Revolution is not an invitation to dinner. When Assange and Correa chose this road, they knew that this day would come sooner or later.

get the desired object. For the sake of doctrine, their hearts are only peaceful.

They are like fire, burning themselves in order to light up the hearts of more people who yearn for fairness and justice.

Even if people are silent, the truth has long been hidden. More people will stand up and join hands to break the old world.

True doctrine will never be let down.

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