The success of China’s fifth land-based midcourse antimissile mission has sent a signal!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

On the evening of June 19, China’s Ministry of national defense released a message: “on the evening of June 19, 2022, China conducted a land-based midcourse anti missile interception technology test in China, and the test has achieved the expected purpose. This test is defensive and does not target any country.”

At first glance, the first impression of such news is that “there are few words but big things”, but it reflects some new signals behind it.

Antimissile is divided from the platform, including sea-based, land-based and space-based; In terms of flight process, it is divided into initial stage (ascending stage), middle stage and final stage.

In the ascent phase, the missile speed is slow, which is an ideal strike period. However, it is difficult to break through the layers of air defense networks of other countries, especially large countries;

At the last stage, the missile is fast, can reach 15~20 times the speed of sound, and has released the decoy, so it is difficult to anti missile. If it is a nuclear weapon, even if the anti missile is successful and a nuclear bomb explodes on its own head, it is only a little smarter than suicide.

Comparatively speaking, there are no such difficulties in the midcourse antimissile. However, since the enemy missiles are at the highest position, they put forward very high requirements for the establishment of early warning system, the tracking of the enemy missiles, and catching up with and damaging the enemy missiles with their own missiles.

It is precisely because there are few people in the world who can engage in mid course ABM.

The world’s military strength depends on the five permanent members. At present, only China and the United States can engage in anti missile in the middle of the five permanent members. Even in the case of the United States, its success rate has not been satisfactory. The United States Congress has criticized the GBI, the main anti missile force in the middle section, from time to time. It has not been able to form an effective combat power.

? video screenshot of missile launch (irrelevant to pictures and texts)

Russia claims that it is playing the final stage of ABM, but we all know that it boasts a lot. The reason is naturally to sell more weapons.

Now, India is reducing the proportion of weapons procurement from Russia. On the one hand, it does not want to rely too much on Russia. On the other hand, it is afraid that the performance of Russian weapons in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield is not satisfactory, which makes India also begin to doubt the progressiveness of Russian weapons. Su 35 is constantly returned by other countries. Su 57 is not only not wanted by India, but also by the Russian army. It only orders oneortwo each year to ensure that its production line is not closed.

Russia can’t even play the middle part well. It says that it has played a more difficult end. It should be that there are many elements of boasting. Unless, like the Soviet Union, it launches nuclear bombs on its own head to counter nuclear bombs.

Let’s look at China. The success of this mid course anti missile campaign has sent many signals:

1. It shows that the success rate of anti missile in the middle section of China is high.

After five trials, all of them were successful. The success rate should still be acceptable; In contrast, the success rate in the United States is 80%!

If an ordinary missile is OK, if it is a nuclear weapon, even if the success rate is 99%, it is not much different from 0%. With modern nuclear weapons equivalent, even if only 1% of the nuclear bombs successfully penetrate the defense, it is enough to kill the other side.

2. It shows that China’s ABM is becoming mature

In addition to this news, China has conducted six land-based anti missile missions in the past.

The five mid course antimissile missions will take place on February 4, 2021, February 5, 2018, January 27, 2013 and January 11, 2010.

On july23,2014, it was only said that the land-based ABM was successful, not the middle section.

Pay attention to the time. The first time was in 2010. It has been more than 12 years now. After 12 years of polishing, a technology has achieved 100% success rate. It must have matured and become a powerful umbrella for China.

In the future, I believe we will continue to build an ABM network composed of sea, land, air and space, and build a sky network that can strongly protect the safety of the Chinese people!

Finally, I hope China can greatly develop high-power lasers, just because the speed of any missile is not worth mentioning in front of light!

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