The pros and cons, trade-offs, games and hidden worries behind China’s super large single purchase of Airbus aircraft~

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Foreword: the American media has been sour recently, because the super order of more than 200 civil aviation aircraft in China finally settled in Airbus. Hearing the news, one stone in my heart fell to the ground and another stone was lifted up again. First of all, it’s reassuring to hear that no one has bought half a Boeing aircraft. In the past ten years, Boeing has experienced frequent aircraft accidents, more man-made disasters, and serious underreporting and concealment, which has led to many tragic tragedies. In addition, Boeing has also paid public relations everywhere to delete posts and restrict the flow, and whoever criticizes Boeing will be shut up.

So I’m still a little worried all the time. After all, in the process of globalization, we are too deeply involved in the interests of the United States. It is a huge force that cannot be ignored to change the Sino US interest community that has grown up in the past 40 years. Such forces can be found everywhere in the fields of disease control, biology, literature, history and philosophy, network, film and television, culture, high-end manufacturing, civil aviation, trade, finance and so on. In the era of complementary relations between China and the United States, these interest groups are not a problem, but today, the United States is “Nazi” because of the financial crisis and economic recession, today, the United States takes the initiative to provoke a comprehensive containment and extermination of China, today, the United States turns against each other and regards China as the enemy, and today, the United States and NATO have directly extended the scope of expansion to the door of China, these interest groups have become a problem. Because their positions and propositions may not be in line with the interests of the Chinese people, and they have mastered deep enough resources in these related fields in the past few decades.

For example, after the continuous accidents of Boeing 737max, only a few software patches were made, some people continued to advocate and promote the max go around plan on the Internet. As a result, Max had not gone around yet, and the tragedy of 737b direct vertical dive occurred again. According to netizens’ news search, in the past decade, including China The administrative departments of Australia, Europe and other countries have been grounded for several times because of the horizontal stability of the 737b model and the serious design failure of the rudder. However, after each grounding of the 737b model, it will not be long before it goes around because of “eliminating or repairing hidden dangers”.

The power of the United States is very strong, especially in promoting certain things and influencing the policy direction of other countries. It has many dazzling and dazzling means, including countless NGOs, lobbying organizations, government public relations organizations, interest spokesmen, etc. since the end of World War II, the United States has established U.S. military bases, U.S. cultural cold war offices and NGOs around the world, It has obtained the strongest ability to guide the project, industry, culture and policy direction of other countries in the world. Through these forces, the United States has launched a series of color revolutions and turbulence from Yemen to Libya, to Syria and Egypt, destroyed the hydropower industry in Brazil, killed the industrial industry in South Africa, killed the agricultural fertilizer industry in Sri Lanka, hollowed out the top government of Ukraine, and achieved “regime seizing”… At the same time, the United States is also increasing its infiltration and subversive activities in China, and the United States has launched an all-round attack in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Fierce hand. British and American capital not only completely controlled public opinion on the island, but also comprehensively controlled public opinion in Hong Kong in previous years, creating a number of occupy or riots. The staff of the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong directly appeared next to the mob, carrying sacks to distribute money.


So I was once worried that after the public opinion subsided, the American Boeing death plane would make a comeback, because I have experienced too many things. But fortunately and reassuringly, this time we finally gave all our orders to Airbus, and Boeing didn’t get any. Judging from the current trend, as long as we insist on putting passenger safety first, as long as we insist on saying no to the problems after the hollowing out of the American industry, Boeing, the once industrial pearl of the United States, is not far from extinction. The fall of Boeing in the United States will be a huge landmark event, marking that the national function of the United States has entered a period of great failure.

Culturally, Europe is not our friend, and its bad attitude towards China is no less than that of the United States. But at least in terms of the degree of industrial recession, the industrial foundation of old Europe is still there. Companies such as Airbus can continue to adhere to the principle of producing products with more reliable quality than Boeing. In fact, China chooses to buy Airbus products from an objective, practical and safe point of view. Airbus is the only choice that can meet our aviation development needs under the current reality of the lack of airworthiness certificates for domestic large aircraft, insufficient production capacity, and slow research and development progress of wide body airliners. Choosing Airbus is not ideology, but seeking truth from facts. Choosing Airbus means that we have come out of the long arm influence of the United States, are no longer influenced by the United States, and can make industrial decisions that are more in line with our own interests. It is not easy for China to take this step.


And from another perspective, this is also a good way for China to spend the huge amount of dollar assets stored in overseas accounts. At present, Europe can and is willing to accept dollar payments, while China still has a lot of dollar assets in its global trade account. These U.S. dollar assets are highly restricted by the United States, which can neither buy a large amount of gold, nor buy fixed assets, nor invest in other countries’ important industries, nor allow China to buy other countries’ top core technologies. China is only allowed to use these dollars to buy more junk U.S. Treasury bonds, or deceive China to buy non-performing assets in Europe and the United States, high tax real estate, and the so-called high price club or high price culture that is easy to “get rid of its shell” Brand companies, etc.

For China, instead of wasting money on these worthless projects, it is better to buy more practical products. For Europe, such a large order is also conducive to its continued support from the financial and economic shadow brought by the Russian Ukrainian war and the sickle of the Fed’s interest rate hike. A dynamically balanced world and a world of multilateral checks and balances are more conducive to the continuation of the little global peace left at present, and are also conducive to winning more space and time for peaceful development for ourselves.

The above is a stone in my heart. But at the same time, I picked up another stone.

Although the order has been placed happily at present, we have to consider some risks in advance. For example, how much independence does Europe have? As we all know, Europe is almost a semi colony of the United States. From the trend of the Russian Ukrainian war, we can clearly see that in order to safeguard the interests of the United States and achieve the goals of the United States, Europe does not hesitate to cooperate with the United States in the way of self mutilation. So, will these Airbus aircraft ordered by China this time be operated by the US remote control command?


Although Europe will destroy itself by doing so, isn’t it self destruction for the EU to actively participate in sanctions against Russian natural gas? We can’t simply think that Europe has enough independence and autonomy. From the actual situation, Europe has almost been infiltrated into a sieve by the United States, and is also completely subject to the U.S. military bases. The U.S. garrison, Cultural Cold War institutions, NGOs and network information industry have long tied Europe to the chariot. Therefore, the future of China’s European Airbus aircraft this time may not be as beautiful or safe as we imagined.

Secondly, under the impact of the tsunami level economic crisis and the triple impact of the sickle of the Federal Reserve and the war between Russia and Ukraine, can the European economy withstand it? Will the euro collapse? Is there a risk of disintegration of the EU? To what extent can large aircraft orders solve Europe’s economic problems? I’m afraid I have to put a question mark. When the economy is bad, the purchase of houses will encounter a large number of uncompleted residential flats, so when the economy is bad, will there be a “uncompleted residential flats”? These are also issues that need our vigilance, prevention and consideration—— Of course, compared with the cancellation of US dollars and the purchase of waste US bonds, it is always more worthwhile for us to spend it to see whether it can be replaced by civil aircraft.


Finally, we have to think about whether we can exchange enough European airworthiness certificates for our domestic C919 large aircraft when such a large order is given to Europe? Is this condition included in our Airbus super order? In the absence of transnational airworthiness certificate, the development road of domestic large aircraft C919 will be very slow and difficult. Since we have given such a large aviation order to Europe, and we have given such a large support and market to European Airbus, whether Europe should also reciprocate, exchange at equal value, and support our C919 aircraft fairly is an issue worthy of our concern and attention.

On the whole, this Airbus large order transaction is a major event worthy of attention, which more or less reflects the trend of the future world pattern. The decline of the US dollar is inevitable, but the United States loses its deer and the world pursues it. In this world of great controversy, China still needs to be more sensitive and cautious to take the next step.

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