The queen of England has died. I’m afraid Great Britain will follow

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s vision (ID: hooyar_380097485)

Tesla, the new female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, declared on more than one occasion that she would end the monarchy. Of course, talking is a basic skill of politicians. As for whether she said she would do it or not, it depends on whether she can reap enough benefits.

The British Prime Minister, who prides himself on being the successor of the iron lady, immediately showed his contempt for the throne when he met the queen and went through the process of taking office.

The words are without foundation, and there are pictures to prove it. When the prime minister accepts the appointment, the men kneel on one knee and the women curtsey. When he comes to truss, he can hold his hand.

The queen in the photo is no longer as rich as she used to be. Her hands are blue and blue. I think it is mostly left by continuous infusion treatment after novel coronavirus infection.

A seriously ill old lady, who was treated so rudely by the later prime minister, had to keep a graceful smile to her face. It can be said that it was quite good to recuperate. Of course, a good rest does not mean that you are not angry. When truss leaves, the queen will die within two days. If you say there is no contact, I don’t believe it.

A few days ago, truss took the post. Someone asked me to write about her. I thought there was nothing to write about. She was just an inexplicable puppet in the political arena. She was just a transitional politician who played games in many ways and threw herself in the way of others to carry the mess. God knows she will be killed for something inexplicable.

In my opinion, although Johnson likes to pretend to be very unreliable, compared with this lady truss, he is simply a politician with no more rules.

It is one thing to play political games, but it is more than just playing games if you hand over the power of a country to a person of such low quality. Since the new prime minister took office, he has formed a new cabinet according to the correct political arrangement. He has not appointed a white male. You are the Prime Minister of the conservative party. You have no party stance at all.

As for the new King Charles III, the old prince has always had a bad reputation. He likes to meddle in politics, accepts bribes, is disorderly in his private life, and is suspected of killing his ex-wife Princess Diana. Among the British people, among the countries of the Commonwealth, the reputation is very poor. In previous opinion polls, a large number of people said that if Prince Charles succeeds, it would be better to abolish the monarchy.

To put it bluntly, over the years, the divine conferment of monarchy has long failed to deceive the people, but one generation always has a generation’s memory. Most people know from their memory that there is a queen in office. Nostalgia is a common characteristic of mankind, not to mention a British queen who looks harmless to people and animals and is praised by various media rainbow farts every day? No matter how widely anti feudal people are, they can not help but include the queen, who is the symbol of the old era, while recalling the passage of time.

The 96 year old queen struggled to complete her mission until the last moment of her life. She was not greedy for power. Even she knew that her son was not like a king and would shake the monarchy once she succeeded to the throne.

Of course, in our view, whether there is a monarchy does not seem to have any loss to the world except that some noble ladies who love Harry Potter castle can’t show off the nobility of holding WiFi codes on gold plates.

But as we all know, the queen is the head of 14 countries in name.

Australia has said frankly before that in order to save face for the queen of England, the national system will be completely changed in the next term.

This means that the so-called small group of the British Commonwealth with British local interests at the core will probably not be able to continue. After India’s GDP exceeds that of the suzerain state, it will start to think carefully, and it is likely to reverse the meaning of the British Commonwealth, unless it can lie in it and reap benefits.

Many former colonies have raised anti flags one after another, and the Queen’s bones are not cold. Politicians in Jamaica, Saint Lucia and other countries, members of the Commonwealth of nations in the Caribbean, once again called for the abolition of the monarchy, no longer recognizing the British crown as the head of state, establishing a Republic, and demanding that Britain pay compensation for the former slavery.

Of course, given that Britain has always played imperialist urination, there is no compensation. The abolition of the monarchy does not seem to have any loss to the local people, but the impact on London’s Financial Street may be unimaginable.

Think about it. In the past, when the commonwealth was still in existence, sterling could be used to collect the seigniorage tax of these young brothers. Why did Britain resolutely refuse to join the euro area if the EU was in the past? Even if the pound crisis was jointly caused by virtue, will the local currency be firmly maintained? To put it bluntly, there are so many young brothers in the British commonwealth who recognize the pound bill, and they will not cut it for nothing.

If we really want to integrate with the euro, the money printing machine is not in our hands, and there is no room for us to move.

In 2016, Britain played brexit. Although it was said that Prime Minister Karzai threw the pot at the unprepared, in fact, Britain wanted to weaken the EU through various ways. It should be known that the stronger the EU, the stronger the euro. The euro may not eat up much of the US dollar, but it is easier to swallow up the share of the British pound.

Everything is just a struggle for interests.

Now let’s assume that truss is fierce and arrogant enough to despise the idea of eating the mosquito legs of the British Commonwealth. But now the biggest problem is that Britain plans to split up.

England is the basic plate. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all came to Great Britain through a series of complicated inheritance laws. The so-called inheritance is not inherited by elected politicians like truss, but by the royal family.

If the royal family is not recognized, then the inherited territory will lack legal basis.

In those days, the sun never set in the British Empire. Ships and guns were fierce and overbearing. The whole world looted and looted, armed drug trafficking and slave trafficking, and all kinds of colonization. If you took this thief ship, you could follow it to loot and make money. How could you get cheap?

A Scotsman can rely on the pretext of Britain to open an HSBC Bank in China, and now he still monopolizes the finance of Hong Kong. If Scotland doesn’t play with England, can the Scottish founder get so many benefits?

Now the geomancy is changing, Britain’s national strength is declining, the aircraft carrier built with heavy investment can break the main axis, and the price of local energy is soaring. The Middle East, which was once held in the palm of our hand, does not give this old sovereign country any face.

There is oil in the North Sea. Originally, most of this land belonged to Scotland, but now the oil price has skyrocketed, and the profits belong to England. This is that you can’t take advantage of the advantages, but you have to take away all your income. Why don’t people clamor for independence?

As for Northern Ireland, have you ever heard of the IRA? If people don’t think about independence every day, why should they resort to terrorism? What’s more, Northern Ireland’s business with the EU is doing very well now, but after brexit, you can’t get on with so many things. What’s wrong?

Everyone is going against it. Is Wales the only country left to make trouble? Even if it’s just for the benefit, we’ll have to make a fuss to the end.

Of course, it’s one thing not to like King Charles, but if the British Empire suddenly comes back from the dead and is rich again, it can bring benefits to Scotland from overseas. Even if mad king Charles is possessed and plays tricks every day, do you think Scots will hold their noses and think so?

It’s not all about interests, but all kinds of high sounding things. Why can truss be pushed up at this time? You really like her talent and courage to level the world?

No, no, no, at this juncture, everyone has to face this mess. We onlookers don’t know how the Queen’s health is after she contracted novel coronavirus, but don’t those leaders of the deep government know?

At this time, who will sit in this position can not solve so many problems.

Who wants to carry a good reputation of splitting the country in history books?

Today, I saw all over the Internet mourning the queen of England. Think about it. Why have we fallen into a semi feudal and semi colonial situation? Isn’t it thanks to the armed drug trafficking of the British Empire?

In a country with a queen, a king, a prince and a princess, you dare to say that you are democratic. I’m afraid you don’t have any wrong understanding of democracy. A place that emphasizes its aristocratic lineage every day and sells freedom anxiety every day is blaspheming freedom.

Perhaps the queen of England is a good old lady, but she symbolizes the evil deeds of colonial slavery that have hurt most countries and people in the world in the past many years. She can not be washed white by wearing a white robe and pretending to be a saint.

After all, those who come out to mix will have to be returned. Those who eat will have to spit out everything. Britain, which collapsed with the monarchy of the old era, has a future.

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