The Queen’s last day!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong source: wechat official account: shopkeeper’s Dao has been authorized for reprinting

The Queen’s Castle — Balmoral Castle in Scotland

Elizabeth truss was sitting in the bulletproof car dedicated to the prime minister, with a happy smile in her eyes.

“Your Majesty, you can’t refuse this time.” Tracy and the queen have the same name Elizabeth. But this time, she came to end another name. She didn’t like people to share the same name with her, especially after she became prime minister. In her view, the glory of the prime minister is hard won and should never be shared by others, even if the person is the queen, even if the queen had this name more than 90 years ago.

“Then why do we have to wait so long?” Shylock is Tracy’s entourage secretary and best friend. Thanks to Beatrice, she got the opportunity to meet the queen. She doesn’t have many ideas, just wants to see the luxury of the royal family and the majesty of the queen. She knew nothing about Tracy’s thoughts.

“There are two reasons. Either the queen is seriously ill, or Britain has no queen.”

“Ah, yes,” Shylock looked frightened. “You mean the queen she’s already driving…?” Remembering that it was inappropriate to say that word now, Shylock forcibly swallowed the last word.

“Who knows? But I came all the way to accept her blessing. She can’t help but meet me.”

“But in any case, she can appoint her Royal Highness the prince to crown you. In this way, she can not only conceal her illness to the outside world, but also ensure the normal appointment of the prime minister.”

“Poor Shylock, you’re really sorry for your name.” Tracy smiled. Then he went on to say, “actually, I didn’t expect…”

“I didn’t think of anything?”

“I didn’t expect that the queen would still think about the glory of the royal family at the last moment, hoping to exchange Scots’ recognition of Britain with her funeral in Scotland. This is beyond my expectation.”

“Are you sure this is the Queen’s last moment?” Shylock asked.

“I’m not sure, but Camilla seems to know something. She told me to come to Scotland to meet the queen.” Tracy hesitated and finally decided to push Camilla out.

“Does she really want to be a queen?”

“No matter how inappropriate it is, it is estimated that there will be no chance. After all, the prince is more than 70 years old. If she can’t succeed to the throne as soon as possible, she will never be able to become a Royal Queen as she wishes. So, I think the queen is either gone, or the prince and Camilla hope I can give the queen a ride.”

“What’s the point of doing this?” Shylock was puzzled.

“As long as the queen doesn’t publicly announce the funeral day, I, the British Prime Minister, will have to be constrained by her. How did Johnson step down? You should know? It was because he held a party when Philip died. Shylock, you don’t know. The Queen looks small, but the means are big.”

“So the prince who is anxious to succeed and the minister who seeks power are in cahoots?” Shylock said half truthfully with a jesting tone.

“The prince is a lantern, and Camilla is even more unpopular. A playboy and a cover girl, how can you fight me? Britain now needs power, a voice, not internal friction. It is only reasonable to eliminate the interference of the royal family and make Britain strong as soon as possible. Let’s go to hell with those empty headed interests.”

“So the queen must need me.”

“That’s not my business. She has her own dutiful son in charge of the family. In this regard, I fully respect the wishes of the prince. He can do whatever he says.”

“Can I tweet… A black picture of the queen?” Shylock asked,

“Don’t bother, I guess the BBC anchors have already worn black clothes. Who can be more professional than Camilla in selling Royal news?” Tracy’s mouth was slightly sarcastic.

At this moment, the gate of balmoral castle was opened, and the truth was just ahead. Shylock could not help but feel a palpitation in his heart. It’s Tracy, and the radiance on her face has increased a little…. She is a woman full of fighting power.

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