The sadness of the successful

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The sad inspirational feeling of the winner: the most desolate thing is not the lament of the loser, but the lament of the winner. Among the losers, there is something worth pursuing: success. But for those who still lament their success, all their illusions are disillusioned, and they have nothing to pursue. The loser only laments his life experience; If successful people lament, they lament the whole life.

On the coast of the Philippines, we can see such a spectacular scene every autumn: a cloud flying one by one on the sea. A closer look revealed that it was a swallow moving south. They chirped happily and slowly approached the coast, but people were surprised to see that once they reached the coast and beach, many swallows could not fly and closed their eyes forever. After the long journey, I didn’t die on the snow capped peak, the vast sea, the storm, but on the soft sand beach of my destination. Human beings have a similar phenomenon. The Greeks defeated the Persian army in marathon Town, and the Greek soldier phidipi ran from Marathon town to Athens excitedly. The whole journey was 420195 kilometers. He did not fall down on the road, but immediately fainted to the ground after reporting the victory and never woke up again. Why did such a tragedy happen? If the beach were twoorthree kilometers away, would many swallows not be able to fly? If Athens were three or five kilometers further away, could Ferdinand not hold on? They are sure to persevere and reach their destination. The reason for the tragedy is precisely because when the destination arrived, the belief supporting them suddenly disappeared, the will relaxed instantly, and the body became extremely weak, so the lamp of life went out.

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