The romance of sun CE, the hero of the Three Kingdoms: super handsome men fight the world

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Sun CE was born and died

175 – 200 years

Native place

Fuchun, Wujun, Yangzhou (now Fuyang, Zhejiang)

Specialties and hobbies

1. Hunting 2. Looking in the mirror 3. Telling jokes 4. Reading Zuo Zhuan

Main social relations

Relatives – father, Sun Jian; Mother, Wu Guotai; Younger brother: Sun Quan, Sun Yi, sun Kuang; Wives and concubines: bridge; Brother in law: Zhou Yu.

The Ministry – Zhou Yu, Tai Shici, Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, Han Dang, Lu Meng, Zhang Zhao, Yu fan, etc.

Friend Zhou Yu.

Enemy –

Cao Cao

, Yuan Shu, Liu Yao, Hua Xin, Wang Lang, Xu Gong, etc.




Sun CE lost his father in his early years and swore to avenge his father. He won more than a thousand people from Yuan Shu. He crossed the river and fought in all directions. Finally, he occupied six counties in Jiangdong and dominated the eastern Wu. Yuan Shu arrogated his name, and sun CE condemned the soldiers in a letter to cut off diplomacy with him. Cao Cao and Yuan Shaoxiang refused Guandu, and sun CE plotted to attack Xudu to welcome the Han Emperor. Sun CE is open-minded, humorous and popular, but he has made many enemies because of the annexation of local forces. He liked to go hunting alone, and was finally killed by the former Wu County Governor Xu Gong’s Menke. He was only 26 years old. On his deathbed, he asked Zhang Zhao and others to order the future, determine Sun Quan as the heir, and lay the foundation of the eastern Wu Dynasty.

Romance resume

Sun Jian fought with Liu Biao. Sun CE, then 17, went to war with the army and shot the enemy general Chen Sheng. Sun Jian was shot to death by Liu Biao’s random arrows, and sun CE exchanged the captured Huang Zu for his father’s body. Later, sun CE stayed with his father

Imperial seal

In exchange for Yuan Shu’s army, it fought all the way, flattening the southeast and shaking the three rivers. Sun CE broke Liu Yao, killed a general, drank a general, and fought a horse with Tai Shici. Everyone called him “little overlord”. Sun CE hunted and was stabbed by his enemy Xu Gong’s Menke. He was cursed by Taoist Yu Ji for killing him. He was seriously injured and died.

The rest is roughly the same as history.

Impression of heroes in the two and Three Kingdoms: Sun CE

Self impression

Take all the people in the east of the river and decide between the two formations to compete with the world.

Impression of the annals of the Three Kingdoms

Heroic and outstanding, fierce and world-class.

Impression of the romance of the Three Kingdoms

Monopolize the southeast, known as the little overlord. Planning is like a tiger, and decision-making is like an eagle. It is famous all over the world.

Impression of friends

Today, the emperor Shao’s track, has the name of Xiaowu.

— Zhang Zhen

Go against


Wisdom is superior to the world, and the use of arms is like a God.

— Yu Fan

Enemy impression

It’s hard to compete with him.

— Cao Cao

If you have a son like a grandson, how can you hate your husband!

— Yuan Shu

The plan is light and unprepared. Although there are millions of people, it is no different from walking alone in the Central Plains. If the assassin falls, one’s enemy will hear. From my point of view, I will die at the hands of my husband.

— Guo Jia

CE Yongguan I has great talent and ambition. If you succeed in planning, you will eventually become a big thief in the world, not just a dog thief. “

— Wang Lang

Sun cexiaoxiong is similar to Xiang Ji.

— Xu Gong

Historical impression

Sun CE divided the world into three parts, and all talents made a journey; Xiang Ji used Jiangdong’s children, only 8000 people.

– Yu Xin (Northern and Southern Dynasties)

Modern impression:

Sun CE lost his father at the age of 17 and died at the age of 26. He has built a great cause in more than 10 years. He is young and brave. He is really a hero!

— Lu Bi

The reason why Sun CE attracts me is that this character has both literature and martial arts. He not only has literature and martial arts, but also has a lot of emotional plays in it.

— Sha Yi, the actor of sun CE in the TV Series Three Kingdoms

Sun CE is handsome sun. He is beautiful. He wants to look in the mirror. Look in the mirror and stick it on his face. Thinking about those plasters in ancient times, they won’t look good. He said how did I become like this. As a result, he said, “with such a face, can I still make achievements?” Even if my face is like this, can I still make contributions? With a loud roar, the wound burst, bleeding, and died that night. What is it called? Die to save face. Oh, so sometimes handsome guys are troublesome.

— Yi Zhongtian

Three Kingdoms hero human nature diagnosis Book Sun CE

In the year of weak crown, sun CE, on his own, never had an inch of land and finally dominated Jiangdong. He can be called a model for young people to start their own businesses. Sun CE, with his short and gorgeous youth, won a share of the southeast world for Sun Quan and laid the foundation for the eastern Wu empire.

Sun CE had nothing at first. In front of the Ministry, he was a younger generation, and he had to compromise to gather talents. Therefore, he treated people sincerely and magnanimously, with a broader mind than the Yangtze River.

If sun CE wants to start a business, he must cultivate his aggressiveness, because his opponent is too weak and his war is too smooth, which creates his God of war personality, and he does not allow others to infringe on his dignity. His mind is sometimes narrower than a glass of water.

Chen porcelain identification conclusion: Sun CE, type AB blood character, bilious, Chen porcelain suggested: lower your desire and peep into your heart; You will find that you are not enough; Slow down and enjoy the roadside scenery, and you will find that life is so wonderful.

Zhou Yu said he was handsome, and the Sun Jian family laughed.

When you arrive at Sun Jian’s house, you enter the “handsome man’s nest”: Sun Jian is a handsome father (“extraordinary appearance”), the eldest sun CE is a handsome man (“beautiful appearance”), the Second Sun Quan is a cool man (“Qiwei appearance”), the third Sun Yi is a handsome boy (“valiant and strong”), the fourth sun Kuang’s appearance is unprecedented, but he has no reason not to be handsome. Handsome dad actually has a bastard son, sun Lang, the youngest. Many people think that the real name of Mrs. sun in the romance of the Three Kingdoms is sun Ren, but it is not; The so-called sun Ren is actually sun lang. although there is no record of sun Lang’s appearance in history, according to the industry standard that beautiful women can be concubines, and Sun Jian is handsome himself, from the perspective of genetics, sun Lang should be more handsome than his four brothers.

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Chinese did not hold any “super men” games because of the presence of Sun Jian and his son, just as the Chinese team was unwilling to participate in table tennis competitions in other countries.

Originally, anyone who came to Sun Jian’s house should exclaim: “handsome! Cool!” However, when people arrive at Sun Jian’s house, they often bow their heads, look dignified, and say the word “sorrow”.

Sun Jian is actually handsome. Sun Jian was a resounding hero. Dong Zhuo was in chaos. The heroes of Kanto only shouted slogans and did not march. In addition to Cao Cao, only sun Jianzhen attacked Dong Zhuo with a knife and a gun, beheaded Dong Zhuo’s general Hua Xiong (the romance of the Three Kingdoms attributed this credit to Guan Yu), and finally captured Luoyang, driving Dong Zhuo to Chang’an.

Handsome dad always takes the lead in fighting. Everyone else wears armor, but he only uses a fashionable red scarf. Sun Jian was once chased and killed by Dong Zhuo’s army in the eastern suburbs of Kaifeng. He took off his red scarf and asked the Ministry to put on zumao, and ran away by himself from another road. Zu Mao took off his red scarf and hung it on the incense burning post in the cemetery, hiding it in the grass. Dong Zhuo’s cavalry came straight to the red scarf, only to find that they were chasing a post. They circled around the red scarf and left. This time, the red scarf saved handsome dad’s life.

Later, Sun Jian attacked Liu Biao and rushed forward lightly. He was surrounded by Huang Zu. His red scarf was particularly prominent in the light of the fire. For a time, arrows shot at him like locusts. The tragedy happened

After seeing the handsome young man of the sun family, a man named Liu Wan quietly said to people, “I see the sun brothers. Although they are only bright and bright, they don’t live long. Only the second son, Sun Quan, has a magnificent appearance, an unusual physique and a noble appearance. He can live a long life. Let’s see whether my prediction works.”

Liu Wan was sent to sun CE by the imperial court at that time. He was a terrible man. His horror lies in the fact that his prophecy about the handsome boy of the sun family is effective: Sun CE was assassinated by his enemy at the age of 26, Sun Yi was killed by the Ministry at the age of 20, and sun Kuang died of disease in his early 20s. Sun Quan’s life expectancy is more than the sum of the other three brothers: 71 years old.

Someone said, why did you miss sun Lang, the son of the second wife? In 222 A.D., sun Lang operated illegally in a battle, causing a fire and burning all the horse materials. Sun Quan immediately dismissed him from his family and ordered him to be surnamed Ding. Thank God Sun Quan. Sun Lang changed his surname to Ding and actually lived longer than Sun Quan.

The 37 year old handsome father died and threw a bunch of handsome boys to the 17-year-old handsome boy sun CE. The second son Sun Quan was only nine years old at that time. At the age of 17, today is a senior 2 student, but Sun CE took up the burden of the whole Sun family early.

After Sun Jian died, sun CE should be in mourning. According to the book of rites, the father’s death “lasts for three years and ends in twenty-five months”. From 191 to 193, sun CE had been mourning for his father in qua. In these two years, Dong Zhuo died, heroes from all sides launched a “enclosure” war, and the battle for territory became white hot. When sun CE came out of the funeral home, he looked up and saw that the place where his father had galloped before had been “shared” by Yuan Shu, Liu Biao, Tao Qian and others. Although Sun Jian was brave, he fought against Dong Zhuo first, and then worked hard for Yuan Shu. He did not occupy the territory and did not form a base area. Moreover, after Sun Jian’s death, his troops were also incorporated by Yuan Shu. In this way, sun CE may inherit only Shuai from Shuai’s father.

No territory, no army, no experience. 19-year-old sun CE has almost nothing except handsome. Handsome is lethal to women, but not to overlords.

Fortunately, sun CE is still young. At that time, sun CE, like today’s college graduates – the same handsome, the same youth, the same colorful dreams – had nothing at all.

Sun CE’s dream is to avenge his father. At that time, the Revenge of killing his father was the biggest revenge. If a son can’t revenge for his father who was killed, he can’t get along, no matter how handsome he is.

If Sun Jian died in a fight, sun CE found the murderer, white knife went in, red knife came out, clapped his hands, and any hatred could be written off. Sun CE died in the war for hegemony. It was Liu Biao’s soldiers under Huang Zu who killed Sun Jian. According to the accountability system, sun CE did not want to kill soldiers, but Huang Zu and Liu Biao.

For a 19-year-old young man at that time, this task was as unreliable as today’s College Students’ entrepreneurship to run listed companies.

In fact, sun CE is different from the “poor second generation” college students who even have to calculate the tickets for the job fair. At least he has a prominent family background. The sun family has been an official in Wujun for generations. Sun CE still has some “soft assets” as startup capital.

One of sun CE’s startup capital: reputation.

Sun Jian went out to fight and left his wife and children in Fuchun, his hometown. The world is in chaos. His brother Sun Jing organized the villagers and 500 or 600 people in the clan to set up a security brigade to protect the safety of his hometown. Young sun CE must hold an important position in this security brigade, and may still be the vice captain.

With high talent, good family background, high martial arts, handsome appearance and good popularity, it is difficult to be famous. As a teenager, sun CE soon became known as sun Lang.

On this day, Fuchun came a handsome young man like sun Lang. Compared with sun Lang, this man is less brave, but more refined.

He said his name was Zhou Yu.

He made a special trip to visit Sun Lang from his hometown Shu county (now the southwest of Lujiang River in Anhui Province). It was nearly a thousand miles from Fuchun to Shu County, and there was one Jiangnan and one Jiangbei. At that time, there was no Internet and TV, so it was very difficult for people in both places to know each other. However, it happened that this handsome boy named Zhou Yu came from Mu sun CE.

Zhou Yu is also the “second generation of officials”. His high grandfather Zhou Rongguan to shangshuling, his great grandfather Zhou Xingguan to shangshulang, his uncle and grandfather Zhou Jingguan to Sikong and Taiwei, and his father Zhou Yiguan to Luoyang Ling. Sun CE may also be the “official Five Dynasties”, but Sun CE’s ancestors all served in Wujun, and they did not reach the level of Assassin until Sun Jian. In this way, sun CE, the “second generation of officials”, is not as good as Zhou Yu, the “second generation of officials”. To attract Zhou Yu, we can imagine how well-known sun CE was at that time.

Sun Lang and Zhou Lang meet. Poor Jiangdong girl is sleepless tonight.

They are similar in character, style and age. After meeting, they are particularly kind, so they recognize each other as friends. Jiang Biao Zhuan describes the relationship between the two people with “righteousness and breaking gold”, that is to say, the relationship between the two people is very iron, and together, they can cut metal. “Cutting off the gold” is a rhetoric, but it is a fact that these two people worked together to cut off many heroes in Jiangdong.

This time, Zhou Lang persuaded sun Lang to live in Shu County, and sun Lang agreed. Zhou Lang was so generous that he immediately decided to let his family go to his place for housing, food, education, medical treatment and entertainment. You should be responsible for inviting others. The 15-year-old sun Lang was so forthright that he traveled thousands of miles to a strange 15-year-old young man’s house he had just met. He was not afraid of being abducted, sold or cheated.

Sun CE went to Shu County, and Zhou Yu gave his house near the road to the sun CE family to live in, a prime location! Zhou Yu didn’t call sun CE to Shu county to recuperate, but to communicate with each other and enhance their feelings. Therefore, the two “Lang” kept frequent contacts and often visited each other. Every time they visit each other’s house, they go to the back hall to meet and greet each other’s mother. Moreover, the two “have something in common” — my family made dumplings and brought a bowl to your family, but your living room was not furnished. Go to my house to get it.

Sun CE lived at Zhou Yu’s house for two years. After Sun Jian died, he went back to qua for mourning. When sun CE started his business, Zhou Yu didn’t work. He was a potential stock.

The second part of sun CE’s startup capital: Lu Fan and sun he.

The sea embraces all rivers, and tolerance is great. Sun CE fell in love with Zhou Lang, who was from a prominent family, and also sympathized with Lu fan, who was from a poor family. Lu Fan was born in Xiyang, Runan (now Taihe, Anhui Province). He was a county official in his youth, and he was also a handsome boy (“with capacity and appearance”). Lu Fan proposed to a wealthy daughter-in-law surnamed Liu. Qian Jin’s mother hated his poverty. Mr. Liu saw him as a potential stock and insisted on being his father-in-law. After the yellow scarf army uprising, Lu Fan avoided chaos and went to Shouchun (Shouxian County, Anhui Province). After sun CE met him, he thought he was a talent and looked down on him. Lu Fan simply followed the little brother and led more than 100 soldiers to sun CE.

Although Sun Jian died, his old subordinates were still alive, and there were no weak soldiers under the strong generals. Although most of these subordinates were in Yuan Shu’s army at that time, there were still some “missing fish” who returned to sun CE, such as sun he. Sun he is a brother of sun CE’s own family. As a confidant of Sun Jian when he was young, he followed Sun Jian to fight against the four sides. He is old qualified. He found sun CE in Jiangdu and willingly became sun CE’s confidant. Sun he has rich experience, which can make up for sun CE’s lack of experience.

The third part of sun CE’s startup capital: Wu Jing and sun Ben

At that time, Danyang County governed today’s southern Jiangsu, Southern Anhui and Northern Zhejiang, with abundant products and sufficient military rations. More importantly, Danyang soldiers are famous for their strength. Yuan Shu once said that Danyang is famous for its large number of elite soldiers. He Jin and Cao Cao once recruited soldiers from Danyang, and Tao Qian successfully bribed Liu Bei with thousands of Danyang soldiers. Later, cen Ying, the Danyang prefect of the state of Wu, fought against Jin and led only more than 500 Danyang soldiers to break through the solid defense of Jin army. Five thousand dead soldiers in Li Ling were also Danyang soldiers, who had fought against 80000 fine horses of the Huns. Zhuge Ke was unscrupulous when he was in power. The big reason was that Zhuge Ke, as the governor of Danyang, held a heavy army.

Although New York has opportunities, the average college student in China will not consider going to New York to start a business unless he is crazy. Originally, Danyang strategists would not give teenage sun ce a chance. However, sun CE’s uncle and cousin have to give the fatherless child a chance. Wu Jing, the governor of Danyang, is sun CE’s mother and uncle, and sun Ben, the Duwei of Danyang, is sun CE’s cousin. In this way, Danyang county has become a place for sun CE to rely on. Sun CE can recruit powerful Danyang soldiers at any time.

It is difficult for young people to start a business. There are fire-fighting companies to collect fees, and urban management to set up stalls. Sun CE met a man who kicked the stall, Xuzhou Mu Tao Qian.

After qu’a’s funeral, sun CE and his family moved to Jiangdu in the north of the river. Jiangdu was a first tier city at that time. Young sun CE, like today’s young people, yearned for first tier cities. Later, the development of things proved that it was difficult for sun CE to establish himself in the first tier cities, and he finally took the first step of entrepreneurship in the second tier city Danyang. There was another reason why Sun CE chose Jiangdu at that time: Jiangdu was Sun Jian’s sphere of influence. Sun Jian fought everywhere, and his family was young in Shouchun. A man with demeanor, career and masculinity like him could not have lost women in that era. Jiangdu was the place where Sun Jian had a mistress at that time. Later, Sun Quan was proclaimed emperor, and Sun Jian was posthumously posthumously named as the eternal king of Changsha, and his mistress was also upgraded to a princess.

When he arrived in Jiangdu, sun CE sent LV fan to take the princess to his side, which was a wish for his father. After everything was settled, sun CE planned to avenge his father.

“The book of Rites: Qu Li Shang”: “The Revenge of killing my father, Buddha and God.” Please understand the revenge action of the bloody man sun CE.

Sun CE, who was only 19 at that time, may not have found a way to revenge, but Tao Qian “helped” him find a way.

Tao Qian is definitely not a good man in the romance of the Three Kingdoms, but a veteran of officialdom. Tao Qian, who was in his sixties, saw that sun CE was young but could not be underestimated (“Xuzhou Mu Tao Qian deeply hated CE”), and wanted to drive him away from Jiangdu. Of course, the hypocritical Tao Qian didn’t want to publicly offend sun CE. Tao Qian had his own despicable way. Seeing that Lu Fan was Sun CE’s right-hand assistant, he arrested Lu Fan on the grounds that Lu Fan was a spy of Yuan Shu. Tao Qian instructed Jiangdu county to torture Lu fan, and it was likely that he would finally want to make an excuse like “hide and seek” to kill Lu Fan.

From the team of more than 100 people brought by LV fan, sun CE selected those with great skills and set up a rescue team to snatch LV fan out.

This time, sun CE became a prison robber and a harbouring prisoner, and he couldn’t get on in Jiangdu – Tao Qian’s goal was achieved.

During that time, people avoided sun CE for fear that they would not be able to get along with people who were not pleasing to Zhou Mu! Only Lu Fan and sun he followed him, trudging hard and avoiding danger. Sun CE also treated them as relatives and went to the inner hall with them every day to have a dinner in front of the princess.

Young people can get rid of blindness and impulse by consulting experts before starting a business. Sun CE, who was hit by Tao Qian, found Zhang Zhen, a local man. Zhang Zhen is not an ordinary person. General He Jin, Taiwei Zhu Jun and Sikong xunshuang all recruited him. He shook his head and said: my brother’s body doesn’t allow me to work. He was boxing when he said this. He doesn’t think anyone is qualified to hire him.

At that time, Zhang Zhen was mourning his mother in Jiangdu, and sun CE visited him many times. Sun CE said that he put forward his own entrepreneurial plan to him: “at this time, the Han Dynasty is declining, the world is in chaos, heroes and heroes each set up troops and occupied their own territory, and they can’t help those who are in danger and aid the chaos. My father and the yuan family broke Dong Zhuo together, and their achievements were unsuccessful, but they were harmed by Huang Zu. Although I am young and inexperienced, I also have a small wish (” stealing a micro ambition “) to get back to my father’s army from Yuan Yangzhou (Yuan Shu), and then go to Danyang to join my uncle, What do you think of the integration of troops and horses, the East according to Wu Hui, revenge and disgrace, and finally become an outsider of the court? “

Is it a low-key or a cover up when the grand blueprint for world domination is called “micro ambition”? Who was not frivolous when he was young? Zhang Zhen didn’t want to waste words with this newly dry child, so he said, “I am incompetent, and I have no comment on your great ideal during mourning.”

Sun CE said, “you are well-known, and people near and far believe in you. Today, my business depends on your opinion. Why don’t you eliminate your worries and shoulder my expectations for you as if you were looking up to the mountains? If my little wish can be realized (” micro ambition can be achieved “) and blood revenge can be repaid, this is your immortal merit and my urgent wish.” As he spoke, the young man could no longer control his feelings, and tears ran down his eyes. However, heroes are heroes, and tears did not dilute sun CE’s pride.

Seeing sun CE’s heartfelt loyalty and heroism, knowing that this young man was by no means a frivolous person, Zhang Zhen decided to help this young entrepreneur, He said, “you inherit the life path of the first Marquis (the honorific name for Sun Jian), and have the name of Xiaowu. If you go to Dan Yang and withdraw the troops from Wu Hui, you can unify Jingzhou and Yangzhou, and the enemy can be rewarded. Then, you occupy the dangerous terrain of the Yangtze River, exert your divine power, eliminate the crowd, Kuang Fu Han room, and your achievements are equal to Duke Huan of Qi and Duke Wen of Jin. Where is it just the outer part of the imperial court?”

This remark is equivalent to Zhang’s version of “Longzhong right”. Zhang Zhen is worthy of the name. He taught sun CE to take the first step before his eyes. He went to Danyang to recruit soldiers, and gathered Sun Jian’s old headquarters to avenge his father and unify Jingzhou and Yangzhou, because revenge for his father is a famous teacher. The first step is to base on Jiangdong, and then take the second step. With the help of Changjiang Tianxian, when the opportunity comes to “kill the crowd”, it is to destroy the overlords of all parties one by one, and finally only sun CE is left. Then… Haha!

Zhang’s version of “Longzhong pair” is practical, easy to operate and sustainable. Later, every step taken by sun CE and Sun Quan was within the scope of “Longzhong pair” in Zhang’s version.

Zhugeliang’s version of “Longzhong Dui” is based in Sichuan, with the help of the danger of Sichuan roads; Zhang Zhen’s version of “Longzhong pair” is based on the east of the Yangtze River and takes advantage of the danger of the Yangtze River. Jiangdong is an oblique flow of the Yangtze River to the Northeast in Anhui Province, and the east-west and left-right directions are determined by taking this section of the river as the standard. In ancient times, the East is left and the west is right (this is from the perspective of standing in the Central Plains to the south, so the East is on the left side and the west is on the right side), so Jiangdong is also called Jiangzuo, and today Jiangxi is called Jiangyou. Jiangdong mainly refers to the South Bank of the upper and lower reaches of the Yangtze River with Wuhu as the axis, that is, Southern Anhui, Southern Jiangsu, Northern Zhejiang and northeastern Jiangxi. “Historical records • Xiangyu Benji”: “and Ji crossed the river with eight Gan people, Jiangdong’s children, and now no one has returned. Longitudinal Jiangdong father and brother pity me, how can I see it!” Li Qingzhao said: “so far, I Miss Xiang Yu and refuse to cross Jiangdong.” “Battle of the Red Cliff”: “fighting against the strong of my father and brother, I separated Jiangdong.”

Unfortunately, Zhang Zhen didn’t expect sun CE to collapse halfway, just as Zhu Geliang didn’t expect Liu Bei to die suddenly when he introduced the “Longzhong pair” in Sichuan. Later, Sun Quan basically followed Zhang Xun’s version of “Longzhong right”. He occupied the world of the Yangtze River, killed Shu Han and Cao Wei. If SUN Hao could have the great courage of his ancestors and parents, it might be the Western Jin Dynasty that was destroyed.

Zhang Zhen knew that his “Longzhong confrontation” was infinitely powerful and that sun CE could practice his plan. He expected that sun CE would become a bully. Zhang Zhen asked to join sun CE’s entrepreneurial team when people went up high. He said that after sun CE’s hegemony was a little attractive, he would make an appointment with some like-minded brothers to Nandu.

My brother refused to be recruited by the three families and took the initiative to belong to this big boy who had nothing, just because my brother saw that this boy could succeed!

Sun CE slapped his hands and said cleanly, “I’m trying to attract you to join us. Our fate is always solid. Now I’ll start, and I’ll entrust my mother and young brother to you. With you, I have no worries at home.”

Sun CE took the first step of entrepreneurship without hesitation.

Destination: Shouchun, target person: Yuan Shu, purpose: to beg his father’s former Department, companion: Lu fan, sun he.

In sun CE’s view, Yuan Shu had no reason not to return his father’s army to him. It’s not that you can’t take your own things. Yuan Shu can’t understand the truth that this child knows. However, young sun CE did not understand that many people had lost their childlike heart.

Seeing Yuan Shu, sun CE shed tears. It was not that he took this to exchange Yuan Shu’s sympathy, but that he remembered his father’s death. Sun CE said, “my dead father used to enter the Central Plains from Changsha to fight against Dong Zhuo. He will meet you in Nanyang and form an alliance with you. Unfortunately, he was killed and his achievements have not been completed. My dead father had an old favor in his own army. I want to rely on the development of this army. I hope you can appreciate my sincerity.”

Sun CE said, weeping. If any woman saw him, she would be very distressed. They would immediately agree to what sun CE wanted. Unfortunately, Yuan Shu is not a woman. Of course, he admired the 19-year-old boy in front of him, and sighed, “if I had a son like sun Lang, I would die without regret!” However, the appreciation of sun CE did not make Yuan Shu impulsive, and he refused to return the army to sun CE.

Yuan Shu said, “I appoint your uncle to be the governor of Danyang and your uncle to be the lieutenant. Danyang is a place of elite soldiers. You can go there to join them and recruit troops.” Yuan Shu’s meaning is very clear: if you have the ability to recruit yourself, rest and take a soldier from my hand.

It is a waste of youth for young people to start businesses and ask people like Yuan Shu to lend a helping hand.

Seeing that Yuan Shu did not support him, sun CE first thought not that he was hindered in starting a business, but that his family was entrusted to Zhang Zhen in Jiangdu, which was Tao Qian’s territory. Tao Qian had always wanted to uproot the sun family. Sun CE returned to Jiangdu from Shouchun and moved his family to qua, Wujun, where Sun Jian was buried. With Sun Jian’s protection, the sun family should be safe.

Yuan Shao went to Jizhou to start a business and threw his hometown people beside Dong Zhuo, but he became the leader of the League against Dong Zhuo. As a result, more than 50 members of the yuan family were killed by Dong Zhuo. Later, gongsunzan listed envoys for Yuan Shao to offend, and the third one was that “Shao, as the leader of the alliance, should attack Dong Zhuo without suing his father and brother, so that the Taifu family died together in exhaustion, inhumane and unfilial.” Compared with yuan shaobi, sun CE is undoubtedly a good child who cares for his family.

After kowtowing a few heads in front of his father’s grave, sun CE set foot on the road to Danyang.

In Danyang, sun CE received the support of Wu Jing, the uncle of the governor of Danyang, and collected hundreds of Danyang soldiers, which can be regarded as a practice stall. However, the stall will encounter local ruffians and hooligans blackmail and robbery. Sun CE, with hundreds of newly recruited people, was attacked by the mountain bandit Zu Lang in Jing county (now Jing County, Anhui Province). Zu Lang raised his bright knife and hacked at Sun CE. As a result, he hacked into sun CE’s saddle. If sun CE’s riding skills were a little worse, sun CE might die at this time. Hundreds of people who had worked hard to recruit fled with the pay they had just received.

Damn zulang, is it easy for young people to start a business? If you have the ability, grab Yuan Shu, Tao Qian and Liu Biao!

This time, zulang let Sun CE return to the situation of having nothing. Sun CE’s only gain this time was to know Zu Lang, which paved the way for his surrender in the future.

When I left, I was full of pride, but when I came back, I was empty handed. Sun CE stood in front of Yuan Shu again. Yuan Shu liked sun CE’s state very much, so he said to him, “follow me. If I have something to eat, you won’t be hungry.” This time, sun CE not only didn’t ask his father’s army to come back, but also took himself in and became a migrant worker of Yuan Shu.

How could sun CE willingly bow down to Yuan Shu? Because Yuan Shu offered a generous employment package: if you are under my command, I will let you be Jiujiang prefect. ” If Yuan Shu was a man of his word, sun CE should have been the youngest Taishou at that time.

Yuan Shu sent the pie, and sun CE had no reason not to agree. Young people are struggling to start a business. When they look up to the sky and sigh, they always hope that pie can fall from the sky, and the result is bird shit. Young sun CE, who didn’t know that the world was dangerous, went through the formalities with Yuan Shu in a daze, got the key to the office, and his name was listed in Yuan Shu’s attendance book.

When sun CE was about to become the governor of Jiujiang, a surprise and angry news came: Chen Ji from Danyang went to Jiujiang to become the governor.

How can you behave like this? 19-year-old sun CE learned for the first time that there are still villains in the world.

Just as sun CE was about to leave, Yuan Shu stopped him with a smile: young man, calm down. Look who I brought to you. Ma rizui, the supreme Fu of the Han Dynasty, appeased Kanto. Today it is Shouchun. Ma rizui enlisted sun CE with the court etiquette, and showed that the court appointed sun CE as the captain of Huaiyi. In this way, sun CE temporarily settled in Yuan Shu.

Is the black nest a phoenix habitat? To people’s surprise, sun CE not only lived in Yuan Shu’s black nest, but also helped the crow fight another crow. God, is this what sun Lang did?

Yuan Shu attacked Xuzhou and borrowed 30000 Dendrobium from Lu Kang, the governor of the Lujiang River. Lu Kang is a miser and doesn’t borrow; Yuan Shu is a cheapskate, furious. Yuan Shao found sun CE and apologized first. He said that he had been blind before and mistakenly used Chen Ji as the governor of Jiujiang. He asked sun CE to fight Lujiang and said that if sun CE was not allowed to be the governor of Lujiang after the capture of Lujiang, he would not be human.

Sun CE successfully captured the Lujiang River, waiting to go to Lujiang to serve as the prefect. However, Yuan Shu once again reneged on his promise and made his subordinate Liu Xun the governor of Lujiang River, playing tricks on young sun ce again.

However, even so, sun CE still signed in when it was time to sign in, held a meeting when it was time to meet, and worked as a qualified employee under Yuan Shu safely.

Zhu Zhi couldn’t stand it anymore. He went directly to sun CE and told him that Yuan Shu had political ambition and no political talent, so it was difficult to get things done, and persuaded sun CE to leave him. Sun CE was respectful when he met Zhu Zhi, because Zhu Zhi once served as a lieutenant under Sun Jian. After Sun Jian died, Zhu Zhi assisted sun CE and was loyal. However, to Zhu Zhi’s anger, sun CE didn’t listen to him and went to work at Yuan Shu. Zhu Zhi couldn’t figure out how the hero Sun Jian gave birth to such a cowardly son, so he rolled up his bags and rolled back to his hometown Danyang county.

This experience of sun CE has become an indelible stain on him. After Yuan Shu became emperor, although sun CE drew a clear line with him, this experience still became an excuse for the enemy to denounce sun CE. Liu Yao, the governor of Yangzhou, said that sun CE was Yuan Shu’s lackey because he attacked the Lujiang River for Yuan Shu.

Let Yuan Shu sigh, “if you have a son like sun Lang, how can you hate death!” Sun Lang, why is he honestly driven by Yuan Shu?

We found the answer in the later conversation between sun CE and Tai Shici. Sun CE told Tai Shici that he was “determined to make things happen” and had to wrongly follow Yuan Shu. The “thing” he wanted to do was, of course, to set up a military to avenge his father. His purpose of wronging himself was to get back thousands of troops originally belonging to his father from Yuan Shu. He said that the attack on the Lujiang River for Yuan Shu was “driven by the current situation”.

Young people are eager to start a business and like to take shortcuts. At this time, it is inevitable to make mistakes. In any case, sun CE’s history of serving Yuan Shu was disgraceful after all. He also realized this, and later looked for every opportunity to show his innocence.

In Shouchun, 19-year-old sun CE was disheartened, and even his soldiers looked down on him. Once, one of his cavalry soldiers committed a crime. The boy went to Yuan Shu’s barracks to seek political asylum and hid in the stables.

Now this matter is complicated, and criminal cases have risen to political cases. Everyone was looking at the 19-year-old young man to see if he dared to break into Yuan Shu’s barracks.

At this moment, sun CE’s heroic spirit was abundant in his chest. With a wave of his big hand, he rushed into the Yuanshu military camp with people, pulled out the boy, stabbed him down, and his head fell to the ground – see you dare to run everywhere in the future!

With a few blood splashed on his body, sun CE swaggered to Yuan Shu’s office.

Sun CE apologized to Yuan Shu for bringing people into the barracks without permission. Yuan Shu was angry – Sun CE should report to Yuan Shu and ask Yuan Shu to extradite the cavalry. Now sun CE is too brave to quietly kill in Yuan Shu’s barracks. Think of the same reason. When your mouse runs to the neighbor’s house, you can’t directly break into someone’s bedroom and beat the mouse to blood. However, Yuan Shu thought that he was going to be the son of heaven soon. How could he care about these little things? He pushed the boat and said, “soldiers are treacherous, and we all hate them. Why do you want to apologize!”

From then on, no one dared to bully sun CE, who was a child.

Don’t abandon, don’t give up, are the two tenets of entrepreneurship. Sun CE was dormant under Yuan Shu, and never abandoned his ideal or pursuit.

So when the opportunity came, sun CE seized it.

Liu Yao was appointed as the governor of Yangzhou by the imperial court. Happily, he went to Shouchun to work, but found that he was probably standing in and lying out. Yuan Shu fell in love with Shouchun and planned to use it as the capital to realize his dream of becoming an emperor. How can he accommodate the assassins sent by the imperial court? Liu you became a governor without an office, so he had to go to Danyang County, where Yangzhou belonged, to live temporarily. At that time, the governor of Danyang county was Wu Jing, sun CE’s uncle, and the Duwei was Sun Ben, sun CE’s cousin. According to the appointment of the imperial court, Liu Yao was their immediate superior. However, at that time, the power of the Han Dynasty was out of control, and Wu Jing and sun Ben were appointed by left general Yuan Shu. Wu Jing and sun Ben couldn’t listen to both Yuan Shu and Liu Yao. They sent their legal boss Liu Yao to Qua and told him that they didn’t lose money by staying in qua, which was probably inspired by Yuan Shu.

Huainan couldn’t give up Yuan Shu’s desire. In order to make himself more enjoyable when he claimed the throne, he sent troops across the Yangtze River to seize the counties of Yangzhou. Liu Yao is not a good fault either. When he was 19 years old, gangsters kidnapped his uncle Liu Wei, and he grabbed Liu Wei back alone. Liu Yao sent fan Neng and Yu mitun troops to cross the river (now the southeast of Hexian County, Anhui Province), Zhang Ying troops to be the vanguard, and at the same time sent heavy troops to guard Caishiji across the river, blocking Yuan Shu’s eastward March. We need to talk about Caishiji, because sun CE took the first step to dominate Caishiji from the East.

Caishiji is located in the southwest corner of Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. It is also known as niuzhuji because its shape is like a snail and there is a legend that “a golden ox comes out of the Zhu”. Niuzhuji is a barrier in the southwest of Nanjing. It is known as the “North-South throat” and “Ningwu fortress” in history. It is a place that must be contested by strategists. “In ancient times, there was something in the south of the Yangtze River. It is the so-called” nine out of ten people who crossed from quarrying in ancient times “(Volume 19 of the summary of history reading Fangyu, Jiangnan I).

At the same time, Liu Yao expelled Wu Jing and sun Ben of Yuan Shu system from Danyang, and Wu Jing and sun Ben fled to Liyang (now Hexian County, Anhui Province). Li Yang is sandwiched between the Hengjiang River and danglikou. He can attack danglikou in the East and attack Hengjiang in the West. Yuan Shu hurriedly promoted Wu Jing and sun ben to attack these two places. Wu Jing and sun Ben fought for a year, and the war made no progress.

So sun CE’s opportunity came.

Sun CE said to Yuan Shu, “my family has an old favor in Jiangdong. I asked to help my uncle fight against Hengjiang. When Hengjiang is down, I can cross from Caishiji to the East. In that way, I will return to my hometown, and I can recruit 30000 soldiers, which can help you fight against the Han Dynasty.” Of course, these are all high sounding reasons. Sun CE’s real intention is to fly away with his father’s old Ministry.

Yuan Shu frowned. He deceived sun CE twice, knowing that sun CE hated him and didn’t want to let him go. However, he thought that if Caishiji couldn’t attack, the eastward advance would be impossible. He also hoped to ask sun CE to fight for him. His eyes lit up and he remembered that Liu Yao occupied qua in the east of Caishiji and Wang Lang occupied Kuaiji in the southeast. These two people would not let Sun CE go. A child under 20, even if he is lucky enough to beat Caishiji, will be destroyed by Liu Yao and Wang lang. hehe, then I can reap profits – the more Yuan Shu thinks, the more beautiful he is, he slaps sun CE on the shoulder magnanimously: young man, I’ll give you your father’s old book, and I hope you can do something famous.

We can’t expect people like Yuan Shu to walk in the world like human beings. He said that he would return Sun Jian’s old Department to sun CE. There were thousands of people in Sun Jian’s old Department, but Yuan Shu only returned more than 1000 people and dozens of horses to sun CE.

However, these are enough, because among these more than 1000 people are Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, Han Dang and others who later became the pillars of the eastern Wu Dynasty.

Among the more than 1000 people, there is another person named Xu Kun. His father Xu Zhen is sun CE’s uncle, and his mother, sun CE’s aunt, is with the army as a family member. In the sun family, the son is a hero, the daughter is a heroine, and Xu Zhen’s mother is no exception. A digression: After Sun Quan ascended the throne, he took a fancy to Xu Kun’s daughter, his cousin niece, and took her as a concubine, which was also a minor incest.

According to the romance of the Three Kingdoms, sun CE exchanged the jade seal for military power from Yuan Shu: 3000 soldiers and 500 horses, which is not in line with historical facts. Pei’s note in the annals of the Three Kingdoms cited scriptures to explain that Sun Jian had never found the jade seal. The annals of the Three Kingdoms made a biography for Sun Quan and Yuan Shu, and did not mention the matter of the jade seal. In that case, sun CE’s theory of exchanging the jade seal for troops is self defeating. However, Pei’s note in the annals of the Three Kingdoms cited the deeds of the sages, saying that Xu Xun found the jade seal after Yuan Shu’s death and returned it to the Han Dynasty, which unexpectedly led Cao Cao to give up the position of prime minister to him. It seems that we cannot easily deny the jade seal. But even if Sun Jian really owned the jade seal, will Yuan Shu, who has always been good at calculating, hand over military power for a stone? Everyone knows that in fact, the jade seal is a knife and gun, without military power. The jade seal is a stone. With military power, there is a jade seal. According to the “biography of Yuan Shu in the later Han Dynasty”, Yuan Shu heard that there was a jade seal in Sun Jian’s family. After Sun Jian died, he detained sun CE’s mother Wu (Wu Guotai in the romance of the Three Kingdoms) and took the jade seal. This is circumstantial evidence that Sun Jian did not change his military power with a jade seal.

It should be said that sun CE gained military power by his ability to seize opportunities. We have reason to guess that Wu Jing and sun Ben couldn’t attack Caishiji just to give sun ce a chance to ask Yuan Shu for soldiers. It’s impossible to say that sun CE planned all this.

For two years, sun CE has been longing for his father’s army. Now his wish has come true, but he is not in a hurry to start.

Because he has something important to do.

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