The story of the palace maid

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Once upon a time, there was a young man whose family name was tianmingtai. His mother and son lived on firewood.

That day, Tiantai was gathering firewood on the mountain when the weather suddenly changed and it began to rain heavily.

Seeing that he couldn’t go home, the rooftop was so anxious that he threw his axe to the ground. He just listened to “ Hua La ” With a sound, he dodged a mountain gate, and out came a Taoist. The Taoist said: “ You are unreasonable. Why do you knock on my door& rdquo;

The rooftop was stunned and hurried forward to salute, saying: “ Sorry, I didn’t mean to know you were here& rdquo;

The Taoist said: “ I think you are an honest and filial person. I have a treasure called Ruyi hundred treasures. Take it. At the same time, if you say long, it will grow. If you sit on the top, it will take you wherever you go. When you go, it will automatically stop. If you say down, it will fall. If you say shrink, it will shrink, and you can put it away& rdquo;

The rooftop took the picture and was saying thanks. In a blink of an eye, the Taoist nun disappeared and the mountain gate was closed.

The rooftop thought, I just want to go home, so I might as well try it. He took out the Ruyi figure and said that if the sound was long, the Baotu would be as big as the reed mat. He sat in the middle and said: “ I want to go home& rdquo; The treasure map rises automatically and carries the rooftop and firewood to the doorstep of the rooftop home. Rooftop voice “ Drop ”, It fell to the ground, and the rooftop said “ Shrink ”, The treasure map was reduced, and the roof was collected to see my mother.

Mother is worried about her son. She is very happy to see that her son has returned with another treasure. Since then, it has been easy to collect firewood on the rooftop, and life is getting better day by day.

Half a year later, Tiantai thought: people say the imperial palace is good. Why don’t I go and see it to broaden my horizons. After the night is quiet, take out the Ruyi treasure map from the rooftop and say “ Go to the palace ”, Baotu flew up and took him into the imperial garden of the imperial palace.

A treasure map was put on the roof. It was already dawn. He enjoyed all kinds of flowers and visited the rockery and real water. Walking forward, a palace maid met him. The palace maid could not help admiring each other. They communicated their names and told each other about their life experiences. They fell in love with each other.

The maid said: “ I am very tired of being in the palace all day. I hate palace life. I would like to go to the countryside with my husband& rdquo;

Rooftop says: “ Come with me now& rdquo;

The maid said: “ No matter where you go, the emperor can find it. There will be disaster& rdquo;

The palace maid took out her portrait and gave it to the rooftop, saying: “ This is the picture of the imperial concubine painted by the emperor. The emperor wants to make me a high-ranking imperial concubine. There are still ten days to go. Go back and find a way to save me& rdquo;

After sitting on the rooftop in the treasure map, I asked my mother to find a way. My mother was worried and thought of Taoist nuns.

Right! Taoist nun can give a treasure map, and there must be a way to save the maid in waiting. The rooftop comes to the mountain and knocks on the gate with an axe. Seeing Taoist nun’s explanation, Taoist nun says: “ Easy to handle, you go with me& rdquo;

The Tiantai followed the Taoist nun outside the capital. The Taoist nun asked the Tiantai to wait outside the city. She went into the Jinluan hall alone and stole the emperor’s imperial seal. When she saw the Tiantai, she said to the Tiantai that this is the emperor’s imperial seal. The emperor must be very worried if he lost the imperial seal. You put it in a nearby well. After the list of the emperor is released, you can ask the emperor for a maid after you expose the imperial seal& rdquo; With that, the Taoist disappeared.

The emperor lost the imperial seal and was extremely anxious. Zhang made a list, stating that whoever found the imperial seal would be given whatever he wanted.

The emperor unveiled the imperial list from the rooftop. The emperor said: “ Can you find the imperial seal& rdquo;

Rooftop says: “ Yes;. The rooftop took people to the well outside the South Gate of the city. They said that it was in the well. The emperor had it salvaged and found the imperial seal.

The emperor’s platform: “ What do you want ”, The rooftop took out the picture of palace maids and said that the palace maids should be painted. The emperor wanted to go back on his words, but he could not change his words, so he had to promise.

Tiantai led the maid back home to live in harmony.

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