The struggle strategy of the poor against the rich!

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Author: ye Lihua source: Qiushi (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Since the end of the 1980s, the development of capitalist countries has entered a new historical stage, from free capitalism to monopoly capitalism.

In the era of free capitalism, the slogan of the American dream is inspiring. Struggle can bring happiness, labor creates the future, and opportunities are everywhere. Countless people displaced in old Europe have come to the North American continent to achieve personal happiness.

Everywhere there are business opportunities and gold. Whether it is Detroit in the east or Los Angeles in the west, there are opportunities for development. The era of the middle class of the whole people has risen on the horizon of the United States. It has become the iron law of society that success can be achieved through struggle.

However, everything will go to its opposite.

Free capitalism must brew its own opposite, that is, illiberal capitalism.

In free capitalist competition, it is inevitable that the big fish will eat the small fish. In the end, there are only a few companies in any field of the country, monopolizing all businesses.

Some are monopolized in operation, and some are monopolized in the upstream and downstream. After entering the era of monopoly capitalism, the United States is no longer a happy land for all. The monopoly hand of gaomen extended to all corners of the economy.

The economic plutocrats and the political plutocrats combined to form a powerful consortium. It was formed at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In the economic sector, family members of consortia can directly serve as senior executives. In the government sector, official positions with high salaries, leisure and high reputation are monopolized by consortia.

The position of the consortia is similar to that of the scholar families in the Wei and Jin Dynasties in ancient China. They do not have to worry about economic problems, and they can earn whatever they do. People in consortia are the family members of rich and powerful families. They engage in politics, can “make progress and become legislators” by virtue of their wealth, and can “become young Taozhu and world famous” by engaging in economy.

For example, there is a famous entrepreneur named Bill Gates. His grandfather was a banker in Washington state and an important figure in the Citigroup.

Similar to the Xunzi family in the Wei Dynasty, the grandson of the Xunzi family came first in business in the Wei Dynasty. Looking at the historical books of China, he found that it was natural.

Bill Gates said a paragraph in 2015, which roughly means that in the next few years, there will be a large-scale death of human beings and a sudden sharp decline in population. The reason should not be a large-scale war or super weapon in the conventional sense. The reason can only be a very infectious disease with an amazing spreading speed. Although it can be cured, the price to be paid for human beings is very high.

Comparing this passage with what happened a few years later, we can see that things are not simple. Bill Gates can give such predictions, or warnings, not so much because he is very insightful as because he is a person in the circle.

The major consortia in the United States are America’s top class, America’s rich families, and America’s taxi people.

Not only consortia are active in American politics and business, not everyone who does business is from Boston or Mellon, and not everyone is from Cleveland or Los Angeles.

Just like in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, no matter how they practiced door politics, not all officials were door lords, and the Han nationality was also an important political force.

In the history of our country, the Han nationality had a relatively prosperous economic life, but when it comes to politics, it must be immediately clear. This difference is reflected in the fact that there are no poor families in the upper class and no noble families in the lower class.

Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the struggle between poor landlords and rich landlords has run through the main line of history until the emergence of the imperial examination system.

Trump is the representative of the American Han capitalists. By observing the path of his family’s prosperity, we can know that at the time when the United States is gradually moving towards the era of monopoly, the trumps have not become a member of any consortium. The consortium is trying to extend its tentacles into society, but there will always be fish in the niche.

For example, in the long-term apartment rental industry, it is revealed that the trump family has not been incorporated. The trump family is not a consortium, but just an ordinary enterprise.

Compared with the lives of ordinary Americans, rich people are rich. However, trump can only be a clown in front of the stage, relying on participating in wrestling competitions to make everyone laugh.

I really want to do something in politics and business. The Clintons who used to be nice to me and me are about to turn over.

When the rich and powerful hold power and wealth, how can they easily give up? There is absolutely no possibility of turning over and giving up the monopoly that has been formed so hard.

The humble family is doing business one by one. How can we stop here? It’s impossible to stop moving forward when we finally get so big.

Originally, the double play of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party was played by the rich and powerful. Trump’s election reform completely transformed the Republican Party into Trump’s party.

As a result, the essence of the internal struggle between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States has become a struggle between rich and powerful American consortia and poor entrepreneurs.

In the final analysis, Liu Yu and Xiao Daocheng’s victory over the rich and powerful families depended on their military achievements and the northern expedition, because only the military function can smooth out all the differences in their origins.

In the final analysis, the Wang Xie family maintained its rule by not fighting and never going to the northern expedition, because only if no one had military merit would the rich family not let the poor family take away the most critical power.

Therefore, in the decisive battle of the upcoming election between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, it is natural to distinguish between the hardliners and the compromisers.

If trump still wants to win, he must think of a good strategy and seek necessary support when necessary.

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