The situation in Russia and Ukraine has changed dramatically!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Just now, four events have shown that the Russian Ukrainian war has entered a new stage!

First thing: Putin signed an important presidential decree to admit all Ukrainians as Russians, stipulating that all Ukrainian residents can obtain Russian citizenship through simplified procedures. To put it bluntly, as long as Ukraine takes its own ID card to Russia and registers at the “police station” in Ukraine, it will be directly replaced with Russian ID card.

Russia’s move is actually very ruthless and effective. Because, the Ukrainian government has been angry. Ukrainians have been suffering for the past few years. Now they can suddenly become citizens of Russia, a big country. At least many people in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine are very willing. With direct jurisdiction over the local people, it is not only an objective right to have local control, but also a logical thing to join Russia in a referendum.

The details worth paying attention to here are that before, the relevant policies were only applicable to the Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and zaporoje regions that the Russian army has controlled or is controlling. Now Putin has extended this scope to the whole territory of Ukraine, which in fact thoroughly verifies Zhanhao’s emphasis at the beginning of the war that Russia’s purpose is to control the whole territory of Ukraine.

Then why did Putin sign such an important order at this time? There is only one reason – Putin believes that it is only a matter of time to win the whole Ukraine.

Why did Putin make such a judgment? The reason is very simple. The war in eastern Ukraine is coming to an end, and the elite of the Ukrainian army is mainly concentrated in eastern Ukraine. Putin certainly knows how many Ukrainian troops they have eliminated and how many elite Ukrainian troops are left, so he signed an order at this time to allow all Ukrainian residents to simplify the procedure to join Russia, which has already explained that the Russian army can move forward quickly as long as it is willing.

Putin signed a presidential decree, confirming that the eastern Ukrainian battlefield is basically over, and then the Russian army will continue to advance westward.

The second thing: Zelensky bluntly claimed to gather millions of troops to counter attack the Russian army. On July 11, President Zelensky of Ukraine ordered the assembly of a million fighting troops to recapture the southern region previously occupied by Russian troops. The Ukrainian army was only 200000 before the war, and many of them were recruits without combat experience. Where would he assemble millions of troops? If millions of troops could be assembled, would they not have been assembled in eastern Ukraine? So, obviously, this is a bluff.

Why didn’t ZELINSKY say to counterattack the eastern part of Ukraine? Instead, he chose to rally millions of troops to counter attack southern Ukraine? In fact, the answer is very simple. The eastern part of Ukraine has just been defeated, and the counterattack has neither strength nor credibility, so ZELINSKY must choose a new direction to win trust, so he chose the south. Of course, there have been few wars in the South recently, and Zelensky’s words also help the West believe what he said. The fundamental reason why ZELINSKY wanted to make up these lies was that he wanted to continue to ask for military assistance from the United States and the west, otherwise the Ukrainian war would be defeated and the willingness of all countries to provide assistance would be greatly reduced. Recently, the reason why ZELINSKY wants to recall the ambassadors of some countries is to put pressure on the relevant countries and ask for assistance.


In fact, we can see clearly from the performance of the Ukrainian government that the war situation has been very detrimental to the Ukrainian government, and the time left for Zelensky is really running out. For Russia, the question now is how much resources to invest and when and where to move forward. If Putin wants to be fast, he has to invest more resources, but now it seems that Putin doesn’t want to invest too much resources so fast in exchange for the speed of the end of the war. In fact, Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) believes that Putin has been calculating the input-output problems of this war and the political goals to be achieved. Leaving aside Putin’s calculations, we will not understand the cause, effect and process of this war.

The third thing: Zelensky submitted the bill on the special status of poles in Ukraine to the Ukrainian parliament. What is special status? There are two connotations:

One is that Polish citizens will be able to live and work legally in Ukraine for 18 months from the date of entry into force of the act. To put it bluntly, this means that poles can stay permanently in Ukrainian territory, because Poland and Ukraine are neighbors, so it’s a matter of taking steps to go in and out. With this bill, and the previous agreement signed by the Ukrainian government and the Polish government, poles can serve in the Ukrainian government, which means that poles have the technical conditions to take over western Ukraine under the so-called Ukrainian flag, but it is actually controlled by poles.


Another connotation is that poles have “quasi immunity” in Ukraine, that is, if poles commit a crime, as long as they leave Ukraine, Ukraine can’t control it, so in fact, this is a kind of super civil power.

Why Ukraine signed such an agreement with Poland is to make technical preparations for handing over western Ukraine to Poland for management. Then, the more technical preparations, the more unfavorable the situation in Ukraine is for the Ukrainian government. Zelensky is even ready to run away. On May 6, during his visit to Ukraine, Polish President Duda said that in the future, the border between Poland and Ukraine would “no longer exist”, and the citizens of the two countries would be able to “live together on this land”. Medvedev, vice president of the Russian Security Council, called Duda’s statement as evidence of Poland’s intention to annex western Ukraine.

The fourth thing: Polish President Duda forced the Ukrainian government to admit that it had slaughtered more than 100000 poles. According to Reuters reported on July 12, Polish President Anjie Duda called on Monday that although Kiev and Warsaw now jointly oppose Russia during the Russian Ukrainian conflict, the Ukrainian government should recognize that Ukrainian nationalists slaughtered more than 100000 poles during World War II.

Why does Duda want the Ukrainian government to recognize this? According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), his purpose is actually two:

One is to continue to put historical moral shackles on Russia, because at that time, the main body of competition with Poland was the Soviet Union, and Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, including the decision of the Soviet Union to allocate part of Poland to Ukraine. Therefore, if Poland wants to take back that part of the territory, it must turn over this history. After Ukraine recognizes it, Poland can rightfully take this part of the territory.

The second is to prepare public opinion for the Polish government to control the territory of western Ukraine. In the future, the Polish army will enter the territory of Ukraine and control the territory of western Ukraine. In the eyes of outsiders, these are all disreputable, so how to take all this for granted? It is to move out the history again and draw out the fact that the territory of western Ukraine belongs to Poland.


Judging from the recent actions of Ukrainian President Zelensky and Polish President Duda, the process of Poland taking over western Ukraine has begun, and even reached the practical stage, which once again shows that the situation in Ukraine is very unfavorable to the Ukrainian government. In this case, ZELINSKY began to make relevant preparations.

Shortly after the war, Zhanhao judged that Poland had a deal with the United States and had a clear demand for the territory of western Ukraine. Later, it was inferred that the Russian and Polish troops would eventually have a war when the Russian army advanced to western Ukraine, that is, the proxy war would expand between Russia and Poland. Although Poland is a member of NATO, the Polish army is fighting in Ukraine, and NATO has no obligation to send troops to assist in defense. However, NATO is bound to strongly support Poland, which will cause military consumption to Russia. According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the United States is likely to be ready to promote Poland and Russia to fight a technical war in western Ukraine to consume Russia. The fundamental reason why Putin did not try his best to fight Ukraine may also be that he expected a real decisive battle in western Ukraine.

There is no doubt that the situation in Ukraine is undergoing drastic changes, the battlefield has undergone great changes, the war has expanded, and the situation has become more complex, which should be expected! Russia is fighting a political war, and Putin is making careful calculations!

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