The summit held by the United States in its “backyard” has become Biden’s nightmare!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (id:rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

With the gradual stabilization of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Biden finally freed up his hands to begin his diplomatic plan for the year. In just one month, Biden talked with China’s neighboring countries, but did not focus on domestic shootings, high inflation and other matters affecting people’s livelihood. He fully implemented the strategic idea of “settling down at home before settling down at home”. Recently, the United States has set its sights on its own “backyard” – the Americas, in an attempt to open a new strategic window in the Americas. However, Biden’s wishful thinking failed to start this time.


According to many media reports, Biden hosted the 9th summit of the Americas in Los Angeles from June 6 to June 10 local time. Known as “the most important multilateral summit in the western hemisphere”, the summit is the best place for countries in the Americas to exchange views. It is basically held every three years. The first summit of the Americas was hosted by Clinton in 1994. 28 years later, the venue of the summit returned to the United States. However, what could not be returned was the ability of the United States to say nothing about the Americas in the past.

Why do you say that? Because this summit can be described as a hundred situations, what Biden needs to clean up is not the hearts of the American people, but a chicken feather.

Before the start of the summit, the United States refused to invite the leaders of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to attend the summit, citing the “lack of human rights and democracy” of the three countries. A white house source told the media a different story. He believed that the reason why the White House did so was that the three countries were the main anti American forces in Latin America. Biden worried that it would be difficult to control the summit situation and humiliate himself if he invited them.


After the United States gave this “unwarranted” reason, the American countries showed unexpected unity, and many countries announced that they would not participate in the summit. According to the final statistics of the media present, 23 leaders of American countries attended the summit. However, there are 35 countries in the Americas, which means that about 40% of the American countries do not sell the face of the United States at all.

Among these 23 countries, there are still many other countries that are coming for the purpose of “offending the widows”. Before attending the summit, Brazilian president bosonaro talked about the fraud in the US election, suggesting that Biden was on the top by cheating. As a result, when the summit was held, Reuters reporters said that bosonaro and Biden sat very open and avoided eye contact with each other. It seems that their private conversation did not go well. Although Argentine President Fernandez came, he publicly said to the media: “the host country of the conference does not mean that it has the right to restrict who will attend the conference”. He will discuss this behavior of the United States with other American countries at the leaders’ breakfast meeting.



(media reports on bosonaro, pay attention to their eyes)

All these facts are enough to show the “gold content” of this summit. After all, American countries rarely have such a time of unity. At best, however, leaders from 21 countries came to Los Angeles to attend the summit, and Biden could go on with the summit. But as a result, just after Biden announced that the topics of the summit were “controlling illegal immigration, promoting economic growth, coping with climate change and preventing and controlling the COVID-19”, a slap in the face happened at the US border.

According to the New York Post, on the occasion of the summit of the Americas, the largest wave of immigrants in history set out from southern Mexico to the U.S. – Mexico border. The team stretches for 51 kilometers and is expected to reach 15000 people. Another slap slapped Biden in the face.


monroe doctrine

In fact, the vast majority of American countries have always held a negative attitude towards the United States, and this summit is just a concentrated expression of contradictions. To understand this attitude, we have to mention the notorious Monroe Doctrine.

In 1823, Monroe, then president of the United States, said in his state of the Union address that the United States would not allow European powers to interfere in the affairs of the Americas. This seems to help the American countries get rid of the control of the European colonists, but it actually regards the Americas as the “private plot” of the United States and marks the entire Americas as the sphere of influence of the United States. Since then, with the continuous improvement of the comprehensive national strength of the United States, other American countries have been gradually pulled away by the United States, and they are no longer able to get rid of the shackles of the United States. This policy has also led to the “Aphasia” of all countries in the Americas except the United States on the international stage.

It is precisely because of the super position of the United States in the Americas that the development space of these American countries has been continuously compressed, and they have gradually become colonies and labor reserve bases in the economic sense of the United States. The illegal immigrants mentioned above are the embodiment of this position of the United States. Illegal immigrants from Central America would rather risk their lives, but also eager to go to the United States. They are willing to do even the most basic work. However, non mandatory means have a brainwashing effect, and Monroe Doctrine “does not work”. But the United States, which has got a cheap price, is still willing to sell. If these illegal immigrants had not undertaken the most arduous and oppressive work in the United States, would Americans have such a high quality of life?

The leaders of these American countries must know the danger of Monroeism better than anyone else. As early as last year, in an interview with Chinese journalists, Nicaraguan Parliament President paulas said that the long-term Monroe Doctrine implemented by the United States in the Americas is a gross interference in the internal affairs of other countries. He still feels the existence of Monroe Doctrine.


(paulas, President of the Nicaraguan Congress)

In 1994, the United States was able to respond with one voice and let the American countries participate in the conference against their wishes. This was the basis for the United States’ global comprehensive national strength at that time. However, today, when the United States is in relative decline, how can these countries not choose to beat the dogs? It is better to say that since the United States put forward Monroe Doctrine, most American countries have found the opportunity to dare to say no to the United States.

With so many political elites in the White House, did you not expect such an embarrassing situation at the summit? I think so, but the relationship between the United States and the Americas was very stiff during the trump period, and they had no choice. Trump himself vigorously attacked illegal immigrants from Mexico and regarded the border wall as his landmark political achievement. In addition, he did not attend the last summit of the Americas. Therefore, this summit is very important for the United States. It is the best occasion to show the Biden administration’s goodwill to the Americas. It should be held even if it is tough.

Keep the basic disk

The practical consideration for the United States to show goodwill is to keep its basic position and prevent China from expanding its influence in the Americas.


The United States is in the best geographical position in the world: powers outside the continent can only invade the United States by sea. Countries within the continent do not pose a threat to themselves, which is equivalent to dominating a continent. Moreover, the continent is rich in various resources and agriculture is very developed. It can be said that as long as the United States can firmly control the Americas, it will always be a first-class country.

But now China has brought a great sense of crisis to the United States both inside and outside the Americas. We are very familiar with the situation outside the Americas. East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe and other regions are the focus of the Sino US game. The situation inside the Americas is relatively strange. In fact, China’s influence in Latin America has been expanding in recent years, to the extent that the United States is worried. According to Chinese customs statistics, the total trade volume between China and Latin America in 2021 reached US $451.59 billion, a year-on-year increase of 41.1%, of which Chinese exports reached US $229.01 billion, a year-on-year increase of 52%. From 2000 to 2020, the trade volume between China and Latin America increased by 26 times.


(trade volume between China and the United States in the Americas, with China as the blue line)

In contrast, if Mexico is not included, the total import and export trade between Latin America and China reached nearly 247billion US dollars last year, much higher than the 174billion US dollars of the United States (due to the existence of the US Mexico free trade agreement). Such huge economic and trade exchanges are bound to bring political bias. China’s influence in central and South America is steadily increasing. For example, the the Belt and Road initiative has now spread to the Americas: on December 14 last year, China and Cuba officially signed the cooperation plan on jointly promoting the construction of the the Belt and Road. On January 10 this year, Nicaragua also joined the the Belt and Road, followed by Argentina.

As we all know, the “the Belt and Road” has long been regarded by the United States as a means for China to expand its influence. The United States immediately felt that there were some problems in its basic situation. At this time, the United States needs to jump out and show its sense of existence and tell the American countries that the United States has not ignored its interests in the Americas. Sure enough, at the summit, Biden did the same for the “Indian Pacific economic framework”, announced to the American countries that the United States would establish an “American economic partnership”, and declared that the United States would increase its economic presence in the Americas and promote the recovery of the American economy after the epidemic. Reuters’ report on this hit the nail on the head: “the challenge from China is obviously a major consideration.”


Failed summit

In order to keep the basic plate of the United States and divide China’s influence in the Americas, Biden chose to hold this summit. In fact, there was nothing wrong with it, but the fault was that the United States was too stingy. As the saying goes, “money makes the devil grind, and every penny of money makes the goods.” it is not that American countries cannot accept the long arm jurisdiction of the United States again, but the premise is that the United States can transfer some of its own interests and give American countries some hope for efforts.

But Biden was obviously unwilling to pay the money. He announced at the meeting that the United States would allocate 645million US dollars to Latin America to help them solve their problems.


The US $645million is a lot more than the US $150million he sent ASEAN leaders. However, compared with the US $40billion in aid to Ukraine and the US $451.59 billion trade volume mentioned above, this money is difficult to interest these countries. Combined with the unanimous complaints of the leaders of American countries after the summit, the summit was neither applauded nor welcomed, and there was basically no success.

This at least shows that the past American strategy of the United States has been difficult to sustain. More and more American countries are unwilling to accept the control of the United States and sing praises to the United States while being harvested by the United States. They have a new choice. In the future, the relationship between China and American countries is likely to be improved.


(US mounted police expel illegal immigrants)

In addition, this is not a small blow to Biden. It is less than half a year before the mid-term election. Biden has to make some achievements in order to be re elected. However, Biden has nothing to do in both domestic and foreign affairs. At the beginning of the article, there is a brief description of internal affairs. In the field of diplomacy, America is almost a “point sending issue” for the United States. As a result, Biden failed to grasp it this time. It can be considered that even the Americas can not be mastered. What can Biden do in Europe or Asia in the second half of the year? Now his approval rating has fallen by 36%, making re-election more difficult.

At the end of the article, the author said:

The joint forces of the military are uneven, hesitating and flying wild. Moreover, the United States is not even well organized for the summit, and the “Military” is also incompatible. It is difficult to say that the American countries will follow suit with the United States in the future. This situation was not made by China on its own initiative, but by the United States on its own initiative.

In the final analysis, the United States has long regarded the American countries as its own “colonies”, harvesting and suppressing these countries economically, making the whole America unable to resist its hegemonism and power politics. However, just as Qinshihuang destroyed the weapons of the world and cast the twelve golden men, this move could not make the American countries completely lose their determination to resist the United States. It could only make them dormant for a short time and launch a fierce counterattack once they met the opportunity. Didn’t this come true at this summit? China’s current influence in the Americas is due to the arrogance of the United States. We only trade with these countries fairly and fairly.

It is not difficult to imagine that Biden always has a “China card” to play when his domestic affairs and diplomacy have been frustrated one after another. For the mid-term elections in the second half of this year, he is bound to launch public opinion attacks on China in all aspects. But this card has been played since Trump’s time. How much fresh do the American people still feel about the rhetoric of throwing the pot to China? Like boasting at various summits, Biden, as president of the United States, may not have enough resources to mobilize for policy implementation.

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