The spectacle of the “eight power battle” triggered by the remarriage of beautiful women

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1. Qi’s allied army marched southward, and Cai Guo could not get away with it

According to the records in the second family of Qi Taigong: &\8221; Duke Huan and his wife Caiji play in the boat. Caiji is fond of the water, swings the Duke, fears the Duke, and stops it. When he leaves the boat, he will be angry and return to Caiji. Caiyinu married his daughter. Duke Huan was enraged at the news and set up his army to attack&# 8221; When we read history, we often find that the causes of some events are full of banter, and some of them are just trifles. Caijiyi’s marriage to the state of Chu brought about the disaster of the Eight Power Allied forces, which is particularly typical. Cai Guo was also involved in this important event. The state of CAI (now the southwest of Shangcai County, Henan Province) is the most lingering memory of the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Because it is a barrier in southern China, it plays an important role in the joint resistance of the feudal states against Chu; It was also the only way for Chu to challenge the Central Plains, so the state of CAI was broken several times. In the forest of the Warring States period, facing the overlord Qi in the north and the fierce Chu man in the south, CAI was like a patient with ADHD. His state policy was always wavering. Occasionally, because of the inappropriate actions of the monarch, the war between the two countries was frequent, which was almost impossible? Interest opportunities. Talking about Cai Guo will make the whole incident clearer. The state of CAI was formed more than 3000 years ago. After the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty, land was divided for the royal family members of the Ji family and the meritorious ministers who fought the world. This was the enfeoffment system. Shu Du, the fourteenth son of King Wen of Zhou, was enfeoffed as marquis in the land of CAI, and the state of CAI came into being in history. When King Wu died, Duke Dan of Zhou handed over the feudal state of Lu to his son to help the young king Cheng. This practice of not returning to the fief was criticized even by the great sage, Duke of Zhou. Among them, Cai Guo, Guan Guo and Huo Guo believed that Zhou GongDan’s stay in the capital would make the monarchy uneasy. Later, caishudu and other princes of several countries decided that Zhou GongDan had a tendency to seek the throne and usurp power, and issued a crusade to all the princes. Wu Geng, the son of emperor Xin (King Zhou), thought that there was an opportunity to take advantage of it, so he raised troops to revolt, which led to a qualitative change in the whole event. Caishudu was captured and the fief was cancelled. Caizhong, his son, was sent to the state of Lu as a minister to receive etiquette education so as to see the effect. In view of CAI Zhong’s lineage, his interests with the Zhou royal family, and Zhou GongDan’s political consideration of disregarding past grievances, he restored Cai Shudu’s fief and let Cai Zhong return to the fief. The history of the state of CAI unfolded smoothly. In the early spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, the state of CAI was once strong and prosperous. He destroyed the state of Deng, swallowed the state of Shen, annexed the small vassal states in the middle and lower reaches of the Ruhe River, and besieged the state of Zheng with song, Chen and Wei. At that time, the state of Zheng had to recognize the small hegemony of the state of CAI in the Ru River Basin and the Huai River Basin. In the era of marquis Cai AI, because of his indiscreet treatment of his sister-in-law, King Wen of Chu was given an excellent excuse to ask about the Central Plains. The state of CAI began to decline. In 543 B.C., in the era of caijinghou, caijinghou was obedient to the state of Chu and indifferent to the exploitation of the state of Chu, so he was killed by the intolerable crown prince. The crown prince established himself as king, which was for cailinghou. Some of his hard line style became a major obstacle for CAI as a puppet state of Chu. Ten years later (533 B.C.), Chu exterminated the state of Chen on the pretext of pacifying the rebels, and later killed cailinghou and more than 70 of his followers. Chu attacked CAI for more than three months. The princes were afraid of Chu and did not dare to rescue CAI. CAI was defeated. The monarch of the state of CAI was abolished, and the prince of Chu gave up his illness and became the Duke of CAI. Under the planning of the people of the state of CAI, he became the king of the state of Chu. He abandoned the disease and kept his promise, so that Cai Fuguo moved CAI to today’s Xincai in Henan Province. In 493 BC, the state of CAI was again forced to give up its new capital and move to today’s Fengtai County, Anhui Province, known as Xiacai. During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, perhaps there were too many vassal states. There was an unwritten rule that the state could not perish without sacrifice. The state could perish, but the ancestors could not be sacrificed without people. After the state of Chu destroyed Cai, the old and young of CAI moved southward again. Today, Changde, Hunan, is the founding of the so-called Gao Cai. Gaocai sent two wretched envoys to worship the king of Chu. The king of Chu thought he had been humiliated and sent troops to completely destroy the last breath of the state of CAI. The state of CAI has a history of 599 years. It has experienced 23 generations and 26 monarchs. It can be said that the disaster is heavy, but the vitality is extremely tenacious. This is also unimaginable. The state of CAI was broken by the state of Chu many times. The state of Chu can be called the first victim of the state of CAI, but the first time the state of CAI suffered a heavy blow was at the hands of Qiang Qi. This is the era of marquis Cai mu. In the early summer of 656 BC, it was triggered by the retirement of the younger sister of marquis Cai mu.

2. when Wang Lin was hunting, young master Xiaobai fell in love at first sight

About CAI Ji’s dismissal, I have noticed two versions, the Qi version and the Chu version.

Let’s start with the Qi version of heroes saving the United States.

In the 10th year of Duke Xiang of Qi, the 50th birthday of Prince Zhuang of Zhou Tianzi, Xiaobai, who was the son of Duke Xiang at that time, was ordered by his father to make a pilgrimage. The emperor of Zhou and the princes would hunt in Chu mountain. It is said that there are fierce animals in this mountain. Their names are strange &\8211&# 8220; Listen &\8221;, It is estimated that the roar is like a tide, and the panic is frightening. The emperor of the Zhou Dynasty hunted for several years but was unable to do so. King Zhuang ordered those who hunted to be given axes and axes to exercise the power of the imperial princes of the Zhou Dynasty to order the world. Young master Xiaobai met the son of marquis Cai, the future caimuhou, when he was hunting, and they joked and abused each other. Young master Xiaobai saw that he was empty handed, so he mocked his poor shooting skills and thought it was good to shoot a hare. When Marquis Cai Mu saw that the future Duke Huan of Qi was carrying a pheasant in his hand, he was greatly disdained by his cynicism, so he gave him a bad reply. I was determined to listen to the cry. Young master Xiaobai smiled. He said that his old ancestor, Jiang Taigong, was once granted an imperial envoy by the son of Zhou. He could fight against the disrespectful princes of the Zhou Dynasty and order the world. Now the Zhou family is declining, and the imperial edict has little weight, so he doesn’t intend to ask for this kind of reward again. While talking, I saw a red robe on the ramp path. A beautiful girl came running on a white horse. Young master Bai saw it. Blood flowed up and his eyes were charged. Young man saw it. How could he give up? Just at this moment, there was a roar in front of the girl. It was so loud that it was unheard of. It sounded strange, like wolves barking at the moon, like lions and tigers howling in the forest. The young master Xiaobai, whose attention hasn’t been shifted from the girl, turns a deaf ear to the strange roar. He just blurts out excitedly, strange woman, I want to marry her! He ignored young master CAI and ran after him. When Mr. Cai saw him, he shouted anxiously: &\8221; She is my sister, Princess CAI. Don’t be rude&# 8221; Young master Xiaobai can’t afford to worry about this and catch up. I saw a monster in the forest. It was as high as a hill. Its legs were as strong as columns. Its four legs moved. The solid ground around it shook slightly. It had a long nose, huge ears, and two sets of tusks, which were as high as horns. It may be a rare wild elephant in the Central Plains. After getting lost, it traveled a long way. The ancients saw it for the first time and were very afraid. The girl looked at the monster for a while and shot it with an arrow. Unexpectedly, the sound of the cry was hard and fleshy. After a few arrows, the hair was not damaged. It also swayed around a few times, as if it didn’t care about girls at all. Young master Xiaobai saw him and clapped his hands and laughed. The girl robbed him: &\8221; It’s shameless. I found it. What’s so funny about you? Shoot it if you have real skills&# 8221; Young master Xiaobai took the opportunity to insult her: &\8221; I kill it and you marry me&# 8221; The girl responded angrily: &\8221; If you kill it, I will marry you&# 8221; Xiaobai drew his bow and arrow, brushed twice, one left and one right, and shot the monster in both eyes. The monster suddenly lost sight of the sun. It was so painful that it stumbled and ran wildly, roaring and screaming. I hit a rock and broke a tree pole. Young master Xiaobai hurried to the girl on horseback, fearing that monsters would sweep her, so he took the girl from the white horse. Let the girl rest assured that the monster is about to touch the rock and die. Let’s not delay our time and fall in love. Young master Cai ran over. Looking at the monster and her sister, I was very worried. Shout: &\8221; Let my sister go&# 8221; Young master Xiaobai has a bad smile on his face: &\8221; Aren’t you here to hear the cry? It was hurt by your sister. If you don’t hunt them down quickly, you will find the same hunters who will benefit from them&# 8221; Young master Cai saw that his younger sister was not reluctant at all, so he had to hate that Yanfu came too soon. He scolded Xiaobai with hatred: &\8221; If you dare to be disrespectful to my sister, be careful to hang your head&# 8221; After a while, Caihou arrived. When I saw a young man and a young girl riding on a horse, looking very affectionate and admiring, I found that the girl in red was my own little girl. His face changed greatly, and he asked the girl and the young master Xiaobai: &\8221; Above the king forest, men and women are in great defense. It’s not proper for you to wait like this&# 8221; The girl met her father and told him that Xiaobai would rescue her when she was in danger. Cai Hou was still puzzled. Young master Xiaobai held the younger generation’s ceremony and immediately expressed his feelings: &\8221; Because it was too urgent to save people, I lost my courtesy. Xiaobai is still unmarried and would like to marry Caiji&# 8221; When Marquis Cai saw that Xiaobai was so determined that Qi had become a hegemonic power. If marriage could be achieved, it would be beneficial to CAI. He told her that she had not reached the hairpin. Young master Xiaobai got a beauty out of thin air. He was overjoyed and replied immediately. He was willing to marry back in time. In the year of Princess CAI and her hairpin, the king of Chu took the lead and surrounded the state of CAI. He forced Cai Ji to marry him. The news reached Qiang Qi, and the whole country was enraged. Xiaobai, the young master who was already in power, was so angry that he took the army and traveled more than 400 miles day and night to rush over. Qi Xiangguo and Guan Zhong organized Eight Allied forces to follow them, and the state of CAI and the state of Chu were in danger. The above version has the intention of beautifying the monarch of the state of Qi, so we call it the Qi version.

3. Caiji River plays the king of Qi, and Duke Huan of Qi divorces his wife in anger

Besides, only Chu is the version of Zun.

In the early summer of 656 BC, it was the capital of the state of Qi in Linzi, Shandong Province.

The collective with Duke Huan of Qi as the leading core of the generation, together with the core classes such as the famous Prime Minister Guan Zhong, has worked hard for more than 20 years and finally dominated the industry. Recently, Duke Huan of Qi was particularly cheerful, because when he visited the Emperor Zhou and announced the legitimacy of the regime of Wei on behalf of the Emperor Zhou, he skillfully made the state of Qi recognized as the overlord of many feudal states. The king of Qi has newly acquired a beautiful young Caiji from the south. This little horse fork bug has made him win n degrees. The way she pouted, the way she made her temper, she even blurted out to call him a Yankee. Her wild nature was booming. In addition, she was greedy like a little female beast. After he used it, he could not stand it. A generation of overlords bred a sweet sense of torture. The king of Qi was more or less depressed and wondered if he was no longer energetic. It was a little difficult to deal with the little horse fork bug. Looking at this energetic little mare calf, he felt both great relief and love. In a word, little Caiji made him feel a little inferior in sweetness. Little Caiji’s charm is not the kind of obedience and obedience. On the contrary, she has a strong wild atmosphere of nanmanzi, which makes him feel very fresh and addicted to it. The queen repeatedly reminded him to take care of his body, while the prime minister hinted that he should focus on hegemony when the Qi state was domineering for the first time, which made him feel a little more guilty in his sweetness. Every time he saw little Caiji, he would cause a little trouble in his sweetness. Recently, little Caiji has complained more and more. On the day of pony fork bug’s birthday, he complained again about water. There are many lakes and rivers in the south, and the water makes people spiritual and beautiful. Unlike the people in the north, they just take a lot of foolishness in addition to their brute force. The climate in the north is dry, and people’s pretty faces are chapped. Alas, the king of Qi thought dejectedly that the pony fork insect had made him homesick. She continued to complain that it was early summer and the weather in the North was still cloudy and sunny. In our hometown, we can swim in the Wangs’ river with a group of girls. Cai Ji even stamped her feet, causing Qi Wang’s heart to ache. After doting on the little horse fork worm, the king of Qi knew that she loved water very much. He had quietly built a king’s lake for her, transplanted the weeds and reeds in the south, and imitated the boat in the south. He planned to choose an appropriate day to give it to her. The king of Qi gently hugged her and said comfortingly: &\8221; Let’s go boating tomorrow&# 8221; Although little Caiji was not used to the Yankees’ idea of boating, the wayward naughty girl smiled contentedly when she saw that the king of Qi was so obedient. The next day, the weather did king Qi a great favor. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. Little Caiji was so excited when she looked at the lake, water and grass, and the boat that only existed in the south. She held her old husband in her arms and kissed him like a chicken pecking rice, which almost made the king of Qi angry. When the king of Qi saw his little beauty react like this, he was greatly benefited. This is exactly the effect he wants to see, but the little girl’s investment in yearning for her hometown has hurt him. He always feels that he can’t keep this beautiful bird from the South with all his efforts. Little Caiji didn’t care what her old husband felt at the moment. She jumped into the boat like a fish in the water. She shouted with exaggerated excitement and sang the song of birds, a southern love song that the king of Qi was not used to. She shouted at him, watching her quietly on the bank, the most powerful man in the state of Qi. Seeing that Duke Huan was in a daze, little Caiji hurried back to the bank, dragged Duke Huan into the boat. Seeing that the king of Qi was at a loss, he felt that this important figure in the kingdom of princes was really cute. The wayward girl laughed like a silver bell. In the past, as long as the king of Qi heard this kind of laughter, his mood was very happy, but now it is really a bit harsh. Just listen to her. Didn’t you say you wanted to go boating? This is what a boat should be like. Little Caiji was too playful. She spread her feet and touched both sides of the cabin. She supported her feet and swung away. This time, the king of Qi was even more embarrassed. He stumbled and shouted in a panic: I’m seasick. Please don’t swing! The tone of voice is a little weeping. This is so funny. Little Caiji still didn’t stop because she had never been so happy. In the view of the king of Qi, she built her happiness on the embarrassment of the king. At this time, the attendants saw that the king of Qi was in a panic. Afraid of startling Wang Jia, they jumped into the water and stabilized the side of the ship. The pale king of Qi, supported by his attendants, went ashore. The king of Qi sharply? He paused, his pale face turning red. At the moment, there was no sound except the wild grass swaying in the wind. Little Caiji had a premonition that she had made a big mistake. She hurried over and asked: is there anything uncomfortable? The king of Qi shook off her arm. You, you… It’s just that women and villains are difficult to support! If you are far away, you will complain; if you are near, you will not be inferior! Aren’t you homesick and not used to Beidi? I’ll take you back tomorrow. Let you go back and have fun! The king of Qi gave little Caiji a fierce glare and ordered his attendants: let’s go! Put a little Tsai Chi aside alone. The next day, without any explanation, the king of Qi prepared a cart of mules and horses for little Caiji, and decided to return her to the state of CAI. Although he did not see the letter of divorce from the king of Qi, this act was actually divorce. Originally, little Caiji didn’t sleep well all night. She was afraid. She thought of thousands of words and prepared all kinds of flattery, but the king of Qi wouldn’t even see her face. Her temper was spoiled, and she was too soft to be hard. He shouted and walked away, stepped on the cart, and showed that he was sad to stay for another moment. It’s not a short distance from the state of Qi to the state of CAI. After ten days and a half months, it seems that it hasn’t crossed several vassal states. This kind of post station is hardly a place for people to rest. Little Caiji hated the king of Qi to the bone all the way, and the love she got along with had gone up in smoke. It was too long a journey. Little Caiji rode a horse and quickly returned to the state of CAI. Long distance running, restless in bed, unwilling to eat, dark skin, almost emaciated, where there is a trace of beauty. When I saw my brother caimuhou, my eyes turned red; Wow &\8221; He threw himself at her and burst into tears. Caimuhou has listened to the Kuala Lumpur news and learned that his sister has been retired. This news also made some vassal states whisper and made caimuhou lose face. I’m still a bloody man. Although my national strength is weak and weak, I’m not a gentleman if I don’t take revenge. Marquis Cai Mu lost his ancestral temper. Seeing that little Caiji’s mood was slightly stable, marquis Cai Mu enlightened her: little sister, marquis Qi deceived too much, which made us Caiguo a great disgrace. He must pay the price for his actions. His mother’s eggs! Whenever he reached the decision-making place, marquis Cai Mu would scold like this. We married the king of Chu and disgraced an old man of Qi. Caimuhou’s decision is not much higher than caiaihou’s IQ decades ago. Although this time he threw himself into the arms of the king of Chu and made a sister Wang the goodwill ambassador of Chu, unexpectedly, he greatly annoyed the king of Qi. The king of Qi’s anger at his little horse fork bug has long disappeared, and now there are only various thoughts left. In fact, she was so angry at that time that she just planned to punish her and kill her pettiness. Now the king of Qi feels weak. It is difficult to find an element that makes him full of vitality. This element key is in the charge of Xiao Caiji. Suddenly one day, the king of Qi was so angry in the palace that no one dared to approach him. The ministers hurried to call Guan Zhong. When the king of Qi met Guan Zhong, he mindlessly handed over state affairs and wanted to personally attack the state of Chu, which was far away. Seeing Guan Zhong’s hesitation to ask the truth, the king of Qi shouted and swore: &\8221; This is a resolution. Those who advise will be killed&# 8221; This version should have come from the people of Chu. Little Caiji was not forcibly occupied by Mrs. Rushi, but was deeply attracted by the charm of the king of Chu. When Guan Zhong found out that little Caiji was remarried to the king of Chu by caimuhou, he offered his advice to the king of Qi and the Eight Power Allied forces. As a result, the Qi Chu war was imminent.

4. the war between Qi and Chu was like the war between the United States and the Soviet Union

If the state of Qi and the state of Chu were to fight in 656 BC, it would be like the first world war between the United States and the Soviet Union. The war would certainly be unpredictable and would shock the entire spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. Let’s first look at the national characteristics of the two countries.

The state of Qi, the land of the eastern barbarians, was composed of more than 50 small vassal states in the Shang Dynasty. Its people were fierce and warlike. During the war between King Zhou and the Zhou Dynasty, the exhausted Shang Dynasty still had to fight against the eastern barbarians to encircle and suppress them. In fact, it was afraid of being attacked by the eastern barbarians. The establishment of the Zhou Dynasty also regarded this place as a serious problem. Jiang Taigong, the elder of the Zhou Dynasty, conquered the land in more than three years. The emperor of Zhou granted this land to jiangshang. Jiang Taigong, who was born in the army, especially appreciated the ethnic habits of the Dongyi people and took great care to protect them, so that the Dongyi people could maintain their strong fighting capacity. Dongyi group had many famous people. Chiyou, who fought with the Yellow Emperor, was the first. And Hou Yi, who shot down nine suns in one breath, was really a hero, although he had nothing to do with his wife. In addition, Emperor Shun, who is well-known for centuries, pioneered the sage. Because this nation is brave and good at fighting and not afraid of death, many mythological and legendary figures also come from this nation, such as Mr. Pangu, who opened the world. Mr. SHAOHAO is the great God of the western sky. His father is Taibai Jinxing and his mother is the fairy e Huang of Tianshan Mountain. There are also many heroes who help the world, such as Youchao, who built the house, Mr. Yushi, who prayed for rain, Mr. Cangjie, who created the characters, and Mr. Boyi, who drilled the first well. The Dongyi clique, which has made great contributions to the Chinese nation, can hardly live a stable life for a few days. No matter who is the ruler, they have to go to crusade, and they are often beaten. Therefore, the nature of Dongyi determines the characteristics of this nation. The state of Chu is located in the remote southeast of China. The Chu people, like the Dongyi people, have a value system based on martial arts and aggressiveness. They are called nanmanzi. This kind of contempt, however, was claimed by the Chu people with great relish. From King Wu of Chu, he claimed that he wanted to ask about China’s politics. It has been three generations since we dared to be the first in the world, and we have been better than one generation. The king of Chu paraded at the foot of the emperor of Zhou and asked about the size of the state tripod. The ambition of the wolf was as clear as a whistle. The prince of Zhou pitifully exhorted that those who did not win the top should ask for virtue, and those who wanted to win the world should be governed by virtue. Although the state of Chu lacked the famous historical figures of Dongyi, Zhu Rong, the God of fire, was the ancestor, who made great contributions to Zhou’s fight against the world. The mountains and rivers of the state of Chu are extremely complex. There are many rivers and lakes, vast territory and abundant resources. If outsiders enter, there will be no return. The emperor Zhao of Zhou Dynasty disappeared in the Han River during his southern expedition. Yin Jianbu was not far away. The state of Chu has a huge division of tigers and wolves. The younger brother of King Wen attacked Zheng in order to please madam Wen. He dared to use the army to multiply 600 times, which is enough to show the strength of the state of Chu. From the perspective of the monarchs of the two countries.

Duke Huan of Qi, the famous Prince Xiaobai in the history of Qi, has enjoyed a high prestige in various countries through more than 20 years of operation. The hegemony has just begun, and the enemy is eyeing Chu. In his opinion, if you want to order the princes, you should first coerce the son of Zhou; If you want to conquer the Chinese princes, you must first conquer the state of Chu. The brand of this person is forthright and generous, with heavy commitment. Because in his early years, he wandered abroad, and his life of exile honed his strong will. King Cheng of Chu was known as a smiling tiger, a ruthless man. He was the second son of King Wen. When he was more than ten years old, he killed his brother and sought his position. He got involved in the court conspiracy too early. At the beginning of his accession to the throne, the state of Chu experienced nearly a decade of civil strife, and the process of growth was difficult and dangerous, which enabled him to learn to protect himself and attack his opponents at the same time. Duke Huan of Qi was older, and his methods were sophisticated, so he would have too much calculation; King Cheng of Chu was young and vigorous. Although he was not experienced enough, he was aggressive. From the perspective of the two countries’ prime ministers. Guan Zhong, the Prime Minister of the state of Qi, was regarded as a lifelong example by later generations of Zhugeliang. Guan Zhong, although he is surnamed Ji, has been separated from Zhou Shi for many generations. Although his blood is noble, he has become a cloth garment. When he was young, he partnered with baoshuya to make venture capital investments around the two sons of the state of Qi, Jiao and Xiaobai. Guan Zhongbao bet on childe Jiu, and he lost his position as Marquis Qi in the general idea. Young master Xiaobai’s belt was shot by Guan Zhong, but he survived the great calamity of the state of Qi. In the first battle of Qilu, Lu was defeated. Young master Xiaobai coerces Lu Guojun to kill him. Guan Zhong was captured, and the king of Qi wanted to take him back to his country to die in revenge. At that time, a minister of Lu proposed that Guan Zhong was a talent for governing the world. If he was not used by Lu, he should be killed to prevent future troubles. Under the pressure of Qi, marquis Lu finally decided to hand Guan Zhong over to Qi. On the way to the state of Lu, Guan Zhong was afraid of Lu Jun’s repentance. He arranged lyrics and songs to sing with the soldiers holding the prison car, which secretly made the soldiers run faster to the state of Qi in the fierce music. Guan Zhong’s heart is like a mirror. He knew that with baoshuya around the king of Qi, he would have high officials and high salaries. Sure enough, on his way back, baoshuya had a very famous dialogue with Xiaobai, king of Qi. Mr. Bao asked Xiaobai: &\8221; Does your majesty want to make the country strong and prosperous&# 8221; Without thinking about it, Xiaobai fell into Mr. Bao’s trap. Of course, he replied. Mr. Bao nodded: &\8221; Just have us&# 8221; Mr. Bao asked again: &\8221; Does your majesty want to dominate among the vassal states in the world&# 8221; Xiaobai is a little puzzled and asks what to say? Mr. Bao answered calmly: &\8221; It can only be achieved by reusing Guan Zhong&# 8221; I just don’t want to kill him. Xiaobai made a bold promise. Mr. Bao shook his head. I entrusted him with an important task, and Xiaobai bet again. Mr. Bao shook his head again. Xiaobai is impatient, so she asks baoshuya to make it clear. Baoshuya tells Xiaobai that if Guan Zhong and other people are to come out to help, the king must take a bath with spices for three days. He must go to the outer suburbs to meet them. Mr. Bao was the teacher of Xiaobai, the king of Qi. He had been exiled with Xiaobai in other countries and suffered from other people’s eyes. Mr. Bao was not only loyal, but also resourceful, which won the trust of the king of Qi. Since Mr. Bao said so, Guan Zhong must have great talent. During the Warring States period, in order to dominate the world, it became the basic national policy of all countries to recruit talents, emphasizing the philosophy of pragmatism. The king of Qi thought that there was a lot of meat in his body to do so. He was lucky enough to get a famous scholar, but he couldn’t get it; Such a person has no real name. His actions can just buy the world a good reputation of thirst for talent. Guanzhongguo has lived up to his expectations. He took a number of measures to enrich the country and strengthen the people, as follows: the state of Qi is a country near the sea. First, the mountains, forests and Sea fields were nationalized. So that the state can monopolize the sea salt and follow the market, making some landlocked countries rely on the sea salt exported by Qi. Guan Zhong demanded gold as the currency. When some countries lost almost all their gold, he raised the price of gold. Sea salt and gold increased Qi’s national strength several times. Guanzhong ordered a large number of silk fabrics from inland countries, which led to the upsurge of other countries to abandon farming, raise silkworms and draw silk. When purchasing silk, Guanzhong lowered the purchase price, which led to the bankruptcy of wealthy households in other countries and the sharp reduction of national finance. The whole country has become paramilitary, with one soldier from each household. During the busy farming season, the troops are heavily trained at leisure. As a result, the military strength of the state of Qi will soon reach 800 times. In the next 20 years or so, it will cannibalize and annex more than 30 countries. The Prime Minister of the state of Chu, whose official title is Lingyin. The ruoao family is a great scholar family in the state of Chu, and its power can keep pace with that of the king of Chu. Yin Ziwen was a descendant of the ruoao family. His father, dou bobi, was an important official of King Wu and King Wen of Chu. The birth of Ziwen is full of legend. It is said that he was nursed by a female tiger, so he was named &\8221; Dougu Yutu &\8221;, In the words of the state of Chu, it is &\8221; Milk in the tiger &\8221;. When he grew up, his talent for learning and helping the world gradually emerged. At that time, the former Lingyin Ziyuan coerced Mrs. Wen into staying in the harem. The first object Mrs. Wen secretly asked for was this Dougu Yutu. Ziwen played King Cheng of Chu secretly and studied the countermeasures, which overturned Ziyuan’s Rogue group at one fell swoop. When Ziyuan perished, the king of Chu wanted to use doulian. Dou Lian recommended Ziwen. He believed that the enemy of Chu was Qi. Qi has Guanzhong. The country is rich and the army is strong. If we compete with the Central Plains, we must fight against Gu Yutu. So the king of Chu worshipped Dougu Yutu as his Lingyin. After Ziwen came to power, he believed that the misfortune of the country was due to the weakness of the monarch and the strength of the ministers. All ministers in the court should return half of the harvest to the monarch. The first move taken was to set an example for all the ministers, which strengthened the authority of the royal family. The second is to govern the country according to law. According to the records in Shuoyuan Zhigong Pian, the Ziwen clan committed crimes. He punished his relatives for righteousness and handed them over to the judicial department for punishment according to law. Chinese Songs: &\8221; Ziwen’s family violated the country’s laws and regulations. The court interpreted them. Ziwen didn’t listen to them. He took pity on Gu Yuanmeng and was just and fair&# 8221; Promote talents, such as those who played a key role in the southern expedition of the Qi allied forces &\8211; Qu Wan was also the person he discovered and put in important position. Ruo’ao clan has a good command of both wisdom and courage. They are promoted and put in important position in the army. It is precisely because of his series of measures to stabilize internal affairs and develop production politically, militarily and legally that &\8221; Chu is growing in power;. The three generations of monarchs of the state of Chu continued to expand their territory, moving northward from the Jianghan Plain. After entering Henan, the forward was less than 200 kilometers away from Luoyang, the capital of Zhou Dynasty, and became the overlord of the southern kingdom and a major trouble in the Central Plains. This battle is inevitable for both the public and the private. When Duke Huan of Qi led the Eight Power Allied Army to the south, was it a battle between two tigers that would hurt one, or a strong dragon that could not hold down the local snake? We will see.

5. the Eight Power Allied forces met in Zhaoling and made peace with a cart of wild grass

In the summer of 656 BC, the Central Plains was covered with war clouds. At the order of Duke Huan of Qi, the Allied forces of Qi, Lu, song, Chen, Wei, Zheng, Xu and Cao began the military campaign of the southern expedition. The armies started from different directions and first converged in the state of CAI. The main force of the Eight Power Allied forces joined forces to attack Cai Guo according to the previous plan. Faced with more than a thousand chariots and a large army pressing on the border, Cai Guo did not even have the power to parry. In a country, if you have a strong national power, the lightness of the king will be regarded as a kind of romance, the beauty of robbing other countries will be regarded as a kind of heroic, and the blood will be regarded as domineering. If your country is weak and weak, you should learn to survive in the cracks and compromise for development. Obviously, caimuhou, a descendant of the Ji family, had the wrath of the king when he shed the blood of the king, but it was difficult to have the power of the king. This is not, three times five times two, caimuhou was captured alive. Duke Huan of Qi saw that all armies gathered in CAI Di and held an alliance meeting to kill Cai hou to sacrifice the league flag. In the miserable state of CAI, the king’s life was in jeopardy. At this time, the king of Qi was full of ambition, led the army, turned to the southwest and boldly attacked the northern border of Chu. It seemed that killing CAI was a false move, and invading Chu was the essence. The Eight Power Allied forces seized the small border town of Zhaoling. This Zhaoling Mausoleum is located in the area of Yicheng, Henan Province (the place where Yue Fei fought against Jin Wu Shu in the Southern Song Dynasty). The Chu army fought here. Obviously, both sides are testing each other’s strength and depth. Qu Wan, the newly appointed foreign minister of Chu, showed his skill. Xiongyun and Lingyin douziwen, the monarchs of the state of Chu, showed their outstanding political and military talents in the face of the Eight Power Allied forces led by the prince of Qi. Qu Wan, on behalf of the king of Chu, met the invading enemy head-on. He pretended to be innocent and spoke foolishly: &\8221; Why do you come so far? Has our country offended the northern kingdom which is thousands of mountains and rivers away&# 8221; In fact, Qu Wan is trying to find an excuse for them to start a war. Otherwise, it will be called &\8221 by history; Intruder, robber, intruder &\8221; And so on. There was an episode after the war of words. Chu people speak &\8221; Xi &\8221; More sounds, similar to &\8221; Ah, ah, ah &\8221; The king of Qi was very upset with his exclamation. Through translation, he warned the envoy not to talk like a woman urinating &\8221; Xi &\8221; All the time. After being humiliated for no reason, Qu Wan returned to the king of Qi and warned him not to use &\8221; We &\8221;, This is similar to the sound made by the excrement of Chu people. Seeing the Chu emissary’s tit for tat, the king of Qi knew that there was a cruel character coming, and he could not get anything cheaper. He motioned Guan Zhong with his eyes and let him deal with it. Guan Zhong defended the military action of the Eight Power Allied forces. Once upon a time, our ancestral uncle Jiang once got the emperor’s sword. He could subdue any disrespectful vassal in the world to safeguard the dignity of the Zhou royal family. Mr. Jiang has the authority to reach the sea in the East, the Yellow River in the west, Muling pass in the South and Wudi in the north. Why can’t I come here? After hearing this, Qu Wan said that the reason for the coming offense was passable. Why do we disrespect the imperial court?

Guan Zhong stated that you should pay tribute to the emperor of Zhou every year for the emperor to worship his ancestors, but you didn’t pay tribute for three years. It is difficult for the Zhou royal family to drink good wine. Are you wrong? Here we can explain that Baomao is a plant in Chu, which is used to weave and filter out distiller’s grains. The ancients used it to improve the purity of alcohol. Once upon a time, the state of Chu was a tiny place. When serving the emperor of Zhou every year, he could only do inferior work for the Zhou royal family in the wine workshop. The Zhou royal family gradually got used to the wine filtering method of Chu people. Now the Chu people do not pay tribute to Baomao. Although there is wine available during the sacrifice of the Zhou royal family, it is not as pure as the Chu people. Or, to put it simply, Chu Bu Gong is highly suspected of trespassing. Guan Zhong actually pointed out the essence of this matter. Qu Wan suddenly realized. He sighed that it was my king’s sin not to pay tribute to Baomao. We can pay tribute soon. However, the only small matter, how can we arouse so many people? Guan Zhong felt that the matter was too small to be an excuse to start a war. As a doer of the state of Qi, his diplomatic ability to cope with emergencies seems to be weak. One thing, he thought, was the great sin of Chu. Once upon a time, King Zhao, the emperor of Zhou, made a southern expedition to Chu. As a result, he never returned. We must discuss this. This happened in the 10th century BC. It was nearly 400 years away from King Cheng of Chu. Thanks to Guan Zhong, I can figure it out. When King Zhao of Zhou invaded Chu, the people of Chu put the glued planks along the coast. King Zhao of Zhou did not know what the plan was. He rode on the boat. In the turbulence in the middle of the river, the boat disintegrated and drowned. Of course, this is a great crime of regicide, but after more than 400 years, it is a bit unreasonable to investigate it again. After hearing this, Qu couldn’t help laughing. He said a classic saying, about King Zhao of Zhou, we should ask Han Shui. The king of Qi wanted to give Qu Wan a blow when he saw that the excuse for the war was not looking good. When Qu Wan sent Baomao, according to the records of the states of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, the 24th memorial ceremony for the emperor Chu, it was written as follows: &\8221; Duke Huan ordered the princes to divide the chariots and disciples of various countries into seven teams, divided into seven parts. The soldiers of the state of Qi were stationed in the south to serve as the soldiers of Chu. As soon as the Qi army gets up, the drums will be sounded along the seven routes, and the equipment and armor must be very neat to strengthen China’s prestige. As soon as I entered, I saw the reward from Duke Chen of Qi. Duke Huan ordered the eight armies to be assigned. His JINGMAO had been tested, but he still ordered Qu Wan to take over the pipe and pay tribute by himself. Duke Huan said: &\8217; Has the doctor ever seen my Chinese soldiers&# 8217; Qu Wan said: &\8217; I have never seen the prosperity of China. I would like to take a look&# 8217; Duke Huan and Qu Wan went to the army together. They saw the soldiers of various countries, each occupying one side, and kept in touch for tens of miles. When the Qi Army started to drum up, the sound of the seven way drums corresponded to each other, just as the thunderbolt shocked the sky. Duke Huan was so happy that he called Qu Wan and said: &\8217; If I have such a large number of soldiers, why should I be invincible in battle? To attack, why not&# 8217; Qu Wan said: &\8217; Therefore, you are in charge of the alliance in the middle of the Xia Dynasty, proclaiming virtue and meaning for the son of heaven, and comforting Li Yuan… ‘&\8221; Of course, Qu Wan warned the king of Qi hard and soft. If we are determined to fight the first World War, the Fangcheng mountain of the state of Chu will be used as the city wall and the Yangtze River and Han River as the moat. We will fight a decisive battle with you. Can you win later? Duke Huan of Qi could hardly have the confidence to penetrate into Chu in depth, so he negotiated with Qu on the territory of Chu. At last, Baomao in Fugong of Chu found a step for both sides. In this way, the eight kingdoms of the southern expedition signed &\8221 with Chu; Zhaoling covenant;, They went back to their respective countries. On the way, baoshuya asks Guanzhong. The crime of Chu was a big one. But you take Baomao as your word. I can’t understand it. Guan Zhong sighed that three generations have passed since Chu people usurped it. How could I ever know? But once the war started, the outcome was unpredictable. If we fail, half of our efforts will be wasted. Bao Shuya sighed. Baoshuya asked again, did the king of Qi forget his hatred? Guan Zhong shakes his head. He killed Cai Guo and vented his resentment. The beauties he hugged all the way made him happy. He had already forgotten Cai Ji to go to the country of Java. As a result, the Eight Power Allied forces, many princes, with the strength of the whole country, withdrew in a playful manner.

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