The queen left 9 records!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account ID: lxlong20) has been authorized to reprint

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8 (September 9 in China), and Prince Charles automatically became king of the United Kingdom as crown prince.

As one of the most famous old ladies in the global village, her death has created many records.

Elizabeth II was born in 1926 and is now 96 years old. Among all the kings recorded in history books, she is the oldest (record 1).

In February 1952, at the age of 25, Elizabeth II inherited the throne of her father George VI and was crowned in June 1953, becoming the fourth generation monarch of the Windsor Dynasty.

At the beginning, no one expected that Elizabeth II would make history in terms of his term of office. If you want to have a long term, the prerequisite is to ascend the throne early. There is no advantage in her age when she ascended the throne, but she has worked for 70 years, surpassing Victoria to become the longest reigning monarch in British history (record 2), and also the longest reigning queen in World History (record 3).

In the consciousness of many people, the queen of modern society is a vase. This view is not accurate. Elizabeth II has at least experienced great storms.

Elizabeth reached adulthood (at the age of 18) in 1944. According to the rules of the game at that time, adult members of the aristocracy could participate in the war. At that time, the British government did not want the future royal heir to be in danger, and originally wanted to prevent him from participating in the war.

After a series of efforts, Elizabeth II still found a job serving the war and joined an organization called the women’s Auxiliary Service Corps (ATS) to do logistics. Although it is a logistics organization, at least 335 ATS members lost their lives in the war, which still has a certain risk.

Elizabeth II has also experienced the test of war and witnessed all the history from World War II to the present. This is better than Gorbachev, who died not long ago. Ge Shi was a few years younger. As an adult, he did not experience the baptism of war and was naive all his life.

In a sense, Elizabeth II and Gorbachev are similar. They both experienced the collapse of superpowers. However, the difference is that Gore accelerated the collapse of the Soviet empire, and Elizabeth alleviated the damage caused by the collapse of the British Empire.

The Second World War brought about the collapse of colonialism. The national consciousness of each colony of the great powers awakened, the independence movement surged, and the colonial system of the British Empire collapsed completely.

The disintegration of superpowers in history has been very tragic. In contrast, the disintegration of the British Empire was relatively mild. After the disintegration of the British Empire, the mainland still remains among the developed countries, and other countries still maintain a Commonwealth organization.

Although Britain is a constitutional monarchy, the king does not hold real power in name. But in fact, Britain is an iron queen and a flowing prime minister. Elizabeth II has been in power for 70 years, and has worked with 15 British Prime Ministers (record 4). The first was Churchill, who was re elected prime minister in 1951, and the last was truss, who took office a few days ago.

Let’s take a look at these 15 prime ministers:

1. Winston Churchill

2. Anthony Eden

3. Harold Macmillan

4. Alec Douglas Holm

5. Harold Wilson

6. Edward Heath

7. James Callahan

8. Margaret Thatcher

9. John Major

10. Tony Blair

11. Gordon Brown

12. David Cameron

13. Theresa May

14. Boris Johnson

15. Elizabeth truss

In addition to the recent few who are relatively close to each other, we all have an impression that only Churchill and Thatcher are known in history. But the queen is known all over the world.

Why does the seemingly powerless queen have more influence than the prime minister with real power? In addition to the extra long standby, she has also made great contributions.

Time came to 1949, the year when the Republic was born. Britain and seven former colonial countries (Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa) formed the initial Commonwealth. However, this organization is not stable and may be dissolved at any time.

The throne is as sweet as honey to some people, but it is a talisman to others.

Elizabeth II’s father, King George VI of England, was not qualified to succeed to the throne. Because his elder brother Edward VIII is a character who loves beauty but does not love the country, he gave up his throne for the sake of beauty; George VI was unprepared for the throne (1936).

At that time, World War II was about to break out, and the actual pressure was huge; After the Second World War and the disintegration of the British Empire, historical pressure also came. George VI reduced pressure by smoking crazily. As a result, he got lung cancer in middle age and soon died.

If the British Empire is compared to the Titanic, George VI already hit an iceberg. When Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne, she was faced with a sinking British Empire, and the situation was very pessimistic.

However, under the leadership of Elizabeth II, the British Commonwealth, which was once in turmoil, has expanded its membership from 8 to 54. It is the largest international organization established by western countries (record 5), covering almost all the colonies of the British Empire.

This achievement is equivalent to promoting the peaceful transition of the British Empire to the Commonwealth.

You know, it’s not easy to do all this.

Few British prime ministers after World War II could help Britain expand its influence. On the contrary, many of them make Britain’s influence smaller and smaller. The expansion of the British Commonwealth has helped Britain expand its influence.

From the perspective of international influence, Elizabeth II can be called the British political figure who made the greatest contribution to Britain after World War II (record 6), which is larger than any British Prime Minister.

In other words, the queen is not only the queen of Britain, but also the head of many countries.

Many people wonder why smart Britons support the royal family. In essence, without Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s influence would be greatly reduced. It is precisely because they are very smart that the British people support the royal family.

Elizabeth II’s full name is “Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

The queen of the United Kingdom and other territories and dependencies, the head of the Commonwealth


The protector of Elizabeth II


Elizabeth II is the head of state of the whole Commonwealth, and theoretically still rules the largest territory (record

7? In theory, it also dominates the largest population (record 8).

According to secular rules, such a prominent political figure is bound to be worth a lot.

Elizabeth II is also one of the richest people in the world. She not only has a high annual salary (increased to 37.89 million pounds in 2014), but also has her own exclusive Duchy of Lancaster, including some historical buildings such as Lancaster castle, large tracts of arable land, woodland and mining rights.

In 2014, according to the authoritative statistical yearbook European royal family genealogy Yearbook, Queen Elizabeth II was regarded as the world’s richest monarch (Record 9) with a wealth of up to £ 60 billion, far exceeding the kings of Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

The impact of the death of such a political figure is also enormous.

Many old ironies in the media believe that the reason why the British Commonwealth can barely maintain is because of the Queen’s personal influence; The reason why Britain is not divided is also because of the Queen’s influence.

With the departure of the queen, Britain’s influence will continue to shrink, and Britain’s Division will happen sooner or later; The end of the British Commonwealth is either to split or to change the speaker (such as India). Many people are waiting for this day.

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