The real “battle of Red Cliff” in history

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There is not much difference in military strength between the two sides

How many troops does Cao Cao have in the battle of Chibi? Cao Cao himself said 800000, which is an imaginary number. No one in the historical circles of ancient and modern times agrees with this number.

During Cao Cao’s southern expedition to Jingzhou, 80000 infantry and more than 10000 cavalry troops were drawn from the 156000 northern soldiers, but not all the troops mobilized for the southern expedition participated in the war. Dry road transportation limited the troops to fight. On one line, the maximum force can only be 50000 or 60000. Beyond this number, not only the roads are congested, but also the logistics cannot be guaranteed.

As for Jingzhou soldiers, the total number may reach 70000 or 70000, but Changsha, Guiyang, Lingling, Wuling and other southern four counties were only pacified. Cao Jun had never been there, and what he could use was more than 20000 people gathered in Xiangyang and other places.

Later, Cao Cao stationed Xu Huang in Fancheng and ordered Cao Ren to guard Jiangling. In this way, the total force of Cao’s army entering Chibi during the eastern expedition was about 70000.

For Sun Quan, it is basically the same. According to the clear records in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, Sun Quan gave Zhou Yu 30000 troops to participate in the war, while for Liu Bei, most of them were based on Zhugeliang’s own saying that Liu Bei 10000 plus Liu Qi 10000 totaled 20000. Generally speaking, it is believed that 50000 people of the sun Liu coalition army participated in the war.

It is generally believed that the battle of Chibi was a case of defeating more with less, but the comparison of forces between the two sides is not very wide.

“Straw boats borrow arrows” is a borrowed story

Zhugeliang never borrowed an arrow from a straw boat. However, the “straw boat borrows an arrow” is not groundless. According to the relevant records of peisongzhi’s note in the annals of the Three Kingdoms – Biography of the Lord of Wu, Cao Cao led a large army south to attack Sunwu in the 18th year of Jian’an, five years after the battle of Chibi. One day, taking advantage of the mist on the river, Sun Quan broke into the front of Cao Jun by a portable warship from the mouth of Ru Xu and observed the deployment of Cao Ying. Cao Cao was suspicious by nature. Seeing the fog on the river and the majesty of Sun Jun’s rectification, he was afraid of fraud and dared not go to war. He ordered the bows and crossbows to be fired at the boat of Wu. Sun Quan’s boat was soon full of arrows. Because one side of the boat was weighted by arrows, it gradually tilted and was about to capsize. Sun Quan ordered to turn the bow and let the other side receive the arrow. After the ship was stable, Sun Quan commanded the battleships to line up and leave slowly, and Cao Cao realized that he had been fooled.

This is just a story that happened to Sun Quan, just a quick witted move. He did not plan to “borrow arrows”, nor did the history books say it was a straw boat.

“Zhou Yu beat the yellow cover” is nothing

In the history of the Three Kingdoms, Huang Gai did not use the bitter meat trick, but it was true that he pretended to surrender. In order to ensure that the unarmed fireboat would not be intercepted and could smoothly approach Cao Cao’s water stronghold, Huang Gai sent a letter to Cao Cao pretending to surrender.

Cao Cao easily believed Huang Gai’s surrender because Cao Cao believed that Huang Gai had been a subordinate of Sun Jian, was older than Zhou Yu, and was subordinate to Zhou Yu, which was probably unwilling.

In addition, it is true that Jiang Gan, Zhou Yu’s County, was sent by Cao Cao to persuade Zhou Yu, but it was not in the battle of Chibi. Peisongzhi wrote it down after the battle of Chibi when he annotated the annals of the Three Kingdoms, and only Jiang Gan persuaded him to surrender, and there was no plot against Zhou Yu. Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were not involved, and they were not even Cao Cao’s naval commanders at all.

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