The scientific and technological war has hit Russia!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

Putin delivered a speech on the 18th local time. Many media have paid attention to “reversing Russia for decades”, but the author pays more attention to another message.

Putin said that Russia is indeed facing great difficulties, but it will not fall into chaos as predicted by those ill intentioned people, let alone go back decades. It’s very multimedia, and that’s what we pay attention to.


? Putin video screenshot

However, the author also notes Putin’s other remarks:

“(Western sanctions against Russia) is not only imposing a series of restrictive measures, but almost completely closing the channels for obtaining foreign high-tech products. This is deliberately and premeditated to deal with our country and restrict the development of Russia.”

He also said that efforts will be focused on finding new solutions, and strengthening national scientific and technological forces is the top priority

Russia should strengthen high-tech research and development, make effective use of the existing domestic independent technology reserves, and promote the development of domestic innovative enterprises.

Two points can be seen from Putin’s talk:

1. The western scientific and technological war has hit Russia. In this way, the scientific and technological war is not a “special treatment” for China, and Russia also enjoys this honor.

2. Russia is looking for a new way to develop high technology.

Developing high technology independently is the right way, and perhaps the only way Russia can take.

First of all, relying on energy alone, the road will become more and more difficult.

The West has successfully restricted Iran’s energy, making it unable to sell energy. The West intends to build Russia into a second Iran.

Although it is difficult to succeed, Russia, which has less Western markets, will inevitably lose a lot as Russia moves towards a break-up.

Moreover, even if the West does not restrict it, it is the trend of the times that fossil energy gradually comes to an end and is replaced by new energy, which is not friendly to fossil energy countries such as Russia.

Second, high technology is the way out

In the face of the above energy situation and the western scientific and technological war against Russia, Russia must find a new way out, and the development of high technology is one of the ways that can be taken.

However, it is not easy for Russia to develop high technology. It faces a series of problems.

1. Russia has been out of the team for too long

Russia has the old foundation of the Soviet Union in science and technology and a certain talent reserve, which are favorable conditions.

However, at the beginning, the Soviet Union was only strong in military industry and aerospace. If it was also strong in civil technology, it would not be dragged down by the United States.

In addition, more than 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has not made much achievements in science and technology. More than 30 years later, if Russia wants to make a comeback in science and technology, it will know that this is not the same as it was more than 30 years ago.

The current state of science and technology is the strongest in the United States, with the first tier in China and the United States, the second tier in Europe, Japan and South Korea, and the rest in the third tier.

These current situations determine that it is difficult for Russia to develop high technology.

2. Russia lacks capital and market

High technology can only be supported by a large amount of funds. Due to the break with the west, the enterprises that have been in Russia are constantly withdrawing. It is unlikely that the West will invest a lot in Russian high technology, which will lead to a lack of funds in Russia.

Of course, we can find a way to solve the capital problem. Without the west, we can also find other countries to attract investment.

Compared with the capital problem, Russia’s bigger problem is the lack of market. Compared with the large market of about 1.4 billion people in China and India, Russia has only 150million people, and its domestic market is not large. Now it has fallen out with the West. The western scientific and technological war has hit Russia, which means that it is not easy to obtain the western market.

High technology requires a lot of capital support, requires a broad market, makes a lot of profits, and then carries out high investment research and development and improves technology and products… Only by forming a positive iteration can it become a climate.

Weak foundation, poor capital and lack of market all determine that it is not easy for Russia to develop high technology. However, we still wish Russia to overcome difficulties and achieve success, not only to open up a new way for itself, but also to defeat the West in the scientific and technological war.

Now think about it, China is still doing very well. It has long understood that “technology is the primary productive force” and “core technology cannot be bought”. In those days, when we were poor, we devoted ourselves to industrialization. Later, we hurried to upgrade science and Technology (industry). Now the gap between traditional science and technology and the west is becoming smaller and smaller. Some (such as space station, supercomputing, satellite navigation, etc.) have been leveled, and some fields (such as 5g, high-speed rail, etc.) have even achieved leadership. In the future, science and technology such as AI, quantum technology, artificial sun, etc., have been kept abreast of the United States… China’s high technology has finally come out, It is only a matter of time. It would be much more difficult today if we hadn’t made an early layout of China’s scientific and Technological Development decades ago and worked hard for decades.

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