The story of working overtime with a male colleague I can’t forget him after a one-night stand

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Even men and women who are about to get married and have a deep relationship may betray each other. The pressure is too great and the temptation is too great. These are the reasons. My male colleagues and I often work overtime, but that night, a different story happened.

I was in the same office with a male colleague, chatting occasionally and laughing. From his words, I gradually began to feel that he was quite attractive. Sometimes I quarrel with my boyfriend and like to complain to him. Whenever this time, his words seem to be my greatest comfort.

Later, my boyfriend and I got engaged. His family kept urging us to get married and have children, but I felt it was too early. I met my boyfriend on a blind date, and it took less than half a year to realize that we were engaged, so I always felt that it was not suitable.

I don’t have too many other thoughts in my mind. I feel that I will marry my current boyfriend in the future, but I don’t want to be so early. As for my preference for men, my colleagues say that I have a strong taste, and I like older men who are very manly.

However, I didn’t even think that I would be so infatuated with a male colleague five years younger than me. The male colleague Xiao Zhang just came to the company’s sales department not long ago. He became acquainted with him during a project cooperation. He is five years younger than me. In my eyes, he is still a boy.

But he showed great enthusiasm when he was working, and when facing clients, he was poised, and everything was handy. In the days we work together, we often work overtime together until late at night, and our work is quite tacit.

The project is still going on, and we have to discuss the topic face to face every day. I often sit in front of the computer and explain the details of tomorrow’s negotiations to him while watching him. He is really a good boy.

“My girlfriend and I had a fight.” He lit a cigarette that day and rambled. He and his girlfriend came to Beijing after graduating from university. The two have been together for two years. Now his girlfriend wants to say marriage, but he doesn’t feel in a hurry.

He blew out a smoke ring, and the smoke covered him tightly, “How can I say it, I actually don’t like her that much, I like her, I have feelings, but it’s not to the point of getting married.” As a result, he suddenly looked at her. He hugged me and kissed him at once, I couldn’t and didn’t want to resist.

We were like a wildfire that ignited in a flash, and we rolled into a puddle of mud in the small office. After I was done, I didn’t dare to look at his face, so I wiped myself off with a tissue and ran back. That was so embarrassing.


In fact, I would think, he took the initiative to flirt first, what am I afraid of, but I always feel that something is wrong, I can’t tell, I am lying on the bed at home, feeling guilty on the one hand, and the thrill of success on the other. But since then, I have found that I cannot forget him.

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