The Story of Du Mu and Zhang Hao (Du Mu and Zhang Hao)

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This is a love story buried in the clouds of the Tang Dynasty. It is a love story between the talented man Du Mu and the young singer Zhang. Since ancient times, the names of brothel women seem to be reduplicated? Su Xiaoxiao, Zhang Haohao, Li Shishi, Chen Yuanyuan… Read carefully today’s heroine’s name, “Haohao”. In the euphemistic name, there are amorous feelings, talent and romantic charm, which is an excellent omen. But after marriage, she was abandoned and sold wine.

Why is the most heartbroken love of poets in the world in the brothel, and the most unlucky one in the brothel? The tragedy and imperfection of love have long been talked about by the world. Du Mu’s poems and calligraphy are both good. In his later years, he burned most of his manuscripts without leaving a single word, which is a state of mind, but Zhang Haohao’s Poems were left behind.



In October of the second year of Zidahe’s reign, Chuan Shi Shen took Shang Shu Youcheng as an observer in Jiangxi. Du Mu had been following Chuan Shi Shen and worked as a staff in Hongzhou, Xuanzhou and other places for five years. During this period, the talented man Du Mu met Zhang Haohao, a famous prostitute in Huzhou.

That was the third year of Dahe. At the residence of Shen Chuanshi in Nanchang, Du Mu was not married yet. He was elegant and talented, while Zhang Hao was beautiful and intelligent, and he was proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. When attending the banquet, the two often met. Zhang Haohao admired Du Mu’s talent and Du Mu fell in love with Zhang Haohao’s beauty and art. They go boating in the lake, hold hands with the sunset, and are gifted and beautiful. It should have left a beautiful story. Surprisingly, Shen Chuanshi’s brother also took a fancy to Zhang Hao and soon accepted her as a concubine.

Zhang Haohao, as a family prostitute in Shen Chuanshi’s family, is unable to control his own fate. Du Mu is also in a low position, so he has no choice but to admit that he has no regrets. When Zhang Hao got married, he left a poem: The lonely light and the waning moon accompanied by leisure and sorrow, and several times of sadness and several times of autumn. How can I pay the old testament with sorrow? I will thank you for your love from now on.

When Du Mu saw this poem, his heart was sad. He rushed to Huzhou all night to meet him. However, Zhang Haohao knew that he was guilty of marrying and didn’t want to meet him. Du Mu lingered in Huzhou for several days, and had to return sad. After that, Zhang Haohao and Du Mu never met again.

Until April, 833, the seventh year of Dahe, when Shen Chuanshi was promoted to the rank of minister of the ministry of officials, Du Mu also left Xuanzhou and went to Yangzhou to serve as a curtain official at Niu Monk and Ru, the envoy of the Huainan Festival. He first served as a pushing official, and then became the head secretary. The title of Beijing was to supervise the imperial historian.

In the ninth year of Dahe, in 835 AD, Shen Chuanshi died as a servant of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In the same year, Du Mu went to Chang’an to serve as an official, and ended his seven-year life as a staff. Although the grade of the imperial inspector is only the eighth grade, his authority is to inspect the hundreds of bureaucrats, patrol the counties, correct the prison, and return to Beijing to take office. Du Mu was full of hope, but there is a brewing change in the imperial court, the chaos of the court, and like-minded friends have been ostracized one after another. Du Mu also claimed that he was ill, and soon changed his post as the chief inspector of the imperial inspector, Dongdu, left Chang’an, and came to Luoyang. His work was leisurely, and he made friends with local celebrities through poetry, Or travel together.

Shortly after, I met an old friend in a hotel in Dongcheng by chance. It was Zhang Haohao, the singer girl I knew when I was in Hongzhou and Xuanzhou. When Du Mu learned about her experience, he was very sympathetic and sad. His heart was sad and sad. He wrote a long five-character ancient poem “Zhang Haoshi” to comfort her.

Zhang Haohao’s poem (excerpt): We met again in Los Angeles, and loaded it for the current moment. It’s my fault that I suffer. The young man has white beard. Is the friend tour here or not? After the gate hall wailed, the water and clouds worried about the beginning of the scene. The willows hang on the slanting sun, and the cool wind grows in the corner. Sprinkle all your tears, and talk about a book with a short song.

After Zhang Hao married Shen Shushi as a concubine in Xuanzhou, she was abandoned and left in Luoyang to sell wine in a small hotel. It is said that at the end of the story, Du Mu died of depression in Chang’an. Zhang Haohao was so sad to hear it that he went to Chang’an to worship without telling his family. He remembered all the sorrows of love and separation. The wind brought hate, and the rain contained sorrow. He could not bear to leave hate. He died in front of Du Mu’s tomb. Draw a full stop for this sad story!

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