The real big trouble in the United States and Europe is coming!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Today’s world is very turbulent. In Zhanhao’s view, this should be the most turbulent period since World War II. Next, the breadth and depth of the reorganization of the global political and economic order should be equal to that of World War II, so there must be great turbulence with the reorganization of the political and economic order.

In the past, the military and economic strength of the United States and the West were far stronger than that of other countries, so they controlled the core economic resources of the world, the flow of goods, and the price of goods, so they crushed whoever they wanted, and even the Soviet Union was finally crushed by the West.

However, the situation is somewhat different now. Although the United States and the West still have certain military advantages, they have been unable to truly form a major advantage over China and Russia. For example, in terms of nuclear weapons, Russia is the strongest in the world, stronger than the United States; In terms of conventional weapons, China is catching up with the United States, and in some cases has even surpassed the United States. For example, China is far more powerful than the United States in the midcourse anti missile, and China has also overtaken the United States in hypersonic weapons. Even the Navy’s destroyer China has surpassed the United States, not to mention our obvious traditional advantages in medium and short-range missiles… Just now, the U.S. hypersonic missile test failed again!

In fact, China is catching up even with the stealth fighter and aircraft carrier fleet that the United States is most proud of. In fact, the combat effectiveness of China’s j-20 stealth fighter is equivalent to that of the F22 and significantly better than that of the F35 fighter. The U.S. Navy is certainly the most powerful in the world, but in the key destroyer field, the performance of China’s 055 destroyer is significantly better than that of the U.S. main ship, and it is still a state that the United States will not catch up for a while. China’s second domestic aircraft carrier, type 003, has just been launched, and its electromagnetic ejection technology is significantly better than that of the United States… More importantly, China’s shipbuilding speed is significantly faster than that of the United States. It takes about four years from construction to launching. Due to the modular and segmented construction, it takes only five or six years for China’s aircraft carrier to start construction and service, while it takes 12 years for the Ford class aircraft carrier of the United States to start construction and service.

All these fully show that the United States and the west can no longer form a dominant military power. In other words, although China still lags behind the United States in terms of overall military strength, the United States has no ability to defeat China, because war really breaks out, and China’s war potential is much greater than that of the United States, because China is the world’s largest industrial and manufacturing country, and China has a huge labor base.

Under such circumstances, how can the United States be confident in suppressing China militarily? Although the United States continues to turn warships and military aircraft around China militarily, in fact, the United States does not have the ability to “proceed from strength and status” to suppress China militarily. China can’t hold it down, let alone China and Russia.

What are the consequences of military irrepressibility? The United States has no way to change the flow of global goods through war. In the past, the United States deployed its navy around the world, and global goods flowed in accordance with the requirements of the United States. And now? Who will listen to the United States, China or Russia? Many countries in the world no longer listen to the United States. The huge military machine of the United States has now produced a consumption effect on the U.S. economy, and the input and output are beginning to be out of proportion. This is also the fundamental reason why the United States wants its allies to share military spending, and it can’t support itself.

What are the consequences of the United States losing control of commodity flows? We can see very realistic examples in front of us. After the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, Russia’s energy flow to Europe was blocked, and as a result, Russia’s economy did not suffer much loss, because the rise in international oil prices and natural gas prices not only did not reduce Russia’s economic income, but actually increased it. On the contrary, the price of natural gas and oil in Europe soared because the supply of natural gas and oil fell short of demand. As a result, not only did inflation come, but many European developed countries had to restart coal burning, or even directly burn firewood, which seriously affected their economies. While losing Russian oil and gas, the United States and the West have no ability to mobilize oil and gas from other parts of the world to support Europe. In fact, even the United States itself cannot stabilize high oil prices, which leads to serious inflation.

Compared with Europe, China’s cost of obtaining energy is relatively lower, because Russia’s oil has discounted China, and the United States and the West have also lost their pricing power on goods. The United States hopes Saudi Arabia and other countries to suppress oil prices, but Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries simply ignore it.

Another reason why the United States has lost its ability to control the flow of goods and commodity prices is that the United States and the West have lost too many manufacturing industries. Their markets do not need so many primary products, and their influence will certainly decline.

Just like now, the United States has identified China as a major challenge for NATO, but what is the use of this? Can you resist China’s progress? Of course not! Therefore, the next many twists and turns of the United States do pose a great risk to the world, which may lead to world turbulence and even regional conflicts, but in any case, it cannot stop China from moving forward. China should develop or develop, be strong or strong, and will not be transferred by the will of the United States.

In fact, China’s economic tolerance is much stronger than that of the United States. Now the United States has been experiencing high inflation for more than a year, and the United States has had to raise interest rates significantly. However, over the past year, China’s prices have remained stable as a whole, and the CPI index has remained low. Even if hyperinflation in the United States and the West has come, China’s prices have remained realistic and stable. Why is this? That’s because energy accounts for a very small proportion of China’s economic production, so although China’s oil price has also increased a lot, its promotion of CPI is limited.

Moreover, China has a very clever way to control oil prices. China has clearly announced that when the international oil price reaches $130, the oil price of finished products will no longer rise. If the oil price continues to rise, enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec will bear it hard, so China’s price index will continue to remain stable. This is the resilience of China’s economy, which is much stronger than that of the United States.

In fact, the more you look forward to it, the more you can see the beauty of a big country. Although the United States is waving its teeth and claws, it is actually at the end of its might. You can’t do anything to China and Russia militarily, and you have lost control economically. So what do you rely on to maintain hegemony?

Once American hegemony cannot be maintained, but it is unwilling to cooperate, it will continue to produce forces against itself, and then integrate into the United States’ own body. This toxin will accumulate more and more, and eventually there will be a total outbreak.

In Zhanhao’s view, the United States is really in big trouble now, that is, in the world, what you say doesn’t count! In this case, when he can’t get oil and water in China and Russia at all, the deep-seated problems of the western countries led by the United States will erupt. Now, it is the night before the outbreak!

In fact, the United States does not realize that everything he does now will be severely hit on him in the future! In fact, it doesn’t take long. In three to five years, we will see that we have no production capacity, no control over the flow of goods, and no pricing power. In this case, how can we continue for a long time? Therefore, the future bad luck of the United States is not far away!

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