The result of the Shenzhen Rolls-Royce vs. Bentley female incident was released: I do not approve of infinite questioning around a focus event

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Original title: The results of the Bentley female incident are released! Hu Xijin: I don’t agree with infinite questioning around one focus

According to the “Shenzhen State-owned Assets” WeChat public account on the 7th, “the wife of the secretary of the state-owned enterprise”, boasting “open 50 Bentleys to block the Rolls-Royce”… A recent parking space dispute in Shenzhen Baoneng City Mansion District has aroused widespread public attention. . The reporter learned in an interview on the 6th that relevant parties in our city are handling the incident in accordance with laws and regulations, and verifying and processing the information transmitted on the Internet. In the follow-up, we will also urge the development of the parking space use rights exposed in the incident. Commercial and property companies will do a good job in resolving relevant disputes. The parties to the dispute also stated in an interview with reporters that many relevant information on the Internet did not match the facts, and they would actively cooperate with relevant departments and units in the investigation and handling, and assume due responsibilities.

Recently, in the parking lot of a community in Shenzhen, Guangdong, a woman had a dispute with others because of the parking space problem, and claimed that her husband was the secretary of a state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen, and said that she would “drive 50 Bentleys” to block the parking space, which caused concern.

An owner of the community involved revealed that the dispute was caused by the developer gifting the right to use the “public” parking space in the residential area to the owner of the apartment area as a “special parking space”, which caused dissatisfaction among the owners of the residential area. This matter is also related to the parking space dispute.”

The street to which the community belongs confirmed that the dispute was triggered by a real estate developer donating a parking space and is currently being processed.

Hu Xijin: I don’t agree with endless questioning around a focal event

The incident of the Bentley woman is basically clear. This is a very common parking space dispute. The Bentley woman spoke excitedly at the time. She was missing the door, and blew out the cowhide of “I have 50 Bentleys at home”, and she was mistaken for “the wife of the state-owned enterprise secretary”. , raising suspicions of corruption.

The public’s vigilance and hatred of corruption are both legitimate and just. The Internet has strong functions of focusing, amplifying and extending information, and sometimes misses the target, which is also not surprising. Therefore, it is very important that official news appear in time to help clear up misunderstandings.

After reading the briefing by Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on the passive involvement of Secretary Zhang Xiaozhong, I think it has responded to the issues people are most concerned about, and the media’s interviews with the parties involved can basically eliminate people’s doubts about corruption. The most critical of them is that Zhang Xiaozhong divorced in 2017, and he and the Bentley woman will only become lovers in 2021. The related houses and Bentley cars are personal properties that the Bentley woman had purchased before.

Some people may ask, why did the secretary fall in love with a woman who looks like a “rich woman”? I am not in favor of endless questioning around a focused incident. We need to trust the seriousness of the Shenzhen SASAC’s investigation and report, and they will be responsible for protecting public assets. In addition, everyone has some personal rights that should not be disturbed. There are very clear regulations on the boundaries between individual rights and public power, and the organization will supervise the implementation. After so many years of fighting corruption, breaking through such boundaries is by no means as easy as some people think.

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