The right posture for winter!

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Original: Duan Hongbin source: official account: Lao Duan’s viewpoint

Yesterday, due to an article by Ren Laobo, saying that we should pass on the cold to everyone, hundreds of millions of A-share investors felt the real cold today, so that you can’t find Ren Laobo’s article now. Of course, Ren’s article is true, but this kind of truth is only suitable for internal speaking, not for public speaking. Once it is made public, the nature will change, and it will become public bad mouthing. How can we do that?


Today, we will not discuss whether the cold winter will come. I just want to talk about how to spend the winter, because the arrival of the cold winter is already a matter of the lice on the head of Heshang. The only uncertain thing now is how long this cold winter will last, and whether it will be as short as three or five years and as long as ten or eight years, as Mr. Ren said. I personally prefer three to five years.

To know how to spend the winter, let’s first study the hibernation of bears. For bears, a year can be divided into three seasons:

Spring to autumn is the season of enjoyment;

Autumn to winter is the season to eat, drink and save fat;

Winter to spring is the season for hibernation. Hibernation lasts for 4-5 months, from November to march of the next year.


For bears, the most important thing is to put on fat in autumn, because it is directly related to whether they can survive this winter. Bears are omnivorous animals, and they are always in the process of foraging in autumn. The bear’s appetite can be said to be excellent. They love meat and vegetables, and can eat plants, insects, honey, fish, even deer, sheep and cattle. Bears eat and drink everywhere and save meat desperately. The goal is to gain more than 130 kilograms of weight, which is the reserve meat for the whole winter.

When the food is almost finished and winter comes, the bear will find a cave to hide in, and then start hibernating. Hibernation is different from ordinary sleep, but enters the state of fake death. In this process, the bear does not eat, drink, or poop. The heart rate is reduced to 25% of the normal level, and the body temperature is 7 ? lower than the normal level. The rate of metabolism slows down greatly. At this time, the bear just has breath.

If a person does not shit or urinate, the toxins accumulated in his body will poison him to death. However, the bear will not be poisoned. The toxins produced by burning fat will be recycled by the bear. This magical biochemical reaction allows the bear to recycle the urine and feces that should have been discharged from the body into nutrients.

Interestingly, only bears in the wild will hibernate, and bears in the zoo will not hibernate. The reason is very simple. Although the zoo also has winter, which is also very cold, the keepers will ensure the food supply. Bears in the wild are not afraid of low temperature, but are afraid of food shortage. Because it is difficult to find enough food in winter, bears have to hibernate. If they can find food in winter, they will not hibernate. The bears in the zoo don’t eat and drink much in autumn, and their weight is about the same as usual.

Well, I’ve finished talking about the bear. What is the inspiration for us? I think there are three inspirations:

1. Before winter comes, the most important thing is to reserve enough fat;

2. If winter really comes, the metabolic rate should be reduced;

3. If you don’t lack food in winter, you don’t need to hibernate. On the contrary, what should you do.

Let’s explain it separately.

Bear fat is human cash. The situation is getting more and more difficult. Do you have enough cash on hand? Cash is a good thing. I’ve seen many so-called real estate speculators, who claim to have ten digit assets, even ask fans to borrow money in the fan group, even the small money of 35000. Because he has to repay the mortgage every month, he can only borrow money from fans if he has no money to repay the mortgage. He can only borrow money from fans to rob Peter to pay Paul.

It’s said that with such a high price, life is so tight. It looks pathetic. This is because, when the situation was good, these people preached everywhere that “cash is garbage” and “only stupid people hold cash”. So they have a lot of assets in their hands. It is certainly no problem for you to do so in the upward cycle, but it is just a matter of death for you to do so in the downward cycle.

There is also a standard for storing enough fat, that is, the cash on hand should be able to support all your expenses for three years, including food, drink, housing loans, car loans and children’s tuition fees. That is to say, even if you don’t earn any money in the past three years, your grain reserves are enough for you to eat and drink without worry. Only then can you say that you have grain in your hand and don’t worry.

When winter comes, bears will reduce their metabolic rate, and you need to be prepared to economize on food and clothing. For modern people, in fact, daily expenses do not cost much. The real big part is indiscriminate investment.

I have seen countless investors who are extremely stingy with themselves and generous with the capital market. When they have money, they throw it into the stock market. However, they live frugally, wear a suit of clothes for several years, make instant noodles at noon, and live like an ascetic monk. Then they pull their money out of their teeth and run to speculate in the stock market. I really want to say, why? If you really make a lot of money, you will still put your money into the stock market again and make contributions to the capital market in the end.

For some parents, they like to invest in education for their children desperately. In my opinion, your children will never get back the money invested. Of course, this is the belief of others. If I say too much, I will be scolded, so I will stop here.

Winter is coming. It’s really not suitable for disorderly investment. Unless you are particularly optimistic about something and you think it can definitely make money, you would rather not do it. This is to reduce your metabolic rate. As for daily food and drink, there is no money at all, so you don’t need to save it.

As for the bears in the zoo, they don’t hibernate because there is food and drink in the zoo. I have also seen bears drinking beer and smoking. They are very happy when they are young. For some people, for example, you do nucleic acid swabs, so now is your best day. You don’t need to hibernate. Instead, you should increase investment, because you belong to the countercyclical industry. The more people suffer, the better you feel.

Now let’s talk about my situation. Since the outbreak began, I left Shanghai to live in a small county in Zhejiang. Now I’m very glad that I made the original decision, because living in another place can greatly reduce the cost of living. Because the population density has decreased, my happiness has also improved a lot.

I didn’t know how to drive. After I left Shanghai, I took the driver’s license test and bought two cars. The license fee was only a few hundred yuan. Because there were few people, there were lots of parking spaces in the community, and parking was free. As my family grew bigger, I learned to grow flowers and fish. I also stored hundreds of cans, so that even if I was sealed for half a year, I could eat and drink.

After lying flat completely, people become happy. By the way, my wife just had a second child, and I’m going to work hard for two years to solve the third child. Because the education here is also very cheap, only a fraction of that in Shanghai. As for the education quality you said is not good, alas, if I have more children, one of them will be promising.

The most important thing to be a person is to be happy. If you don’t take part in the introversion, it is the greatest source of happiness.

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