The processing result of the essay | problem textbook came out. I think it was handled well!

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)

The processing results of the problem teaching materials were released, and 27 personnel were held accountable. The relevant information is as follows:

Order the Party committee of the people’s education publishing house to rectify and criticize it in a circular; Huang Qiang, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the people’s education press, was given a serious warning and a serious demerit recording punishment within the party; Guo Ge, the editor in chief and then Secretary of the Party committee, was given a serious warning, recorded a major demerit, and removed from office; The person in charge shall be given a serious warning within the party, recorded a major demerit, and removed from office; The principal in charge of the primary school mathematics editing room shall be given a serious warning, demerit recording and removed from office within the party; The other 17 persons were given corresponding disciplinary and organizational treatment. Order the Bureau of teaching materials of the Ministry of education to rectify and criticize; Tian Huisheng, director of the Bureau, was given a warning and demerit recording within the party; Five relevant personnel including the person in charge shall be given corresponding disciplinary sanctions and organizational treatment.

The illustrator and designer will be dealt with accordingly, and Wu Yong, cover designer LV min, LV Jingren and their studios will no longer be employed to engage in national textbook design, illustration drawing and other related work.

To be honest, I think the result of this treatment is good, but many people may think it is not good enough, such as why the National Security Council did not intervene, why did not send LV min and others to eat in prison

Let me talk about my overall views on the problem teaching materials in combination with some recent events.

First of all, I often hang the Japanese flag to sign a contract. I want to say that I am a famous Japanese brand, but I apologize. The words of the apology are very sincere, indicating that my brand and marketing direction are wrong. I am an enterprise rooted in China, and I want to go to Japanese chemicals in the future.

You know, in 2019, there was an we media that said that famous creative products were signed with the Japanese flag, and famous creative products wanted to engage in that we media

Why did famous brands wake up?

Is it because famous, creative and excellent products have become patriotic?

No, it’s because Japanese brands are not easy to use and do not make money. It’s better to say that they are Chinese local enterprises to maximize their interests.

What country’s brand it is depends on which brand can maximize its interests.

To make money, it is not shabby

However, recently, not only Japanese brands, but also American and European brands have not been able to work well. Adidas and Nike have suffered a bloody avalanche, and consumers have voted for Chinese brands with their feet.

On the premise that the sales of Chinese brands such as Li Ning and Anta are growing, Nike and Adi, which provoked Xinjiang cotton, are defeated like a mountain.

Nike lost the Chinese market for three consecutive quarters. In the fourth fiscal quarter, the performance of Greater China accelerated to decline, with a year-on-year decline of 19%. There were 328 branches registered in Chinese Mainland, 107 of which have been cancelled. The stock market has plunged by nearly 7%, and the market value has evaporated by $12 billion.

What about Adidas? According to the financial report, the European and American markets and North American markets grew by 24% and 16%, but the revenue in Greater China has been negative for five consecutive quarters.

Adidas CEO said:

We don’t know enough about consumers, so we leave room for those Chinese competitors who do better… Today’s Chinese consumers like products with a “Chinese feeling”.

In fact, this sentence tells the root of the problem. More than ten years ago, foreign brands like Nike insulted China. They found that insulting China did not seem to reduce their brand value. Many consumers still regard them as high-end brands like licking dogs. Moreover, the more they treat consumers, the more high-end they seem to think they are.

But things have changed, and Chinese consumers are constantly awakening.

Since you insult China, we will vote in RMB to ask you to get out of the Chinese market!

So why did the famous products “wake up”?

Because Japan has been used up by them, Japanese brands were once considered as high-end products by many people. It seems that the profits can be increased by 20% if they are branded with Japan.

But today, the myth of the so-called craftsman spirit in Japan has been completely broken, and the pants have been torn off. The commercial scandal of Japanese cost cheating has been understood by more and more Chinese consumers.

Today we are talking about Japanese brands, which is totally negative value.

Since they do not make money, they also have negative effects and offend Chinese consumers. It is not silly to say that they are Japanese brands × Really?

What about brands making money? If British brands can make money, they will immediately say that they are British brands. Unfortunately, they find

Er, it’s better to say that you are a Chinese brand in order to maximize profits… Because Chinese consumers are more and more fond of products and have a “Chinese feeling.”.

I don’t want to discuss whether famous, creative and excellent products are right or wrong. I can only say that the business sense is too insensitive. When Chinese consumers have regarded Japan as a piece of shit, they still think that Japan is really fragrant.

In 2020, many Chinese brands like to let their designs follow Japanese style, but I dare say that from 2022, no Chinese brand will be stupid × When it comes to saying that they are Japanese or American brands, there will be fewer and fewer foreign old people to speak for them.

They can be unpatriotic or even hate the country, so let them pay the price!

This is the first thing I talked about. Next, I’ll talk about the second thing.

Many people asked me to talk about the kimono incident. I feel that I can’t write an article alone. I haven’t written it. Today, I put it together.

Why does that girl wear kimono?

I wrapped myself so tightly in the high temperature of 40 degrees, and I know that 98% of Chinese people are very uncomfortable with kimonos, which will seriously affect our mood.

But it has to be worn in public to challenge everyone’s patience.

What is the purpose of this?

The purpose is to be targeted or premeditated on August 15, leading to Japan’s defeat on August 15. Japan is paying homage to the Yasukuni Shrine, while China’s elite Japanese are striving for the freedom to wear Japanese traditional clothing.

Many people think that this incident was premeditated by Japan. Just like the Wu ah Ping incident, it is believed that Japan is playing a big game

I don’t think so at all. This is the behavior of a group of extreme anti nationalists and anti nationalists.

In today’s Japan, the Japanese debt is about to collapse, the health care system is collapsing, and the economy is stagnating. How can we play this chess?

Japan is cultivating the “know Japan” faction, but how much does Japan spend?

According to the official announcement of Japan, the Japanese government has invested a total of 74.2 billion yen (equivalent to 4.3 billion yuan) into the Ministry of foreign affairs in the 2020 budget.

More than 80% of this 4.3 billion yuan is spent in the United States, so that American politicians can speak for Japan, or help Japan suppress China

According to Japanese official records, it will not exceed 110 million in a year when it is used on the public in China!

Do you really think that Japan can spend 110 million yuan to play a big game and turn China’s public opinion?

Are we so vulnerable?

According to the records, many people who know Japan flatter Japan and write a book, that is, take 50000 yuan. Do you think those professors in universities are short of 50000 yuan?

Not long ago, when Abe was assassinated, countless elite Japanese wept bitterly. Was it because they received Japanese money that they wept?

No, it doesn’t matter whether you have money or not. The key is to hate the country and be friendly to Japan.

Hating the country is a feeling

When more and more people already know that Japan is a piece of shit, many people stubbornly think that they are not a masked rice field, but sprayed with perfume

If you want to say that the textbook time was planned by Japan, LV min and LV Jingren did not have the ingenuity to disgust us because they received Japanese money. I don’t think so.

What has happened in the past 30 years?

When I was in college, when LV Yan was selected as the most beautiful oriental face by the Western judges, I was really in a trance. I thought it was not the fault of the Western judges, but whether there was a problem with my aesthetics. I began to reflect. At that time, we studied all western economic theories. University professors were proud of having studied in the West

It’s not that I’m not confident, it’s that many people are not confident.

I also want to talk about Mo Yan’s winning the Nobel Prize.

I would like to stress that I will not discuss whether Mo Yan loves or not. After all, China is free and everyone has the right to be patriotic as well as unpatriotic.

In the past few decades, earth shaking changes have taken place in China, and the quality of life of the vast majority of people has been improved. However, the state has no way to guarantee that 1.4 billion people can become better without pulling. Many writers like to find that person with lanterns

I don’t judge whether this kind of writer is right or wrong, but this kind of writer is very easy to be “highly praised” by the West

Therefore, Mo Yan was considered by the Nobel Prize Organizing Committee: he showed us a world without truth, common sense and sympathy, a world where people appear reckless, helpless and stupid. The phenomenon of cannibalism, which has repeatedly occurred in China over the ages, is the evidence of this tragic world.

Er, every time I write about Mo Yan, I am scolded by a group of people backstage. I stress again that China is a free country. What Mo Yan wants to write is his freedom. I don’t know whether he is patriotic or not. This is his right.

What I want to write is:

Today, we all know that Nobel writers are not TM’s glory for the country. Foreigners praise you. Maybe you are right, but it is also very possible that you are stupid ×…….

Instead of 30 years ago, when foreigners thought that what is an international face, we would think that there is a problem with our aesthetic, and we should start to reflect

Because in the past 30 years, we have begun to look at the world at the same time. We finally know what the foreigners are

If 30 years ago, our total economic output was only one ninth of that of Japan, then if foreigners gave us a Nobel Prize, we might really be “winning glory for the country.” it is well written, and we do not even have the courage to doubt.

Foreigners say good, can it be bad?

Foreign experts say good, can it be bad?

However, in the past 30 years, China has fought back all the way, becoming the only industrial hegemon in the world and the global trade center. We have begun to look at the world with equanimity and have the courage to question the Western centrism.

So, why are there still problem textbooks today? What is the reason?

Because of the continuous growth and learning of the Chinese people in the past 30 years, we have been attacking China all the way. However, many people in the academic and art circles have not changed as much as 30 years ago. They are still kneeling and licking. They still think that the west is the center. They still regard the standards of foreigners as the highest standard.

Their cognition is still at the level of 1990.

Including some business circles, which is what I said. They still think that it is better to build a Japanese brand than a Chinese brand, until they are severely beaten by reality and taught to be human.

When the Chinese people understand the so-called craftsman spirit in Japan and despise Japanese brands, they think that they are a lump of shit, but they think that the lump of shit is the crown of honor!

Not only has the academic community not established its own standards, but it is also out of touch with the public’s cognition. This is what I want to say.

Do you think that a school like Tsinghua Academy of fine arts is provoking the public by creating a bunch of international faces?

It’s not at all. He only does this when he’s full. It’s because he doesn’t know what beauty and ugliness are.

He only has the aesthetic outlook of 1990, and has not grown in the past 30 years.

Goods like LV min and LV Jingren really think that Tang’s face represents internationalization

Because in the past 30 years, when the Chinese people were growing rapidly, what was the academic community doing when we began to look at the world in the same light?

In the internationalization of deformed schools, kneeling and licking

We are proud of studying abroad in the west, and the only standard is the western standard

We have been running for 30 years, and they still kneel in place for 30 years. This is the difference!

Many elite Japanese still live in the past era and still have the values of the past, just like the decline of the Japanese automobile industry, they refuse to accept this reality.

There is no big chess game, no conspiracy theory, and Japan does not have this ability. It is just a group of fools who are kneeling and unwilling to get up.

They are also unwilling to get up, because their aesthetic and artistic views are highly matched with the requirements of foreigners. If they want to get up, they can not catch up with China, nor can they keep pace with China. Therefore, taking the standards of foreigners as the standard is the best strategy to maximize their interests.

Perhaps they are not wrong, but they did not think that such great changes could take place in China in only 30 years, which would completely break the myth of Western centrism.

And this is just the beginning!

No matter whether brands like Adidas will change, at least they finally look up and see the world clearly and know that they have made a mistake.

And some so-called professors and scholars would rather swim in a cesspit than accept the reality

Some “old men” of publishing houses don’t even know what ordinary Chinese people yearn for and think

They will eventually be abandoned by the times.

The rapid development of China will eventually teach them to be human, or become maggot shells rotten in the cesspit!

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