The real name weeping blood suggests that the state establish an “ideology bureau” to specially preside over ideological work! History leaves us little time~

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: Pingju (zg5201949)

Hello, everyone. I am one of the delegates to the central Symposium on literature and art. I have served as a member of the 12th all Youth Congress and Deputy Secretary General of the cultural and arts circles, a director of the China Association for the promotion of cultural development, and a standing member of the local CPPCC; Over the past eight years, I have never forgotten to ask myself to fight in the field of public opinion and ideology. No matter when I encounter insults and abuses led by foreign media, or when I am in the forefront of incomprehension, or when I am supported by tens of millions of netizens, I have never been surprised. I focus on online public opinion and ideology, ask myself, and I am worthy of the world.

Today, with the continuous ferment of toxic textbooks and a large number of toxic children’s books, I would like to share some of my immature thoughts over the years with you, and I hope that relevant national policy research and planning departments can take them as suggestions and take them as appropriate. My proposal may not be mature politically, but it has certain reference value from the professional perspective of network public opinion and ideology.


First of all, let me talk about the problem. Is the publicity of Chinese culture and education just a problem of poisonous illustrations in textbooks? I’m afraid not. Poison illustration is just the tip of the iceberg that accounts for less than 0.001%. A large number of articles about kneeling down to foreigners, worshiping beauty and kneeling down to yingbaide are found in English textbooks, children’s books, children’s magazines and online readers in China. It is shocking to open these books that must be read in class. When it comes to the stories of punctuality, intelligence, wisdom, reliability and kindness, the protagonists must be foreigners such as John and xiongri, while the protagonists who lie, are late, stupid, stupid and do wrong must be Xiao Ming Yuan Yuan and other Chinese names are basically instilled in the minds of Chinese children since childhood. How many years has this phenomenon been? It has been nearly thirty years. When we know this, it is not difficult to understand why a foreign garbage can make countless Chinese people cling to the wrong idea in marriage and love, even in the event of family destruction. They have been deeply washed into a pit of brains since childhood, and it is difficult to correct them in adulthood.


The above is only one of the problems in the content of textbooks and children’s books. There are also strange operations such as the complete incoherence of the newly compiled mathematical and chemical content, unreasonable design, and strange reduction of mathematical and chemical scores, which seem to be artificially destroying China’s future reserve of scientific and technological talents from children. I think the people who do such things are the enemies of all Chinese people. I am worried about where Tencent, Alibaba and Huawei will recruit in the future. This is destroying the future of the Chinese people and the future of these Chinese enterprises. These huge Chinese enterprises have certain channels to reflect problems upward. I think Chinese entrepreneurs should see these problems and play their role and energy to propose to cooperate with the state to solve these problems.

As for some editors of other versions of Chinese history textbooks, guess who? Yuantengfei, a close contact object of the “puppet Manchukuo government in exile”, who was praised as an “anti Communist mentor” by Tibetan drug organizations and defined as a “terrorist organization” by the Ministry of national defense; There is also a female writer who has been publicly granted the “financial assistance from the Ministry of foreign affairs” of Japan, who is specialized in publicizing Japanese education in China and disseminating ideas and articles that belittle China and Japan. The works of this female writer have been selected into children’s books for many times, and even often appear in domestic first-class media. Can you imagine? Up to now, at this moment, the books of yuantengfei, the tutor of drug collection who has been blocked by the whole network and the close contact object of the “puppet Manchukuo government in exile”, are still selling like crazy on Dangdang and other online book websites ~ is there any reason? Is there any law?


In addition, there are many problems in the field of culture, education and publicity. Let me give a few examples casually.

A female star is well known on the Internet. She describes China as a land of “flowers of evil”. After the violent terrorist attacks, she not only sympathizes with the victims, but also stands with foreign media and condemns China with the mob. However, it was not long before I saw her name on the highest Film Art Award in the country. As the Deputy Secretary General of the 12th literary and art circles at that time, I made clear my opposition to this and made my opposition public on the Internet. Then I stopped serving as the Deputy Secretary General of the 13th literary and art circles, but I don’t regret it.

It is also a female star who wears the Japanese military flag, preaches Jingri, violates the securities law, conducts insider trading, her husband launders money for corrupt officials, and colludes with panrenmei and other rats who cooperate with the United States to empty out state-owned enterprises. These things are well known. However, her name was still high in the last national highest film art award, Until later, it was really a crime involving national security that was too big and was granted the title—— However, why did such a well-known artist with bad deeds become the winner of China’s literature and Art Awards after passing through all levels of examination?


She is also a female singer. The person who advocated her was once a famous star in the Chinese singing world. This person was reported by netizens because he madly slandered the founding leaders, madly Pro Japan and pro America, madly slandered Chinese history and boasted about European and American history on various platforms, and was finally blocked by the whole network. However, before being banned, he also pushed a female fist song against marriage and education, female fist doctrine, insulting the work of Chinese women and children, and describing the status of Chinese women as hell. The song was performed by the female star, and was wildly recommended and praised by the Western Anti China media CNN, BBC, and American X. As we all know, this is a serious ideological problem, and it is intentional and intentional sabotage. However, it is strange that I saw this female singer as a representative performing on the stage at the most important and highest standard Memorial performance in China soon. How puzzling and shocking is this?

Does anyone really care about ideology?

Well, let’s not talk about female singers. Let’s talk about men. A certain network platform claims to be the first video platform in China, but who are the netizens they recommend? Not to mention how many people were tricked into going to northern Myanmar to lose their money or even lose their lives by using electric rods and pricking people’s tendons. When recommending e-commerce live broadcasts, this platform chose a well-known Jingri big V in the whole network. This big V publicly called Chinese people**people on the Internet all the year round. In his so-called clip audio, he advocated that smoking marijuana was less harmful than smoking, and that China must open up marijuana, They slander Chinese national heroes and national leaders; However, such a person not only received several hundred million yuan of national public funds from a certain place (all of them were washed away in the end), but also boarded the TV station as a big V representative to give a speech to the youth, and then became the signing anchor of the first food online Red platform. He was supported by traffic every day and went to the home page every day. He sold a lot and sucked powder madly. Why should the platform recommend such a person?

Besides, as we all know, an old writer has a very poor evaluation of stroke among young people, because his works are not Mr. Lu Xun’s criticism or Mr. Lu Yao’s face to reality, but a complete negation, vilification, slander and slander of his own nation. After reading them, you will only feel that the Chinese nation is hopeless and that the Chinese people are inferior. The Chinese people can distinguish between insult, slander and smear, and bitter exposure and criticism—— However, such a writer has recently logged into China’s largest post-95 and Post-00 video app community, and was wildly recommended by the community. He was also invited to give advice to young people, completely ignoring what people’s leaders said at the literary and Art Forum. The people’s leader said, “China’s literary and artistic works should not aim to win prizes in the West. Some phenomena that vilify the people, China and heroes are undermining the foundation of our faith. They are historical nihilism and do great harm. Literary and artistic workers should actively promote positive energy.”

This video website is the largest post-95, 00 and 05 Chinese community in China. They openly trample on the red line, actively participate in and promote self racial discrimination to Chinese young people, and promote the cultural banner pushed by the West. What are their intentions?


Let’s take a look at a treasure and a famous banana * * underwear company. This company has been publicly playing the edge ball on a treasure for a long time, putting black boys and Chinese girls together to display a large number of soft pornographic themes of underwear and underwear. Its scale is amazing. On the surface, this company is a Shenzhen company. In fact, it is a wholly-owned company of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal persons registered in Hong Kong. The Shenzhen company is controlled by this Hong Kong company. With the flow support of a treasure, it soon obtained 2.5 billion overseas investment. Their ads are very interesting. It is always a naked black man touching Naked Chinese women, including boys and girls. You will never see Chinese men, let alone ambiguous pictures of Chinese men and foreign women, in this company’s ads. In a word, it can only be and must be black men + Chinese women. Conversely, Chinese Men + foreign women can’t. There is no such thing, and you can’t see it. On Weibo, the company has been complained to the relevant management departments by netizens for many times, but up to now, people still go their own way.

By the way, Jiao * * is not a special case. In other brands, clothing, fashion, travel, home, and big brand advertising circles, almost all foreign male models + Chinese female models have been formed. Even in many local government activities and University publicity materials, all foreign men + Chinese women are all foreign men + Chinese women. The website contains advertisements for Valentine’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, and Tanabata Festival, It’s also full of pictures of foreign men holding hands with Chinese women. It’s absolutely hard for you to see pictures of Chinese men and foreign women. People have long exclaimed that Chinese men are disappearing from the Internet, advertising, publicity and people’s eyes. What is this not a naked genocide and “seed exchange plan”?


Do you still remember the famous overseas NGOs that received the “China n house” of funds from the US Democracy Foundation, the US Ford Foundation and the US Rockefeller Foundation sanctioned by the Chinese government? Their goals and plans are plainly written: “it is their mission to let more Chinese women take the initiative to marry black men!” But as a result, this NGO is still alive and well. The person who first came forward to report them has been banned for a long time.

Speaking of sealing, current limiting and cutting off. Today, how many people are recommended by the platform algorithm? What is the internal mechanism? How many people are restricted, cut off or even blocked or deleted by the platform algorithm today? What is the internal mechanism? An auditor of an Internet company can easily block the accounts of members of the CPPCC National Committee, deputies to the National People’s Congress, and regular official media, cut off the live broadcast, and restrict the flow of fans. All these are black box operations. You never know who is behind them, which editor is behind them, or which manager is responsible for them. However, some people who advocate Britain and the United States,, anti marriage and anti parenting, and problematic artists are popular on the Internet, often pushing 100000 + millions + tens of millions + traffic. Similarly, because it is anonymous, you don’t know which editor or department of the company recommended it. You can’t know anything about it, so you have to let it go.

Excuse me, do our relevant departments know these things? Do you know? Really understand? The network is just a tool, which mainly depends on the power to master it. Just like television, television, radio, teaching materials, newspapers and magazines, these forces should be in the hands of those who really know, love this country and nation, and really tighten the line of ideological struggle all the time, rather than those who live in the dead. Now is the biggest change and the depths of the collision vortex in the 300 years of eastern and Western civilization. Now is the time for the west to completely encircle China, How much time do we have to waste? How much time do we have to be insensitive when overseas forces have frantically hollowed out the cornerstone of our spirit and belief through years of layout and massive funds?


These are all problems that occur inside us every day. The United States has the experience of bringing down a big country in this way, so the United States has invested a lot in it. Believe it or not, the bodies of the Soviet Union lie there waiting for us to study. Whether we believe it or not, the cultural subversion methods used by the United States against the Soviet Union are being imposed on us hundreds of times and thousands of times today, If we do not show 120, 000 determination and courage and immediately organize research on defense and counterattack, I am afraid we will have to repeat the mistakes.

Therefore, I sobbed blood and suggested that the state establish an ideology Management Bureau. This bureau must be a young cadre, a cadre who has been tested in the past public opinion and ideological struggle, a cadre who knows the Internet like the palm of his hand, and a young man who has a deep understanding of the Internet. Where do they find it? It’s easy to find. Look for it in the instructions of the people’s leaders. At present, the struggle launched by the West has become very fierce, and we have no time to wait. We need an ideological firewall. We need to concentrate all the shocking problems, these amazing problems, and these problems that few people manage and understand. We can no longer hand over the flow, stage and important cultural, educational and publicity content bearing platform to the people carefully cultivated in the West, We should hand over the red line to those who are dedicated to the country and the people.


The people’s leader said, “I will live up to the people without me.” This sentence is shocking and admirable whenever it sounds. Similarly, every man is responsible for the rise and fall of his country, and the fearless will live forever. Most of the things in this world are difficult. Heaven seems to have feelings and the sky is old. The right path in the world is the vicissitudes of life. There are many people who are willing to betray the interests of the country and the nation for small profits, but there are also many people who are willing to sacrifice everything for the future of the nation. Life is just a death, sooner or later. If a limited life can do more for this nation, why should we be afraid of being crushed to pieces.

Kyushu is angry because of the wind and thunder, and thousands of horses are silent and mournful. I advise the heavenly father to be vigorous again, and to demoralize talents regardless of style.

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