The real Zhao Yun is just that Wen Chen never killed an enemy general?

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When it comes to the romance of the Three Kingdoms, many students can quote from the classics, and many of them especially like Zhaoyun, one of the five tiger generals, who is courageous, resourceful and loyal; Many male students regard him as their idol. However, if Zhao Yun was originally a literary minister, there must be many people against it, but the author of this article points out through his own detailed research that Zhao Yun’s military general identity is indeed questionable. The identity of the five tiger general from the “Romance” Zhao Yun’s identity of the five tiger general was mainly formed in Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but there is no record in the annals of the Three Kingdoms. The description of Zhao Yun in the annals of the Three Kingdoms can be summed up in the words of wit, loyalty and courage, but there is not a word in the book about Zhao Yun as a military general. On the other hand, in Chengdu Wuhou Temple, Zhao Yun is also among the literary ministers. Wuhou Temple was built by the Tang Court and should be credible. People today think that Zhao Yun is a military general, mostly because he saved ah Dou twice, captured xiahoulan alive, defeated Cao Jun in the battle of Dingjun mountain, etc. in fact, these reasons are questionable. Changbanpo saved ah Dou. The annals of the Three Kingdoms did not give a detailed introduction. It only said that Zhao Yun found that ah Dou and Mrs. Gan were lost, so he turned his horse to look for them. After a while, Zhao Yun took ah Dou in his arms, protected Mrs. Gan, and returned to the camp. The second time to save ah Dou was when Sun Quan sent a large number of boats and boats to take Mrs. sun and ah Dou back to the eastern Wu. Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei led troops to intercept them and successfully recaptured ah Dou. The former is purely a search and has nothing to do with the identity of a military general; The latter is with Zhang Fei. It is hard to say how much role Zhao Yun played. As for the capture of xiahoulan alive, it is even more worthy of deliberation. Xiahoulan was a legal worker, not a military general. Maybe Zhao Yun was braver than him, so he became a prisoner. After defeating Cao Jun at Dingjun mountain, Zhao Yun played a more intelligent role. When Huang Zhong went to rob Cao’s army of food and grass, Zhao Yun did not go. Later, he saw that Huang Zhong did not return. Zhao Yun led his troops to rescue him. Later, facing the encirclement of Cao’s army, Zhao Yun ordered the Shu army to stop fighting. Cao’s army retreated after suspecting that there was an ambush. Zhao Yun took the opportunity to order the sergeant to shoot Cao’s army with a crossbow and arrow. Cao’s army was horrified, trampled on each other, and many people fell into the water and drowned. From Liu Bei’s employment analysis of Zhao Yun’s identity and Liu Bei’s use of Zhao Yun, we can also find that Zhao Yun’s real talent is just a think tank and a housekeeper. Zhao Yun was so poor that he never killed an enemy general, pulled out a fortress, or defeated a great enemy; Biqi was never a pioneer commander or a feudal official in his life. Many people say that Liu Bei is blind and doesn’t put Zhao Yun in the important position. In fact, it’s not the case. Liu Bei’s skill in employing people is far superior to that of Zhugeliang. Even if he is not comparable with Cao Cao, he is not far behind. Liu Bei can never take a dim view of Zhao Yun, who has been following him for many years. There is only one reason for not reusing him: Zhao Yun is not a military general. He has enough courage and strength. It is enough to do management work. Liu Bei didn’t let Zhao Yun master the heavy army, but just stayed with him. It was precisely for him to develop his strengths and avoid his weaknesses, and use his foresight and sagacity. Zhao Yun does have superhuman political vision and overall situation view. When Liu Bei got Chengdu, someone asked to share the famous farmland and good houses in Chengdu with the generals. However, Zhao Yun believes that “the world is not yet stable. We should not seize people’s fields and houses, but return to the fields and houses to gather the hearts of the people.” After Guan Yu’s death, Liu Bei decided to seek revenge from the Soochow. Zhao Yun said, “the national thief is Cao Cao, not Sun Quan. If the state of Wei was destroyed first, Sun Quan would naturally submit to it. Now Cao Pi of the state of Wei usurped the Han Dynasty and became emperor. It is unpopular. It is not a good strategy to fight Wu without attacking Wei.” Zhao Yun had a surplus of military funds. Zhugeliang asked him to give them to the soldiers. However, he thought that the soldiers didn’t need to be rewarded because they didn’t contribute. They should keep their things for the winter. From the above facts, it can be seen that Zhao Yun’s overall view and political judgment as a literary minister are exactly what the four generals around the Shu Kingdom lacked. The classification of the status of Zhao Yun’s literary ministers in Chengdu Wuhou shrine is by no means a confusion by the founder. So it is better to say that Zhao Yun is the bravest, most charming and the most military general.

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