The story of a left-behind woman: The help of netizens of the opposite sex made her career successful

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Hong can be regarded as a successful woman in Qingshuiqiao Village. The 38-year-old Hong has been working outside with her husband in the early years, and her only son is taken care of by her grandparents at home. Later, because the child was too old to be disciplined, and the old man was in poor health, he had to give up his part-time job and returned to his hometown.

Hong has been working in a garment factory during her work abroad. She has done a good job and managed the garment factory for five years. So it’s technically tough. When Hong returned to her hometown, she saw that her sisters were working hard to cultivate the two acres of thin fields, but the rewards they got were very small and pitiful.

She suddenly thought, why can’t she open a small garment processing factory, which can solve her own employment problem and bring income to other sisters in the village, why not do it? She immediately called and told her husband about the idea. After getting her husband’s support, she contacted her boss when she was working, and took the work from him and processed it for him, thereby earning processing fees. Hong took out her and her husband’s savings for many years, borrowed a little more, rented the abandoned village office in the village, and simply renovated it after repairing it. After a period of time, the small factory was finally built.

Hong succeeded and became a celebrity in Qingshuiqiao for a while. Although the factory is not large, it belongs to the kind of family trial workshop, but it will definitely bring some benefits. The women of Qingshuiqiao Village can also be considered to have a second job, and the slack farming Most of the time I work in a garment factory. Under the leadership of Hong, the sisters worked diligently and carefully, and never allowed themselves to make mistakes. After a year of joint efforts and hard work, the small factory has gradually become formal. Hong felt so comforted and enriched.

Now, with the joint efforts of her and her husband, Hong has not only paid off her debts, but also bought a house in the county seat, and she is also equipped with a car. She sends her son to the best private school, where she is fully nursed, and visits him every weekend or picks him up. Although the old people on both sides are not in good health, they can still take care of themselves and live well under her care. Hong is also very happy about this.

Hong has a hobby. She likes to browse Taobao on the Internet, and she likes to look at some popular clothes. After getting off work every day, after a day’s work, without the company of her husband, she pinned her spirit on the Internet. She browsed the Internet aimlessly. Hong, who only had a junior high school education, did not know how mysterious the Internet was, and her typing was very slow. The first thing she does every night when she turns on the computer is to send qq “Dear husband, I love you!” to her husband, and then quietly wait for her husband’s reply. Maybe it’s busy, maybe it’s because I feel that Hong is very bored, and most of my husbands don’t reply to her.

She was so angry that she sent her husband a series of images: kiss, hug, rose, love you, cry, cry, etc. And please, and show weakness! Regarding Hong’s actions, her husband smiled and said to her, “Hehe, motherfucker, I love you too! Don’t keep saying it, it’s disgusting.” To make money, I didn’t know romance at all. Ke Hong must be a woman in her thirties, living apart for a long time, Hong also longs to be loved and cared for. In the five years since she left her husband, her love life has been blank.

Hong is very beautiful, no matter how busy she is, she dresses up beautifully every day before going out to work. She said that a person’s image is very important. Looking at a person’s body and clothes can reveal the person’s identity and get a glimpse of the person’s identity. Inner world. In fact, this strong woman who looks bright on the outside also hides a very soft place in her heart, where it can be said that tears are flowing. It was better during the day. Every night, the boundless darkness and loneliness besieged this woman relentlessly. In the past five years, she cried secretly and inexplicably at night more than once. The next day, I went to work as usual and ran business, as if nothing happened.

Until the appearance of a man broke her quiet life. One night, Hong couldn’t sleep again. She habitually turned on the TV, wanted to watch for a while, and fell asleep when she was tired from watching. She has formed such a habit in the past five years. But the TV is nothing to look at. Looking at the computer on the computer desk, she got out of bed and simply surfed the Internet for a while. She turned on the computer and then opened QQ. Someone wanted to add her, and she also added strangers. Most of them wanted to have some fun and take advantage. Men, some can even be said to be hooligans. After a few words, she blocked him. She didn’t want to add it, maybe because she was bored, she actually added this person. According to the information, the man whose online name is Shu is in his thirties.

“Hello, haven’t you slept so late?” The man greeted first.

“Hello, didn’t you sleep either?” She turned back to him out of courtesy.

“I just came back from overtime at the company.” He replied to her.

“Oh, then why did you add me, do you know me?” she asked.

“Oh, I found it.” He replied.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you, you’re so tired. Just rest, I won’t bother you.” Hong wanted to end the conversation.

“Don’t worry, can you give me five minutes?” the man asked.

“Why give you five minutes?” Hong felt a little baffled.

“Because I’m boiling water, you accompany me to boil the water, okay?” Both of them laughed, and Hong was amused by him.

“I like to drink plain water because it beats all drinks,” the man said.

“I also like to drink, and I also don’t like to drink.” Hong said.

Just like this, the two talked for a long time. I could see that Izuki was typing very fast, but in order to take care of Hong, he actually slowed down his typing speed, which made Hong feel a little warm. In the end, Hong said that she was tired, and the tree went offline. What surprised Hong even more was that Shu was with him and was an executive of a large garment factory in S. This man talks eloquently and knows a lot, which Hong admires very much.

The next night, Hong turned on the computer early, and saw the gray head of the tree. I don’t know why Hong felt a little lost. But soon the tree appeared. In the virtual world of the Internet, two people talked about career from family, and then from career sublimated to the realm of human soul! The two talked very late and did not want to leave for a long time. Hong knew that the tree was younger than herself, got married, had a lovely daughter one day, and had a loving wife. The tree also sent a family photo to Hong, so that Hong can witness that he is happy. For some reason, Hong’s heart was sour.

Since the day she met the tree, Hong hadn’t watched TV again. As soon as she got home at night, she turned on the computer and waited for the tree subconsciously. Sometimes the tree worked overtime, and she waited for her until late at night. She was shocked and helpless to find herself: the tree has become a part of her spiritual life, and she is subconsciously dependent on him. In fact, the tree is also very painful, he also cares about Hong, he feels that Hong is a rare and good woman, but both of them are doing their best to avoid the problem, and they are hitting each other haha.

Late one night, Shu suddenly said, “Let me see you! Okay?” It was the first time Shu made such a request after knowing each other for several months. “Well, wait for me for a while.” Hong agreed. Hong took off her pajamas, put on her favorite sky blue dress, and painted light makeup on Jing Zi. Seeing himself in the realm, his short, slightly curly hair was dyed a light yellow, his round face was rosy, and his fair skin exuded the beauty of a mature woman.

They videotaped, the two looked at each other, but couldn’t say a word, Hong’s face was full of tears, and she had long since burst into tears. The tree also cried, in fact, before he knew it, Hong had already entered his heart. This thoughtful man looked at the woman he loved lovingly. He really wanted to touch her face across the computer screen and wipe away her tears. He gently typed a line on the computer keyboard: “Before I saw you, I saw you in my dreams countless times, and I knew that you were so beautiful! Because only a person with a heart like you can grow like this. , I won!” To tell the truth, the tree is also very handsome, and the masculinity of men is all manifested in the tree. It’s really a masculine and feminine look.

“Sorry, we won’t be in touch in the future, okay?” Hong also typed a line on the health plate.

“Hong, I will listen to you and respect your opinion. In “Huainanzi”, it is said that pearls are tumors born in the mussels. For mussels, they are a kind of pain, and they are treasures for people. I think you are that crystal clear and translucent , immaculate pearl. I will never forget you!”

Hong is speechless, she doesn’t know what to say? Hong cried even more, she forced herself to turn off the computer, but her mind was still full of the shadow of the tree, she couldn’t control herself not to think about him, she opened the door like crazy, started her car, and drove aimlessly Cyclonus… She didn’t sleep that night. They haven’t been in contact since then.

Shu knew that it was not easy for Hong, so he contacted the local government of Hong under the name of others, and won many orders for Hong. With the secret help of Shu, Hong also expanded the scale of the factory. Hong’s garment factory is doing better. And she never dreamed that the tree helped her.

However, there are unforeseen circumstances. In a small business meeting, Hong is drunk by a small boss introduced by Shu and rapes her. The contract was also tampered with by the other party. The other party refused to pay the Hong Kong processing fee on the grounds that the quality of the clothing was unqualified, and demanded compensation of 100,000 yuan for liquidated damages. As a result, a batch of garments became semi-waste, equivalent to an economic loss of 400,000 yuan. But there is another secret: if Hong becomes the lover of the little boss from now on, everything will be free! And signed a long-term cooperation contract. Hong wanted to cry but had no tears, and the double blow and torture made her unbearable.

Hong Chen walked around and was listless all day. She was overcome with pain. She walked into the Public Security Bureau and reported the case. The police quickly opened a case. Tree ended up appearing in court as an intermediary witness. Hong suddenly realized that it was the tree that had been helping him. Both of them had mixed feelings, but they didn’t expect to meet in a dramatic way on this special occasion. Seeing the tearful Hong looked at him affectionately, the heart of the tree was twisted like a knife, his eyes were full of tears, and he even regretted that he should not have helped her.

Rainbow thin, haggard. Her eyes were filled with too much content: longing, pain, gratitude, grievance, sadness, helplessness… I didn’t expect her kind help would turn out to be like this, and she deeply blamed herself! How he wanted to run up and hug her tightly, comfort her, and give her warmth! But the tree deeply knew that he couldn’t do this, and he told himself thousands of times in his heart: love her! Just let her go! The highest state of love is to give up!

Hong won the lawsuit, and there is no quality problem in the clothes made. The little boss involved has also been punished. Ke Hong couldn’t be happy at all. Because of this lawsuit, there is a lot of uproar and rumors in different versions. Hong’s husband also listened to the rumors, this Muna, the old-fashioned man could not tolerate his wife’s innocence, and even suspected that she had really betrayed him and could not defeat him after all. Decided to file for divorce. Hong reluctantly signed the divorce agreement.

But Hong has no regrets, she can’t lose herself for anyone, she is glad that she has become herself.

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