The Queen’s blessing!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong source: wechat official account: shopkeeper’s Dao has been authorized for reprinting

Truss unexpectedly became the new British Prime Minister. He is a more radical [that is, more pro american] politician in international diplomacy than his predecessor Johnson. She is the one who vigorously advocates the entry of mercenaries into Ukraine and Russia, and she is also the one who claims that China is the greatest threat to Britain. In order to help the United States fight its opponents, truss even acted more actively and aggressively than Biden.

The election of truss as prime minister this time is not a direct election by the people, but a vote within the party. Britain’s political election system is different from that of the United States and similar to that of Japan. National elections are held every five years. Then the winning party is not an individual but a political party. After a party wins, its leader will be elected as the prime minister by voting within the party. However, there is one point. During the national election, generally, the party will nominate a person with high popularity to be its leader. Therefore, after the party wins, the leader will naturally become the prime minister in good faith.

However, this position of prime minister is not as determined as the United States. If there is a political error in the process [for example, Cameron, who advocates brexit, made brexit a reality by miscalculating the choice of voters, but fell into the embarrassing situation of being unable to get rid of it and had to resign; Theresa May is the same.] Or for personal reasons [for example, Johnson had to resign in the event of defection because he held a party during the death of the Queen’s husband Prince Philip, which led to the triple containment of the people, the royal family and other parties.] When I had to leave, I did not need to hold another national election, but a new leader, a new prime minister, was born again through intra party competition. The new prime minister will complete the remainder of the party’s five-year term of office.

Like truss this time, she has only been in power for more than two years. After December 2024, Britain will hold the next prime minister election. But this is also uncertain, because if truss has won the approval of the people during her administration, but she feels that this recognition will weaken after a period of time, then she can dissolve the Parliament and hold an early general election. If she wins, she can continue to work for five years. Of course, if the opposition party catches enough mistakes of the ruling party, it can also ask for an early general election, but the difficulty is relatively much more difficult than the prime minister’s decision to hold an early general election. In those years, Theresa May just said that she held a new general election, but it is a pity that Prime Minister may’s decision did not give her a greater ruling advantage.

After saying so much, I actually want to say that truss’s coming to power this time has nothing to do with British public opinion, or even British parties. It is entirely a competition within the conservative party. However, at present, the conservative party does not have a strong competitor to compete with truss, which leads to truss’s easy victory, because her competitor is an Indian official, former finance minister sunak. In Britain, though people shout all day that all men are created equal, the evils of racial discrimination are worse than those in the United States. In the United States, it can be regarded as crude and straightforward discrimination, but in Britain, it must be elegant and implicit discrimination. The British have played gentleman for hundreds of years and are already familiar with it. So I had foreseen that sunak of Indian descent would lose to truss.

However, truss’s party support rate this time is not high, only 57%. Although this is a lot higher than sunak’s, for a British prime minister who needs party support to start his business, just over half of the support rate is obviously not enough. Moreover, some conservatives who do not want Indians to be prime ministers are included in this half of the support rate. You know, their party is called the conservative party. Therefore, in the next two years, truss may not be able to finish the whole process. This is not because she has not received the Queen’s “blessing” yet. The British media there have predicted that truss may be the shortest lived Prime Minister of Britain.

The Queen’s “blessing” is the focus of this article. As a constitutional monarchy, Britain, like Japan, became prime minister after being elected by the people and then canonized by the king. Thailand, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries also follow this model. But the monarchs of these countries, including Japan’s licking yellow, are not more famous and powerful than the British monarch Queen Elizabeth. This is not only because the queen has appointed 15 prime ministers [from Churchill to truss, a total of 15 prime ministers] to the throne for more than 70 years, but also because the queen of England has real authority in the Commonwealth, not just a Chihuahua.

As the most mature capitalist country, why can Britain tolerate a royal family with authority above the government in its political system? Why are you willing to spend a lot of money to worship this royal family? Of course, it’s not because they really respect the royal family [the royal family’s own bad deeds have also increased in recent years, and sometimes the British government needs to wipe its Ass]. But because the existence of the British royal family can bring great economic and trade interests, political interests and geographical interests to the British government. At present, there are 50 Commonwealth countries in the world. Although they are very loose, they all worship the queen of England in name. Queen Elizabeth is the co owner of 16 countries, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Although these countries have their own independent sovereignty, through the link of the British royal family, the relationship between Britain and these countries is also very close, and the agreements reached among them are more smooth. After all, they are all “mother’s” children. Anything is always easy to discuss. Compared with the United States, the current world hegemon, it seems much more vulgar and overbearing in the issue of alliance unity. Without him, there is no such “kind grandmother” as the queen in the United States standing at the front stage singing a song of joy, so he can only unite with his fists.

In addition to the fact that the royal family can earn face and money for the British government in the Commonwealth, the Queen’s existence is also crucial in Great Britain. For example, in Scotland, the queen of England is actually a direct descendant of King James I of Scotland. Therefore, although she is the queen of England, she is also the queen of Scotland. There was a time when Scots even went to court to call the Queen Elizabeth I or Elizabeth II. Because at the time of Elizabeth I, England and Scotland were still two countries, and they were not unified.

In fact, a huge blood case in British history is hidden behind the dispute between Scots. If you want to explain things in detail, it is enough to write a book. But we can simply understand that Queen Mary [queen of Scotland], the mother of James I, the ancestor of Queen Elizabeth, was killed by the former Queen Elizabeth. Therefore, Scots prefer to call the queen I rather than II. What does this mean? It shows that Scots still respect the current queen and reject the land of England. As the head of the British family, the British queen does not want to see several brothers in the family split up. But Scotland is undoubtedly the most violent of these brothers. In other words, if the British government does not respect and value the royal family, Scotland is actually the biggest and best card in the royal family’s hands.

This explains why, after truss was elected prime minister this time, the queen did not “bless” the prime minister at Buckingham Palace as usual, but for the first time ever let the newly elected British Prime Minister go to Scotland to receive his coronation. Of course, the high sounding reason is that the queen is on holiday in Scotland to take care of her body, which is inconvenient to move, so the British Prime Minister condescended to go to Scotland to receive blessings. But the Queen’s canonization of the British Prime Minister in Scotland is definitely not that simple.

We know how Johnson stepped down. He was not replaced because of the ineffective Ukrainian strategy of supporting the United States, nor because of the sluggish domestic economy of Britain. And was ousted for disrespect to the royal family. This shows that the royal family, especially the queen, has a decisive influence on British politics. But I have also analyzed the internal reasons before: I think that Johnson’s resignation is in essence caused by the domestic game of direction selection after brexit. The British conservative forces represented by the royal family, especially the queen, are not willing to follow the United States to turn Europe upside down. For this reason, the Americans are quite unkind in using the beauty trick against the Queen’s grandson Prince Harry, resulting in great damage to the reputation of the royal family. The queen, on the other hand, used Johnson’s irreverence to oust US allies in Britain. Only now that the pro american atmosphere in Europe is too popular, and the Russian Ukrainian crisis forces all European politicians to stand in line with a clear attitude, so we all know what the consequences will be if we do not stand on the side of the United States. Therefore, although Johnson was ousted, there are not many politicians in Britain who dare to challenge the authority of the United States, which led to sunak of Indian descent being appointed in a crisis. If there are other British politicians and people with a certain reputation at home who come forward to compete with truss at this time, truss will not win the election with only half of the support rate.

Therefore, the British Prime Minister finally fell into the hands of the pro american faction. This is the tragedy of the royal family, the tragedy of Britain, and I’m afraid it can also be regarded as the tragedy of the world, because after the crazy woman like truss comes up, she will certainly force Europe to exert greater pressure on Russia and give more support to Ukraine, which will lead to Europe having to bear a greater crisis, and ultimately lead to all-round chaos and even war in Europe.

But that’s a later story. Although the queen can do nothing about this, because the royal family can not directly dare politics, which is determined by the British constitution. But she still has to show her attitude and show her chips. One of her biggest chips is her mother’s Scotland, which is currently seeking a second independence referendum. If truss bullies the royal family too much, the queen may not dissuade Scots from making their own choices again. In this way, truss and the pro american faction she represents will lose the integrity of Britain, and may even lose the overall effect of the British Commonwealth. The relations between countries that were originally brotherly countries have been changed from relatives to friends or even parted ways. This is roughly why the queen wishes in Scotland.

The internal strife in which Britain is caught continues to widen the differences. Truss will not give in to the queen so much. She once accused the British people long ago of not keeping the queen, a beetle who only knows how to enjoy but not how to pay. He demanded that the treatment of the royal family be abolished. In this way, Britain’s internal strife is bound to be fierce. In addition to the internal strife between Biden and trump in the United States, both the United States and Britain will undergo drastic internal changes in the next year or two. Perhaps it will be a good time for world change at that time.

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