The Tangshan beating incident caused public safety concerns, and how to act bravely has become a hot topic!

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A number of burly men in Tangshan surrounded and beat four women, beat them with wine bottles, kicked and stepped on them, arousing public outrage.

On June 13, a netizen who claimed to be a local broke the news that it was too bloody that the surveillance cameras could not be released. The man drove the girl over, and one of the women who was beaten had died.

In this regard, the staff of the Tangshan Women’s Federation said that the vital signs of the two women who were beaten and hospitalized were stable and did not die, but it was not clear whether they were in the intensive care unit, and everything was subject to the official announcement.

According to Red Star News, as early as a few days ago, the official account of a social platform issued a statement to refute rumors, saying that the station found that some netizens had posted “the woman was beaten to death” and “several fierce-looking netizens were beaters.” In accordance with relevant regulations, the platform has taken measures to varying degrees such as banning and cancellation of 47 illegal accounts.

Among them, a man was rumored to be a suspect, and because he could not bear the abuse, he chose to report the matter to the police.

According to Dahe Daily, three days after the beating, the shutters of the barbecue restaurant were closed, and many people around took pictures 5 meters away, daring not to get close. When some passengers from other places wanted to go to the BBQ Street to “watch”, the driver blurted out: “How dare you go there to eat!”

Nearby residents recalled that this street has a history of at least more than ten years and is well-known locally. There have been drunken fights, but it has never been as bad as this time.

When it comes to the beating incident, many shopkeepers on the street chose not to talk about it. They found that in recent days, when the sky was getting dark, there were always two or three comprehensive law enforcement vehicles parked on the side of the road.

The public’s anger spread to the whole neighborhood. Some netizens who claimed to be righteous found the phone number of the nearby shopkeeper, called or texted to insult, and asked, “Why didn’t you help! Do you have no children and no mother at home!”

Just because Wang Kui (pseudonym), who opened a shop on this street, was very aggrieved, he said that he had not witnessed the incident at all, but received 300 threatening calls in two days.

In the past few days, the business of the barbecue street has not been as good as before, and the traffic has dropped by half. Wang Kui also saw someone urinating at the door of the barbecue restaurant where the incident occurred, and playing sad music. “The proprietress is a woman in her 60s. She has been operating with integrity for more than ten years. What can she do when she has no power?”

According to Guizhou Radio and Television, the proprietress once cried and complained that she went up to a fight, but was threatened by the gang. “They all scold me, and I’m also a victim. Where can I go to reason!”

After the matter fermented, some netizens sent flowers, saying that the proprietress was under pressure to release the surveillance video, and she should not be harassed by everyone.

When denouncing onlookers, have the ability to empathize, don’t demand superheroes and supermoral behaviors from ordinary people.

When the famous legal expert Luo Xiang interprets the case, his soul asks: “If you were at the scene of the crime, would you come forward?”

Luo Xiang’s torture was not aimless. Judging from the live video of the barbecue shop beating case, most of the people chose to evacuate the scene to protect themselves.

When the murdered woman was beaten by a group of men, why didn’t the onlookers step forward and resolutely stop it?

Some lawyers said that this question is not for everyone to criticize the onlookers for their indifference, but to reflect on the relevant legal regulations and judicial practice, whether there is not enough encouragement for courageous actions.

Extending a helping hand should be done on the premise of ensuring one’s own safety, and try not to attack the other party’s important parts, so as to prevent the disaster of prison.

Some materials are integrated from upstream news, police reports, Red Star News, etc.

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