The reason why Zhang Binbin left Jiaxing was exposed. The 1:9 score was too bloodsucking

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When Zhang Binbin was a plain person, he was signed by Jiaxing, and then began to participate in various self-made dramas of Jiaxing, and then slowly worked hard in the entertainment industry for ten years. At the end of the ten-year contract, Zhang Binbin chose not to renew his contract with Jiaxing, and many netizens were also curious about why Zhang Binbin did so. The reason why Zhang Binbin left Jiaxing was exposed, and the 1:9 share was too bloodsucking. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

The reason why Zhang Binbin left Jiaxing was exposed

Many people think that Zhang Binbin should not leave Jiaxing. After all, the general environment is bad now. Staying in Jiaxing can at least ensure that there are always dramas. After all, Jiaxing has a lot of self-made dramas. Zhang Binbin’s coffee position and traffic in the entertainment industry are at a high level, and his foundation in the entertainment industry is not very solid. Renewing his contract with Jiaxing seems to be more beneficial to Zhang Binbin’s acting career.

But Zhang Binbin still chose not to renew the contract, and sent a text to thank Jiaxing for choosing to work with Jiaxing “ Break up peacefully ”. But Zhang Binbin’s fans were very happy. Zhang Binbin finally left Jiaxing because the contract signed between Jiaxing and the artist was too blood sucking. Because the signing of Jiaxing is basically plain people, so at the beginning of signing the contract, plain people had no conditions for negotiation, and everything was up to Jiaxing to decide. In the contract signed by Jiaxing and Zhang Binbin, the proportion of income is 1:9. Jiaxing takes the big head of 9, and Zhang Binbin can only get the small head of 1.

Jiaxing 1:9 is too bloodsucking

So fans naturally want Zhang Binbin to leave Jiaxing and work alone, because Zhang Binbin’s casual income is more than that earned in Jiaxing. Moreover, Jiaxing is not awesome in anti Mafia and artist publicity. Except for Yang Mi and Dili Reba, other artists of Jiaxing are basically public staff. Now that Zhang Binbin has left Jiaxing, he can have his own team to serve Zhang Binbin alone.

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