The story is very short, but it tells our whole life

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The story is very short, but it tells our whole life


An old man selling porcelain bowls was walking along the road with a shoulder pole. Suddenly, a porcelain bowl fell to the ground and broke, but the old man didn’t turn back and went on.

When passers-by saw that it was strange, they asked:

??“ Why didn’t you look at your bowl when it broke& rdquo; The old man replied: “ No matter how I look back, the bowl is broken& rdquo;

Learn to accept and let go of what you have lost.

Many things will not come back because of your sadness, and the results will be changed.


When a parrot meets a crow, the parrot in the cage is comfortable, and the crow in the wild is free.

The parrot envies the freedom of the crow, and the crow envies the ease of the parrot.

The two birds discussed and exchanged.

The crow was at ease, but it was rare for its master to be happy, and finally died of depression; Parrots are free, but they can not live independently for a long time, and eventually die of hunger.

Don’t envy others’ happiness blindly. Maybe it doesn’t suit you.

Don’t compare yourself, live your life well, and enjoy your life is the king.


The teacher asked: “ A man wants to boil a pot of water. He finds that there is not enough firewood in the middle of the fire. What should he do& rdquo;

Some students said to look for it quickly, others said to borrow it and buy it.

The teacher said: “ Why not pour some water out of the pot& rdquo;

Students’ insight &hellip& hellip;

Things in the world can never be as good as they can be. Only when you give up can you get something.

People’s energy is always limited, not as good as “ Pour some water ”, Just focus on the people and things you like.


Cats and pigs are good friends.

One day the cat fell into the pit. The pig brought the rope. The cat told the pig to throw the rope down. As a result, it threw the whole bundle down.

The cat said sadly: “ Throw it down like this, how can you pull me up& rdquo;

The pig said: “ What else& rdquo;

The cat said: “ You should hold one end of the rope& rdquo;

The pig jumped down, took one end of the rope and said: “ Now you can& rdquo;

The cat cried and cried happily

Some people are not very smart, but they are worth your life.


The old monk asked the young monk: “ If one step forward is death, and one step backward is death, what should you do& rdquo;

The little monk said without hesitation: “ I’m going to the side& rdquo;

There is no way out of heaven. When you encounter a dilemma on the way of life, you may understand from another angle:

Beside the road, it is still the road.


On the first day, the little white rabbit went fishing and got nothing.

The next day, he went fishing again.

On the third day, just after it arrived, a big fish jumped out of the river and shouted:

??“ If you use carrots as bait again, I’ll beat you to death& rdquo;

All you give is yourself “ Want to ” Give, not what the other party wants.

What you pay to live in your own world is not worth money.


The poor man asked Buddha: why am I so poor?

Buddha said: you have not learned to give to others.

Poor: how can I give when I have nothing?

Buddha: a person who has nothing can give others seven things.

Yanshi: smile;

Words of praise and comfort;

Heart giving: open your heart and be kind to others;

Eye application: giving others a good and righteous eye;

Practice: help others with actions;

Seating facilities: i.e. humble seats;

Housing facilities: have the heart of tolerance.

Do not have too much meaningless care, give more to others, you may reap unexpected wealth and happiness.


Someone asked the farmer: “ Have you planted wheat yet& rdquo;

Farmer: “ No, I’m afraid it won’t rain& rdquo;

The man asked again: “ Do you grow cotton& rdquo;

Farmer: “ No, I’m afraid the insect ate the cotton& rdquo;

The man asked again: “ What did you plant& rdquo;

Farmer: “ Nothing. I want to be safe& rdquo;

If you worry too much and think too much, you will be tied up and accomplish nothing.

One dollar love! The story is very short, but many people cry. These stories are very short, but the story of a lifetime is very short, but it has affected hundreds of millions of people. The story is very short, but it speaks of human nature

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