The situation is grim, and we must expand and strive for increment! Feed the interior with overseas earnings, and strive for time and space!

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Author: xiafeijun source: feijunsixianghui (id:feijunsixianghui)

The inner volume is for the stock, and the outer expansion is for the increment. The more inside, the more outside.

Under the double impact of the epidemic and the external environment, the involution has intensified at a visible speed. How can we get out of the involution and stock game? It is best to address both the symptoms and the root causes. However, under the fierce big country game, time has been seriously compressed, and the root cause can not be achieved immediately. Therefore, we should first address the symptoms and then the root cause. The top priority is to expand and strive for increment.

Before talking about outward expansion, let’s take a look at a few data, get a glimpse of the whole leopard, and intuitively feel the game between inner volume and stock.

Do you know the average age of online taxi drivers? Some people say they are 40, others say they are 50, but they are not. According to a recent report released by an online car Hailing platform, the average age of online car Hailing drivers on the platform is 30.7 years old, accounting for nearly half of the post-85 generation. In terms of driver education, college degree, bachelor degree or above account for more than half.

There is another data. In the recently disclosed academic composition of couriers, the proportion of couriers with bachelor’s degree or above reached 22%, of which the post-90s couriers accounted for nearly 42% of the total. Under the impact of the epidemic and the economic downturn, this proportion will probably continue to rise.

When most young people take driving online car hailing, delivering takeout, and being a courier as their first job in society, and even when these jobs are most likely to become the ultimate destination of young people, we should be alert to this phenomenon!

There is no meaning to belittle these professions here, but it just conveys a very outrageous fact: most young people have no dreams or stars in their eyes; A large number of college educated people, due to the limited number of jobs, have to engage in low threshold industries that do not require much knowledge.

Of course, there are such factors as the rapid development of the service industry, the popularization of higher education, and the surplus of human resources, but this kind of involution and distortion is wasteful, unsustainable, and should be reversed.

I have never liked Mo Yan very much, especially his consumption of so-called suffering and his attitude towards the first 30 years in his works. But this time I want to give him a compliment. On the May 4th Youth Day this year, Mo Yan wrote a letter to young people at station B, not to be blown down by the strong wind.

The gale he said is symbolic and “the gale of the times”. Although slightly sensational, the attitude was sincere. At least, it admitted the existence of strong wind. Compared with the May 4th video of station B last year, “rush, after the waves!” Be more sincere.

This letter, entitled “not to be blown down by the strong wind”, was very popular among young people after its release. The fundamental reason is that our society has entered a difficult time. Everyone feels the impact of the epidemic, the economic downturn, the unpredictable world situation, the backflow of uncertainty in the external environment, the superposition of stock game and involution, the difficulties of survival and the strong winds of the times.

The plight of young people in this era is real. The economy is down, the house price is out of reach, serious overtime, narrow channels for class rise, increased peer competition and serious involution. The epidemic situation in the past two years has exacerbated the plight of young people. How many people have lost their isolation work once. Dilemma, it is there that really exists.

In the past two years, many people have been clamoring to lie flat, but under the strong winds and the general environment of the times, ordinary people can not even guarantee their basic survival. Living in the strong wind of the times, we have to work hard. However, due to the internal entanglement and stock game, the slow or even long-term stagnation of return growth has become the norm.

In my previous article, I said that one of the most important things in our country at present is the expectation and confidence of the people in the future, especially the young generation, to give them a vision and a dream. How to make them feel like they have a future, and how to keep the hope and vitality that young people should have. If we do not solve this problem, we will not be able to save the precipitous decline in fertility. This is a major issue concerning the future national games. Anything that interferes with this task must be conceded and resolved.

I have always believed that to give hope and expectation to young people is mainly to do a good job in internal affairs, especially distribution, common prosperity and people-centered development.

Now I find more and more that this is the fundamental solution, but it can not be done overnight. It is right to make steady progress, but it is far from enough to quench thirst. In addition, under the intense big country game, time has been seriously compressed. In the short term, to get out of the game of involution and stock, I’m afraid we still need to expand outside.

Extension has several meanings.

The first level is the monetary level.

In fact, the root of the external circulation is the issue of currency, settlement and dollar hegemony.

Fundamentally speaking, the crux of some current internal problems lies in the settlement of the external circulation. Due to the existence of dollar hegemony, on the one hand, it has paid a heavy US dollar seigniorage tax, on the other hand, imported inflation has intensified, resulting in an increasingly tight internal circulation. No matter how industrious and frugal the Chinese people are in creating wealth, they cannot afford the consumption of the absolute undervaluation of the RMB.

In this settlement system in which the RMB is deliberately suppressed and undervalued, it is impossible to solve the problem of massive loss of wealth and heavy goods but light currency. Even if the internal distribution problem is solved, it will not be solved, let alone the distribution problem can not be solved in a short time.

The second is the geopolitical and military aspects.

Readers who are familiar with me know that I have been advocating building ships and building a strong ocean going navy to completely break the sea power of Anglo Saxon.

In fact, building a ship is only the first step. Having power and daring to use power are not the same thing. We must dare to use projective power, dare to shape the regional pattern, dare to control the regional order, and dare to show the existence of power… Only in this way can we finally go to the ocean, truly and effectively safeguard our overseas rights and interests, truly get out of the inner circle, and fight for enough space and interests overseas. Before the next decline cycle comes, Overseas interests can feed back the internal basic market.

The overseas interests mentioned here can be the industrial income, the income after the sharp rise of RMB settlement status, the income from other long-term sustainable technical services, standard rights, etc., and the income from overseas resources, energy, market, population, etc. covered by strong sea power, etc.

For the simplest and most direct example, after Taiwan was closed down and foreign forces were completely expelled from the Western Pacific, problems such as “how to transfer production capacity to Vietnam” would not be a problem at all. At that time, the industrial population of the whole Southeast Asia will become the “Chinese population” in the real sense (the population under the new order dominated by China), rather than the vast majority of the population of developing countries in the world, including us, as it is today.

The extension of the above two levels will be the biggest thing that can solve problems and bring benefits in the short term at present and in the future.

This is not to say that it is more important than the distribution reform, common prosperity, economy, industry, childbirth, old-age care, etc., but that the result of this event directly affects the result of almost all problems such as the distribution reform, common prosperity, economy, industry, childbirth, old-age care, etc. To put it bluntly, outward expansion will buy time and space for doing internal things well.

If the matter of outreach goes smoothly, other problems will not be problems, or become easy to solve or solvable problems. If this thing is not going well, it is difficult to completely solve the stock game and internal problems by simply doing internal things well, even if the extreme and full score are achieved.

The core of this matter is the settlement of the southeast island issue, which will also thoroughly sink the US military myth and US dollar hegemony.

Outspread! Outspread!

Break the dollar hegemony and Anglo American sea power!

Feed back the internal basic plate with overseas interests!

Strive for time and space for internal strength and internal cultivation!

Completely get out of the game of involution and stock!

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