The stories of the great sage and Nezha are all popular, and the stories of Yang Jian are not bad!

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The stories of the great sage and Nezha are all popular, and the stories of Yang Jian are not bad! Interested partners, come and have a look!

In recent days, the most popular movie discussed is “the birth of Nezha’s demon child”. It tells the story of Nezha, but it is different from our impression of Nezha, but the story has a certain degree of coincidence. Nezha. There are many protagonists such as immortal Taiyi and AO Bing, but they have adapted the story from the cause and effect. In fact, the return of the great sage in journey to the west a few years ago is also in this way.

Sun Wukong, the great sage of Qi Tian, and Nezha, the third prince, are well-known mythical figures, and their stories are well-known. They are also legendary to a certain extent. If they are shot in the normal way, they will certainly not work. Naturally, they will take a surprise and detour to the end.

After “Nezha” became popular, some netizens also said that it was time to open the “apotheosis universe”. Jiang Ziya had been informed in advance that it would be released next year. If it continued to be filmed, the legendary experience of Erlang Zhenjun Yang Jian was not bad.


Yang Jian’s story is also tortuous enough. His mother is the sister of the Jade Emperor, but his father is a mortal. That is to say, Yang Jian is the nephew of the Jade Emperor. Under the disciple Yuding immortal, who is under the throne of the first emperor of heaven, he also started a journey to save his mother. He cleaved mountains to save his mother, cut nine Jinwu to death, and once caused havoc in the heavenly palace.


The story of Yang Jian, Erlang Zhenjun, is no worse than that of Sun Wukong and Nezha. If it is adapted, it includes cutting mountains to save his mother and making trouble in the heavenly palace, which makes people’s blood boil and does not lose warmth.


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