The Tangshan beating case aroused the attention of Chinese public opinion, and rolled up Tangshan and even China’s anti-crime storm!

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On June 13, the beating case at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei continued to attract attention. The nine suspects arrested include seven men and two women. According to Voice of China, five of them have previous convictions, including picking quarrels and provoking trouble, intentional injury and illegal detention.

At present, nine suspects have been arrested by Guangyang police in Langfang, Hebei. This case was designated by the Provincial Public Security Department for jurisdiction. What does this mean?

Suspect’s criminal record
Chen Mouzhi, who molested the victim in the barbecue shop, was exposed by local citizens as a dry aquaculture farmer. Industry and commerce information shows that the aquaculture shop has been revoked, and its supervisor named Li Mourui is also one of the suspects in this case.

The two criminal rulings issued by the China Judgment Documents Network in December 2018 and March 2019 both showed that Chen Mouzhi was on the run from criminal detention.

Chen Mouzhi once provided a place of detention for Liu, who constituted the crime of intentional injury. Another suspect in the barbecue restaurant beating case, Liu, was exposed by the public with the same name as this Liu.

It can be found on the Judgment Documents Online that this Liu was sentenced to 2 years and 1 month in prison for intentional injury in 2019.

According to Sohu Finance and Economics, one of the suspects, Chen Mouliang, was sentenced in 2019 for the crime of opening a casino and will be released from prison in January 2021.

one of the arrest
Are these “same names” really me? Families of most of them did not respond. However, the lead suspect Chen Mouzhi, from name to birthday to home address, is exactly the same as the information on the Judgment Documents website.

According to the cover news report, Chen Mouzhi’s wife Lan Mou said that the Internet rumors about gang involvement are not true, and netizens don’t know anything, just wait for the report. Lan said that the family was very anxious and wanted to know what happened.

Many netizens said that we are more anxious to know, how many years can these ruthless people be sentenced?

Sweep the black and eliminate evil “look back”
On the evening of June 11, the police informed that the Guangyang Branch of the Langfang Public Security Bureau was designated to investigate and handle this case of picking quarrels, provoking trouble and violently beating others. What is behind this signal has also attracted widespread attention.

According to a poster news report, many lawyers said that it is a relatively common situation to designate complex, special and sensitive cases in different places.

According to a police source, there are generally three possibilities for using police in different places: First, there is evidence that the local public security is involved in the case, or it is possible to handle a case of favoritism; second, the case-handling agency applies by itself to avoid suspicion; more suitable.

The staff of Tangshan City’s Criminal and Evil-related Reporting Center once said that at least one of the suspects has a criminal record. As for the umbrella? The staff said that no one would give in, and anyone would be arrested. Another anti-black storm has been rolled up in Tangshan.

According to the Voice of China report, Tangshan police introduced that the incident occurred at 2:41 am on June 10, and the police arrived at the barbecue restaurant where the incident occurred around 2:46 am after receiving the call. After the incident, the suspects fled the scene.

Tangshan officials said on this matter that they will be strictly punished in accordance with the law, and at the same time, they will carry out in-depth special struggles against gangsters and evil to “look back.”

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the Guangyang branch said that it was verifying the clues and digging out the suspect thoroughly for Chen Mouzhi’s alleged illegal detention.

Many lawyers and law professors believe that the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble can be applied to the nine suspects, and the legal maximum sentence for this crime is less than five years. If the crime of intentional injury is found and the victim woman constitutes serious injury, the maximum sentence is 10 years. If there is a crime related to criminal organization, the organizer’s sentence starts from 7 years.

soothe the pain
Witnesses in the barbecue shop said that when the injured woman was taken to the ambulance, she had been crying and she was still conscious. The police said that a total of 4 women were injured, of which 2 were slightly injured and were not hospitalized; the other 2 were hospitalized with serious injuries, but their injuries were stable. The Tangshan Women’s Federation said it would help them.

Director Tsui Hark posted such an article through Jackie Chan, which received more than 500,000 likes. He said: “It is very difficult for victims to overcome their psychological fears. As for the psychological fears of all women in today’s society, they cannot be easily relieved. For these injuries, who should we be held accountable?”

Tangshan has launched a half-month “Thunderstorm” summer social security rectification, and insulting women is one of the key points. commented that very few remarks questioned the victimized women’s “why should they resist” and “attitude is too aggressive.” This kind of argument is full of cold-blooded, self-righteous abusers who should be condemned and punished.

The China Women’s Daily also said that the sense of security comes from the timely handling of specific cases. The continued strength of the judiciary will enable the general public, including women, to have stronger trust in social security.

Some materials are synthesized from Voice of China, Jimu News, Cover News, Poster News, etc.

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